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from on Friday, April 06, 2012

If I had a choice of 0 stars I would have chosen it. My site was hosted on Navisite (Andover Mass) for the past two years. I am beyond glad to be off their servers. As a final straw, My BIG issue with this company is their deplorable business practices. (((WARNING))) BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU SIGN A CONTRACT WITH NAVISITE!!! There is a clause in their rediculously long contract that states in effect: IF YOU DO NOT CANCEL YOUR SERVICE 30 DAYS BEFORE THE CURRENT CONTRACT EXPIRATION, IT AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS FOR ANOTHER FULL TERM!!!!!!! THERE IS NO PRIOR NOTIFICATION OF TERM ENDING! They hosted my site for more than two years. Even though my initial contract was up with them without incident and I have formally cancelled service with 30 days notice, they now threaten to come after me to satisfy the remainder of their automatically renewed contract. In my opinion, the idea that any company let alone one the size of Navisite/Time Warner, uses these types of bullying tactics as a customer retention strategy is repugnant. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMEND DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! There are far too many reputable choices out there today to have to make that choice.

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