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Dedicated Servers offer the user full control over how and where their websites are hosted. Dedicated Servers are often located in Data Centers and offer more freedom over other common forms of hosting solutions such as Shared Hosting. The main benefits of choosing a Dedicated Server are that the user gains high performance, stability and control, though this often comes at a price reserved for websites that receive large volumes of traffic. If you’re looking for similar online services to a Dedicated Server, try our Cloud Hosting or Shared Hosting online services.

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Vanegas Carvajal

Found gigapros web host and decided to give them a try. Tickets are usually answered with 10 minutes of submission and t... Read More

Reviewed on 18 January 2017

Dedicated Server

Volarus Hosting

Reviewed by RossWeb from Ross Webdesign

Using Volarus for a few months now, coming up on renewal so decided to write a review to give props. The service speed i... Read More

Reviewed on 16 January 2017

Dedicated Server

Datasoft Networks

Reviewed by Mark

I am using server from Datasoft networks for last 2 years. they provide good services with 24/7 online support and prov... Read More

Reviewed on 09 January 2017

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Adrianne Freeborn

I run an adult content-based site in Netherlands that posts several articles, videos a day and my traffic only hits the ... Read More

Reviewed on 23 December 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by John Doe

Do not buy anything from them! They reinstalled my VPS without my permission and I lost my website!

Reviewed on 20 December 2016

Dedicated Server

GloboTech Communica..

Reviewed by Kevin Zhu

Thumbs up for their excellent services after about 18 month’s usage of their Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 dedicated server for r... Read More

Reviewed on 15 December 2016

Dedicated Server

WebHosts R Us

Reviewed by Alfred

Only with them for a short while, but so far superb service! I did not only feel like a valued customer, but the support... Read More

Reviewed on 01 December 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Mdh Riza from ResearchGate

really awesome support and fast

Reviewed on 31 October 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Randy Dopher from DTech

20 Servers with ReliableSite, overall uptime has been excellent and support has treated us well with fast and profession... Read More

Reviewed on 25 July 2016

Dedicated Server

Ripple Web

Reviewed by Lisa Moore from VRLV

We have hosted our sites with Ripple Web for 7 years and have been very happy with their service.

Reviewed on 14 July 2016

Dedicated Server

Rad Web Hosting

Reviewed by John Claeys

Rad Web Hosting is super helpful. And, as a result of their work, my website has been high performance and has attracted... Read More

Reviewed on 01 July 2016

Dedicated Server

Reviewed by Dynesh

This was my first 10Gbps server and I decided to choose this company because they're offering 10Gbps for 1 week for a ve... Read More

Reviewed on 01 July 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by aamir

Buyers BEWARE Their employees are rude and if you get upset because of their screw ups, they will ask you to leave. T... Read More

Reviewed on 21 June 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Carlos from Carlos Bakery

Highly recommend for their fast support, fast SSD hosting and free daily backups. Their support is friendly and attentiv... Read More

Reviewed on 26 May 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Diane Blair from AtlV

I'm Dedicated Servers Germany has a good uptime,I am very satisfied with the fast and responsive support

Reviewed on 16 February 2016

Dedicated Server

Global Data Server

Reviewed by Surendra Singh

I have found Global Data Serve to be one of the easiest and most feature rich event registration tools in the market. Si... Read More

Reviewed on 03 February 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Thomp from

Datasoft Networks are leaders in the hosting market. I can't live without them

Reviewed on 20 January 2016

Dedicated Server eood

Reviewed by Eduart from Eood

Best hosting company my websites is in this hosting best personal and good performens and low price .

Reviewed on 14 January 2016

Dedicated Server

Server East

Reviewed by Surendra Singh

We are using Server East infotech service from last 6 month and get superb experience with server east infotech.

Reviewed on 07 January 2016

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by G. K.

Excellent Prices - Excellent Technical Support !

Reviewed on 29 December 2015

Dedicated Server

Hosting and Designs

Reviewed by Diane

Hosting and Design officials were very efficient and responsive to our needs. They offered great suggestions to improve... Read More

Reviewed on 30 November 2015

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Solutions

Reviewed by Alannah Loynes

You should try their services and I am pretty sure you will like them. Best dedicated server hardware in multiple data c... Read More

Reviewed on 02 November 2015

Dedicated Server

Psychz Networks

Reviewed by Larry from Larry Inc

Psychz has come a long way and today they seem to be focused more on enterprise customers. Their network has evolved to... Read More

Reviewed on 30 September 2015

Dedicated Server


Reviewed by Craig Garner

Since I wasn't sure exactly what I need the server to have, I found the whole order process to be very user-friendly and... Read More

Reviewed on 04 August 2015

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