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HostSlayer was established under the corporation of HYDRABURX CORPORATIONin 2016, looking to provide customers with high quality hosting and support. We continue to expand and grow bigger everyday which is the key of our success. At HostSlayer, we keep everything at a very affordable price while maintaining our hosting qualities and expectations high. All of our servers uses RAID to maintain your important data with high redundancy and premium networks for quick loading speeds. We keep a high uptime promise at 99.9%.

HostSlayer Key Features

  • ddos protected
  • vps hosting
  • shared hosting
  • cheap hosting
  • ddos protected host

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from VintagePenguin

Friday, March 3, 2017

Okay, let me just start out with saying the service provided was horrible. I advise you not to use Hostslayer, and instead something like OVH. When I first started using Hostslayer, things were pretty good. The server was laggy, but I was fine with that. Later, I experienced random shutdowns. Like the entire VPS shutdown. This would happened every 5 minutes or so. I would have to manually start it up from their control panel. Btw, it takes ages to load their CPanel. Even with a fast internet. So I contacted them via a support ticket. They took a day to reply. Finally, when they did reply they said it was this Anti-Abuse script that did it. So they said they removed it. After they removed it, the issue became even more persistent, after about two minutes the vps would go offline. I contact them again multiple times and they used the same excuse that it was the script. Was it? Idk, but the server kept turning off and to this day the issue was never fixed. Later on, our first DDOS attacks came. They mentioned that they have great DDOS protection, sureeee. I contacted them again! They replied that it wasn't a DDOS and just their script. But later on they finally replied that it was a DDOS. They said they fixed it, but right after that another stronger DDOS happened and took down the website until the attack ended. Of course, since it's just a DDOS the website went right up after the DDOS without me even starting up. I contacted them about this, and they replied that I already have DDOS protection. After that, I decided I want to refund because the services given were poor. Not to mention, I paid 30 dollars to them! They gave their excuse that they can't give a refund after 7 days. I told them that the services given did not match what I

paid for but they didn't listen. So just to clarify, don't use Hostslayer!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I have looked all over google for a review of and their ddos protection. I havent
found anything related to this so I will be the first one writting this review.
I just want to say I tried their $1.99/month ddos protection vps plan from
Which I found on their sales thread of
So far their service is truly amazing. I got my server 5minutes after making a payment. Server was funcioning correctly.
I tested their DDoS protection they offer with an attack of 30Gbps and it was not taken down.
Their support responses is about 10-15minutes which is truly amazing. I havet seen any host do that, so this is a big plus.
Its really great to see small companies like these to start and show that they can provide real service.
I hope people find this review helpful. As the company is brand new and some people might want to know experience from them.
PS. Ive been with them for 9months.

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from Adams Inventory Management Corporation

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I have been using Hostslayer for the past 8 months. Everything is good so far. The Support agent designed my website for free. Thank you very much

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from Limitless Free Hosting

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A company that provides quality VPS at very affordable rate. VPS Uptime is always 100%, i highly recommend this specially for hosting game servers due to the reason that it has a strong DDoS Protection, really suitable for game servers.

Support is too fast, you never have to complain about it, messaging them and getting a fast response, and thats what every customer wants!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I wish to say that is one of the best VPS companies! They constantly help customers with their 24/7 customer service, always try and make it less expensive for the customers and help out with technical support whenever they need it. Personally, should be rated 5 stars. They are one of the VPS companies that help their customers and care about them.

Thanks Mosh

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