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About BP Logix

BP Logix, a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, Ca., provides an intelligent business process management (BPM) and workflow platform for rapid development of digital business applications. The company’s products feature an innovative no-code/low-code interface, empowering “citizen developers”—business users—to rapidly configure custom applications. Hundreds of global organizations across every sector – government, non-profit, and commercial – have deployed BP Logix products and services, driving digital transformation and setting new benchmarks for agility, customer engagement, and speed to market.

Process Director from BP Logix is a BPM-driven, low-code/no-code platform for rapid development of digital applications. Process Director offers:
• Rapid prototyping and creation of workflow-, case-, or event-driven digital applications.
• Configurable and reusable business rules driving every aspect of application behavior and user experience.
• Great HTML5 user interface and reporting tools, ensuring a great experience for your colleagues and your customers, on any major mobile or desktop platform.
• Robust security, easy auditability and full accountability.
• Wealth of data and application connectors supported by a data virtualization layer that simplifies and secures access to enterprise information and services.
• Social network integration and federated authentication, essential building blocks for the easy, rapid deployment of customer-facing and supply-chain facing digital applications.
• Integration with digital payment platforms.
• Strong administrative tools for architecting and managing your application environment.

Programming is slow. Digital business is fast. Process Director helps you set the pace for your digital enterprise.

Key Features

  • Process Timeline™
  • Web-based
  • Zero Programming
  • Electronic Forms (eForms)
  • Workflow Software
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Integration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Security & Governance
  • Dynamic Case Management

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