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About ActiveCampaign, Inc.

ActiveCampaign is an integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and sales CRM components. This tight integration allows marketing and sales processes to communicate, interact, and share information for more effective, targeted, and responsive marketing and sales.


Our automation builder can begin fully automated processes you define based on a wide variety of triggers including behaviors such as page views and email opens. By combining triggers with actions and conditions, you can automatically begin chains of events that create powerful, personalized marketing experiences for your contacts, manage and organize your list, and more. Customers frequently remark that our automation builder is a pleasure to use, and the flowchart organization of automation workflows is easy to work with, organize, and understand.

Our platform allows you to use behavioral data to create marketing that “responds” and adapts to contacts as they interact with marketing assets. For instance, our Site Tracking feature allows ActiveCampaign to “see” what a contact is doing on your website and respond in real-time to that behavior. When a contact views a certain product page they could be tagged as interested, they could be sent an email with a discount for that product, or you could automatically follow up with them to see if they have any questions about that product.


We’ve been perfecting our email marketing since 2003. Today it is one of the most mature and fully developed email marketing services on the market. We offer many professionally-designed, 100% mobile responsive email templates. All plans include free image hosting, advanced split testing, automated RSS to email sending, and a powerful “drag and drop” email builder.

We include unlimited sending for most accounts. You’ll experience some of the highest deliverability in the industry because we go to great lengths to protect the reputation of our sending servers.

You’ll be able to dynamically customize the content you send so that contacts receive different messages depending on the web pages they’ve viewed, how they’ve been tagged, demographic information, custom fields you’ve created, and more. This way you can alter a message to more closely match a contact’s interests. When your offer matches a contact’s interests, you’ll experience higher conversions.

You’ll be able to use segmentation to create very granular groups of contacts. When your messages precisely match the interests of your contacts, your deliverability will improve, and your list will become more responsive.


Our CRM utilizes an intuitive drag-and-drop bucket paradigm with each bucket representing a stage of your sales funnel. It is fully customizable so it will adapt to the needs of any business.

You can automatically move deals through different stages using the same triggers, conditions, and data you can use within automations so you could, for instance, move a deal to another stage based on whether they responded to email, viewed a web page, performed an event on your website (such as logging in), and more.

We offer a flexible lead scoring system that allows you to score deals or contacts. These scores can be used to move deals through your funnel and prioritize your leads on the basis of fit and engagement.


ActiveCampaign is an enterprise grade marketing platform that easily scales to any size organization. Our Enterprise tier offers unlimited users, one-on-one support, an uptime Service Level Agreement, and advanced customization options so your organization can white label everything from the interface to the sending servers. You’ll also receive priority support and training for your entire team so you can get going quickly.

We’ve focused on creating an app that is feature-rich and powerful, but at the same time elegant and easy-to-use with a gentle learning curve. We offer a free, no credit card needed, 14-day trial so you can experience ActiveCampaign first hand.

Key Features

  • Site & Event Tracking
  • Contact & Lead Scoring
  • Drag-and-Drop Deal Management
  • Deal Task Management
  • Autoresponders
  • Intuitive Automation Workflow Builder
  • Automated RSS to Email
  • Campaign Split Testing
  • Automation Sharing
  • Advanced Personalization

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