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Monday, March 18, 2013

What horrible company. November 2012 came and they got hacked but they lied and said it was an exploit in there VPS software which was proved false later in a community forum. I was one of the 1,000 or more customers who had everything deleted. Luckily it wasn't a very important site and I had recent backups. Okay, upset at the fact they lied and I had to find the truth via other means, but I figured things will get better. Things were okay for a while, its a cheap VPS so quality is not great anyway. And then I was surprised once again, when they got hacked again. I got an email saying I should change my root password and it was part of a 'security measure', all lies. I found a few days later a post where someone released the entire database with all the customers names, email addresses, root passwords, ips, etc. This is very bad and this is not what ChicagoVPS told customers. They lied once again. Turns out that the database was from the November hack and they still try to hush the issue. After downplaying the large database leak of all personal information a couple weeks later I got an email from LastPass, the password management company, saying that they are aware that ChicagoVPS got hacked and that I should update all passwords that I had on file with them as they're not safe. When this was made public a lot of very upset ChicagoVPS customers said they got that email too. But never any email from the company itself to warn them. ChicagoVPS didn't even warn all their customers that their data got hacked. I will never ever trust ChicagoVPS again.

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