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Windows VPS is Virtual Private Server running the Windows operating system. VPS (or Virtual Private Server) is basically a virtual machine that exists on physical hardware. A VPS is often regarded as a fully independent virtual computer that can be tailored and configured in a variety of ways to suit the user. VPS is seen as the precursor to Cloud Servers, in the respect that a VPS can be dynamic and additional hardware such as RAM can be added and the server itself can be moved to different hardware whilst it’s running.

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Windows VPS


Reviewed by Nicol from

Happy with services. The things I like about them are: - servers respond fast, and I've never experienced do... Read More

Reviewed on 28 September 2017

Windows VPS


Reviewed by fxtradingking

After almost a year, I'm still happy with I recommend if you want quality at an affordable price, with the... Read More

Reviewed on 16 March 2017

Windows VPS


Reviewed by Ana K. from KZ

We have cPanel managed server with them and everything is working nice and fast. Fast service, support and network perf... Read More

Reviewed on 03 June 2015

Windows VPS


Reviewed by Glen from Stott Films

Easy to talk to, quick to setup. they go above and beyond to make sure everything worked. Glen

Reviewed on 24 June 2014

Windows VPS


Reviewed by Robert

I am using their Windows Hyper-V VPS hosting since last 2 year without any problem. The speed is excellent and they have... Read More

Reviewed on 06 January 2014

Windows VPS


Reviewed by Dmitri

Good VPS for forex. The support is helpful, and faster systems than I tried with other hosts. I recommend them!

Reviewed on 07 October 2013

Windows VPS

DISINTEC Hosting Di..

Reviewed by Joe from Terrucci

I have great price/quality experience with Hosting and Domain Services.

Reviewed on 30 September 2013

Windows VPS

Forex EA VPS

Reviewed by Timo van Deventer

I have been with Forex EA VPS for 2 months now on their cheapest account. I have really had great service from these guy... Read More

Reviewed on 31 May 2013

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