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About Optimy

Optimy’s core business is our unique software, created for sponsorship and grant management professionals. We are working hard to become a leader in this niche market by combining the best technology with the highest quality of Customer Experience. Optimy is not a fixed package, you just pick and pay for what you really need. Optimy can be used to cover one or more of the following processes:

Unsorted pile of requests? Streamline the flow of incoming requests, ensuring a systematic and personalised response to each.

Need for a prompt kick-start? Manage and collaborate on all ongoing projects: launch projects, assign tasks, share documents, etc. All from one single place.

An insight on results? Based on your KPIs, automatically score and rank the performance of your new, ongoing or past projects.

Is your effort worth? Let’s check! Easily get an overall view of your activities at a group level and collect key data to generate reports and graphs.

We don’t cut our costs to compete, we simply operate an efficient model: our economies of scale and the growing number of our users combined with a customer retention over 99.98%, enables us to offer a cost-efficient pricing model.

In only five years, more than 160 organisations worldwide have chosen Optimy solution and continue to use it through the years.

Key Features

  • Request Management
  • Project Management
  • Assessment
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Excellent Customer Experience

Optimy Screenshots

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