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About Appsee

Appsee's real-time mobile analytics platform provides in-depth analysis of your users' behavior, allowing you to deliver the ultimate app experience.

Automatic Events:
Appsee auto detects screens, buttons and user actions so you don't have to decide what to measure in advance.

Crash Recordings:
Watch recordings of crashed sessions to see the exact workflow in order to reproduce the crash.

Low Footprint:
Appsee's SDK is lightweight & works in the background without impacting your app's performance.

Easy Integration:
Integrate our mobile analytics solution by adding the SDK and only a single line of code, in less than a minute.

Key Features

  • User Session Recordings
  • Touch Heatmaps
  • Realtime In-App Analytics
  • User Recordings
  • Touch Heatmaps
  • Realtime In-App Analytics

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