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from Altun

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Im an electronics engineer who is waay over his head trying to develop an MMORTS game. Have no previous experience in networking . I have been using starter VPS package for past 4 month now. Gotta say , The customer service is really great!! So far they have put up with all my usually stupid and childish questions and mistakes ...:) The response and help is instant! Have a problem just ask in chat (Even tho opening a ticket is the way it should be done) Not only they fix your VPS related problems instantly also they give lots of helpful tips and directions for beginners like myself. Thank you CaVPS!!!:)

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from MySelf

Thursday, March 30, 2017

for my brief time with them I had 2 virtual servers and 1 dedicated server. The 1st virtual server had several issues with performance and errors updating windows / installing softwares. They offered to change from server 2012 to 2008 -- I agree the issue persisted, so, they replaced my virtual machine -
the second one worked fine, but, the internet speed was not that good, after consulting with them, I decided to get a dedicated server -- Took about 7 days to get a dedicated server up and running -- with 2008 - they didn't had the option to get with 2012. After get the dedicated server and see that it had serious performance issue, and connection - never was able to get 100% of the connection - even if it was for a moment, I decided to cancel the server - but, I did have a credit with them. They will not refund your credit. - they will ignore you.

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from 1987

Friday, December 9, 2016

I highly recommend this hosting company to all. Great servers, fast speed, a lot of cpu and ram and also the support is great. Fast response to everything. Highly recommend !

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from RDP Service

Friday, December 2, 2016

Wow its amazing service, first to use Windows VPS on CaVPSHost make me feel happy i can say wow again , cause support are very friendly and the VPS are very good no error detected i can say very Perfect, with 1gbps port internet are very faster and also the vps can online 24 hours everyday its very great , you can try bro
thanks for CaVPSHost

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from Content Solutions

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I was given a project to bring 4 servers online with a 24-7 stream. Other companies told me my specs were not possible given the time and the requirements. CaVPS Host went beyond what I expected, I was up all day and night writing questions and asking for help on how I could set my system up in a VPS and they worked with me the whole step of the way. I am blown away by their support and effort to help us along every step. This is a review I am happy to submit, I'll recommend them all the time.

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from Gaming

Thursday, October 27, 2016

10/10 review for this service that CaVPSHost deserves. They strive to keep their customers happy and well informed. They have help me multiple times with my server and such. They are one of the cheapest service with well ran servers! This company Gets 5* from me!

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from Media Wired

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My experience with CaVPS Host has been overall quite Good. I say this because they seem to be quite knowledgeable and handy in the event your website is under a DDos Attack. This was the reason we signed up with them after reading up on a forum site about them. We have been the target of malacious hackers for sometime now and they kept hitting us offline with layer 7 dispute us using cloudflare.
Their staff did something to our firewall with fail2ban to filter our traffic and we have never been offline ever since. I highly recommend this host to anyone seeking ddos protected hosting and a friendly helpful atmosphere.

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from MiracleMu

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hello, really i can't stand quiet and see how other people spilling trash on this company, for this low price compared to other EU providers, you got really good server performance, and brilliant customer service, i'm using their services already over a year, and if i have issue i got problem solved in an instant. so people stop spilling trash and really try it out before you say. And new clients, if you reading my review, trust me, it's best hosting provider you can find in EU.

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from SEO Chaser

Friday, April 15, 2016

I was quite impressed with the professionalism i received on live chat. My issue was resolved relatively quickly

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap vps and awesome service like ovh :)

keep up the good work guys!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Service started with half the CPU cores I requested. Changed my password through there site for my VPS and could no longer logon. Tries login into their separate control panel and it told me I was blocked. No information on how to reinstall my OS, buttons to mount ISO's but nowhere to supply an ISO to reinstall. rebuild button tells me "No Templates Found" Attempted to get help through there "Live Help" feature. No one responded for 30 minutes. Asked for a refund, doubt i will get it. If not disputing it through paypal.

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from SEO Tools

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The prices attracted me at first off course but their staff was amazing to me. Their vps control panel was very useful to us as we require VNC always.
Thanks for the great support I would recommend you guys to my co-workers!

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from Rare Trendz

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The VPS I got was suppose to have 4 CPU cores and it did for about 2 weeks then they randomly dropped the CPU cores to 2 cores and it took them a couple of days just to fix it and their VPS kept going offline at times and I had ask them to fix it every time as they did not give me VNC access either and my tickets were not answered properly so I had wait even longer to get things fixed. Overall I was not happy and you get what you pay for, don't look at their low prices.

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