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About InLoox

The Collaborative Project Management Software – for Desktop, Web, and Smartphone.


InLoox was founded by Andreas Tremel and Tiziano Panico in 1999 with the aim to integrate project management more smoothly in day-to-day business processes. The development of the software was infused by the notion that a project management software needs to be intuitive and practical in its handling. With its two platforms InLoox Web App and InLoox for Outlook, InLoox is now used by more than 45.000 users in more than 50 different countries worldwide.


We offer a collaborative project management solution for professionals in every industry that is intuitive, scalable, and works on any device and operating system. InLoox combines the ease of use of a classic desktop software with the advantages of an online project platform.
InLoox for Outlook is our flagship product. The intuitive software for task management, project planning and management integrates smoothly in Microsoft Outlook®, making all the relevant project management functions accessible directly in the familiar Outlook user interface. Start your project development with the mind mapping function, assign tasks, set milestones, attach relevant documents, allocate resources, keep track of your time schedule and your budget, and analyze your projects directly from Outlook. This greatly improves acceptance with the users, keeps the initial training period to a minimum and reduces the costs for training courses for the company. Any Outlook data, such as your contacts, is directly available for project management and is always synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.
If you’re looking for a stable, scalable and powerful internet platform for your project management, InLoox Web App is the product of your choice. It is fully-featured, supports any major browser, and is fully web-based making it platform-independent. Again, Outlook integration works smoothly as it can run on the same database. Every team member involved is always up to date, no matter where they are and which device they use.
We understand that different users have different needs. Some prefer to use our software solutions installed on their own hardware as a license model and opt for InLoox PM, others rather use the flexible SaaS solution InLoox now! It helps you save costs as we provide server maintenance for you.


Professionals develop for professionals. That means, we take our customers and their needs seriously. You have suggestions for improvement? Great! We are eager to listen and translate your feedback into solutions for you. Because that’s what we would expect, too. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated and we treat each other like family.
We are always at your service, no matter the question. For general enquiries, just drop us an email at [email protected] or contact our customer service at [email protected] if you are already a customer.
If you want to stay on top of things happening here at InLoox follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and subscribe to our project management newsletter. And if you are eager to try InLoox, we offer a free, 30-day trial, no strings attached.

Key Features

  • Outlook integration
  • Personal and project task management
  • Outlook integration
  • task management and assignment
  • Gantt chart
  • Kanban board
  • resource management
  • document management
  • time tracking
  • budgeting
  • role and permission management

InLoox Screenshots

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