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About MarketGoo

Founded in 2012, Madrid-based MarketGoo offers solutions for Small Businesses to grow their businesses online by providing powerful, yet easy to use website marketing and search optimization tools, developed with proprietary technology.

MarketGoo offers a Free Website Report, which gives an overview of a website's SEO & web marketing health, and has helps thousands of small and medium businesses to jumpstart their website optimisation.
It has a paid product called MarketGoo Evolution (EVO) which provides a complete dashboard, to-do list of optimisation tasks, and metrics. New recommendations are added each month and they are presented in order of priority for the website being optimised. Billing is on a per-month basis, with no annual commitment.
Additionally, there is a version of the paid product called the Agency Pack, made specifically for Digital and SEO agencies as well as web and SEO professionals, which manage 4 or more websites simultaneously and need a centralised way to optimise them and send personalised reports.

MarketGoo is also available as a white label, turnkey solution to monetise and educate website customers. Over 40 global partners such as Telcos, Hosting companies, Agencies and SMB Providers are currently distributing it to enhance their value-added portfolios.

Key Features

  • SEO

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