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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We have worked with Orderbot for the past 4 years and have appreciated their amazing customer service. Their software is very helpful for our small business, helping us manage orders and inventory as our business grows.

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from Summit Clothing

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Overall easy to use and user friendly, help us track all orders in process and control the inventory of finished goods.

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from Tonic Active

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pros: User friendliness

Overall: Great product, has simplify our order processing flow.
Also has help us integrating our inventory control systems.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Comments: We have worked with Orderbot for the past 4 years and have appreciated their amazing customer service. Their software is very helpful for our small business, helping us manage orders and inventory as our business grows.

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from Wishbone Design Studio

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Comments: Orderbot is an incredibly powerful platform that enables us manage our global business simply & efficiently. We operate multiple distribution centres on three continents, in multiple currencies & multiple tax regimes. We need to keep a tight control of our purchasing, inventory, sales and tiered pricing structure. Orderbot does all of this in an elegant way, offering us an amazing level of flexibility while storing our customer, product and inventory databases in a single fully-integrated, cloud-based order management system that also offers e-commerce platforms for consumer and wholesale online sales. On the cons side, Orderbot is in growth mode and while day-to-day customer service is speedy, dev work is unpredictable or slow. Nonetheless highly recommended.

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from Chive

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pros: works perfectly on all platforms and is easy to use

Cons: wish i had one

Overall: we have been running with orderbot for about five years now. originally we used it to streamline shipping with various fedex/dhl/usps integrations. this saved a ton of time and manpower for us.

since that earlier time we have really seen the features grow with in orderbot. order pick slips, bulk pulls, various order guides for multiple countries, and the ability to scan all of our orders at trade shows.

most recently we are loving the integration with shopify. with in a day we had four order guides set up for 2 continents . both retail and wholesale and it worked seamlessly.

we can't wait to see what we can integrate next.

top shelf software and an awesome team over at orderbot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recommendations to other buyers: we had worked worked with two other companies before we made the move to orderbot. best move we ever did

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from Todashi

Monday, March 20, 2017

We needed a quick solution to bring orders in from our 5 Shopify sites, and sync inventory across them all. We also operate 2 Amazon stores. We do some our own shipping, and work with a 3PL, which Orderbot integrated with to make the process automated and seem less.

Orderbot exceeded expectations.

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from MV Communications

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The worst company I have ever work. When called to go over the software features i was offered things that were never able to implement. Money was never returned, and my monthly fee were coming in from day one. Please be careful do not buy this product

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from Quadra Media LLC

Monday, July 11, 2016

I've been in business for 40 years and there is only 1 company that I've ever dealt with that is worse than Orderbot. They don't return phone calls, employees were terminated or left and we were never notified. The trainer didn't know the product. Stay Away, you've been warned. I left 1 start only because I couldn't leave zero.

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from Boom Dog Juicery

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When we first found Orderbot, it seemed to good to be true. They took me through countless demos, and took a ton of time to answer all my questions and learn about our business. We relatively small business when compared to some other their other clients. From day one they treated us with a ton of respect, and were super helpful, providing advise way beyond anything we could have every imagined.

While it took us longer than we initially anticipated to implement (by about two weeks). They never came back to us and charged more for the extra time, and even helped us correct some of our mistakes.

We are very impressed with the team, and software has exceed out expectations. My favourite feature is Orderguides!

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from Crane

Monday, July 6, 2015

Much like review posted from Robert @ Magicforest, we too were sold on the jazzy features of Orderbot. Having tested 6-8 various order management systems we chose to go with Orderbot based on their stated features and ability to go-live quickly.

Having been customers of Netsuite and done full implementations of much more advanced systems, Orderbot didn't appear to be complicated.


What you don't know until you sign up :

a) they start billing you for services monthly even when the system isn't working or configured.

b) they tell you that you can do a self service implementation but nowhere in the system does the client have access to enter information to set their systems up. You rely on sending information to Orderbot and some random person to call you or do a task that should be simple and available for the user / client to do.

c) they miss scheduled calls and deadlines. Repeatedly.

d) conference calls, when they DO happen are more like troubleshooting their beta software than actually getting any training or knowledge. Every single call was nothing but pointing out errors, system problems or functions that didn't perform correctly .. very basic functions like calculating shipping.

e) there is no documentation. When I say that... I mean none. So your'e stuck relying again on someone to answer questions.

f) even if you are incredibly technically savvy, you will have nothing but running into walls with settings you cannot alter, data you cannot import, etc etc.

Bottom line - we wasted MONTHS and THOUSANDS of dollars on a system that never functioned. NEVER. It never went live, never was setup completely, etc.

So finally we had no choice but to fallback on a secondary choice, which we were able to implement in a matter of a week.

Currently looking at our legal options with this company who basically fraudulently billed our company for services that were never rendered.

In summary, this is the worst performing SaaS and company we've encountered in nearly two decades of being in business. .... and we've encountered A LOT!

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from Magicforest, Ltd

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


After nine months of effort, I was sadly disappointed with Orderbot. We were sold on all the 'jazzy' features of Orderbot but none of it ever materialized. After I pulled the trigger and signed the contract (early DEC 2013), we had hoped that we would be up and running within their promise of 60 days. My domestic operations manager was assigned to the project, as were two of her office staff. The person assigned to us by Orderbot, unfortunately turned out to be more of a hindrance than a facilitator. Orderbot eventually fired him after five months into our project, but even after that, things still moved slowly. Up to that point, we had been able to get our item, customer, and vendor lists imported into Orderbot, but only through the arduous task of scheduling conference calls with the Orderbot principals in Canada.

At this point in late July 2014, I was frustrated. After eight month, there had been no sales order entry, no invoicing, no inventory management, nor import of any historical sales data from our accounting system. No data in Orderbot means no reports, no help in managing backorders, nor any of the other sales force features we wanted to improve our customer service and company efficiency. Of course, we were on the hook for their $500/month service fee for the “use” of the software, not to mention the $5K (50%) down payment upfront
I run a small import/distribution company and my business is cyclical. Our busiest period of the year runs from late August to mid-December. I gave Orderbot an ultimatum late in July that we needed to get moving and by the end of August because otherwise, my team would be fully occupied with their regular job. Orderbot responded within 48 hours, and we seemed to be back on track. I provided them with our historical sales data in the format that they requested.

It then took them a month to import this sales history. We didn't hear from them again until it was almost done, no progress reports or anything. When they did notify me that they were nearly finished, all I could think about was that the data was already a month out of date! I fired them in September, a little more than nine months after we started.
Here is a summary of the most critical problems and issues we encountered:

1. No manuals. Are you kidding me? No easy on-line reference guides either? The only possibility to train or re-learn Orderbot is to struggle through a series of on-line videos, none of which had good audio or with a native English speaker. Yes, they really expect employees to sit through poor-quality reference videos each time they need a refresh on some operation in order to continue doing their job.

2. Integration with Quickbooks is a problem. They claimed it was a ‘no-brainer’ with third party soft-ware but it never happened.

3. Double-entry of data. We were not told in the beginning that, to ‘get going’ required double entry of our sales information: once into Quickbooks, and the second into Orderbot. The reason was that only after operating Orderbot over a 2-3 week period, could we see if it was working properly.

4. The accounting part, i.e. matching up Quickbooks accounts with Orderbot accounts, was held out till the end. Ditto here on the 2-3 week double data entry to match the accounts up. I am not a Harvard MBA, but I have post graduate degrees in math, physics, and chemistry. This isn’t rocket science, and it shouldn’t require a rocket scientist to implement. I was instructed to hire a ‘real’ accountant to make it all work properly. There was no real guidance in this area from Orderbot, only that “almost none of their customers integrate Orderbot with the accounting software”. Those that did “gave up after a year or so because it was so damn difficult”. Yes, this last statement was a real quote from the principal at Orderbot.
5. They wanted the monthly subscription fee ($500 min/month) from the beginning, well before we were even close to running.
6. The user-interface is not intuitive. There are no manuals. Navigating between different modules within Orderbot, knowing where to click to get drop down menus or launch some action was all very tenuous. I felt like it was guess work most of the time. My team didn’t have a good experience with it in the beginning either, however after a couple of months, they all got the hang of it. But that makes me feel nervous. If someone quit or was sick or on vacation, we would be stuck. Real reference materials like manuals (either in print or on-line) are absolutely essential.
In summary, we spent a lot of time and money trying to make this work. I encouraged my team every step of the way. In the end, there was nothing about the implementation process that was straightforward. There were problems, delays, and struggles at every step. Unfortunately, Orderbot is not ready for prime time, and I cannot honestly recommend it to anyone.

Dr. Robert Leuchtner

Response from Orderbot Software:
23 June 2015 at 07:45

Your review contains information which is not valid or accurate.

We have plenty of customers who use Quickbooks without the issues you have described, in fact 80% of our customers use Quickbooks!

Also we have a complete online manual that also includes a great Getting Started with Orderbot section, not to mention the Tutorials, How To Guides and FAQ sections.

We also offer 1 hour of accounting training with all new customers no matter if they use Quickbooks, Xero or any other.

Our user interface is in fact quite intuitive but in the case that it is not we do offer trainings with all new customers for their treams so that feel confident and ready to use Orderbot to it's fullest extant. We also have live customer support available between 8am and 6pm pst Monday to Friday.

We are in fact ready for prime time and experiencing an incredible growth right now.

Again, your situation is not representative of other Orderbot customers and we wish all the best for your company.

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from Plastic Innovations

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love these guys. They are razor focused, designed for wholesalers like me. Orderbot is the operation heart of our business.!

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