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About Price2Spy

Price2Spy is a price monitoring and comparison tool meant to help eCommerce professionals keep an eye on their competitors or retailers. Working with both small family businesses and large international companies, we take pride in our flexibility and tend to provide the best price monitoring experience to our clients, offering both pricing data acquisition and numerous reporting mechanisms used to analyze that data.

Solutions for Online Retailers - Fight the ever-growing competition
-With so many different players on the market, and new ones popping out almost on a weekly basis, it's getting harder and harder to keep up.
-Price2Spy will help you live with that pressure. Being a competitor price tracking software, Price2Spy will help you in the following way:
-It will help you identify who your main competitors are, see the differences in assortment and market positioning;
-It will automate the competitor price monitoring process for you, help you gather and store the pricing data and thus enable you to make informed pricing decisions.
-Alert you when competitors change their product prices, or when they run out of stock;
-Suggest products with potential gains in turnover or profit; no overpricing, no underpricing and etc.

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Solutions for: Brands / Manufacturers - Market price watch (controlling the uncontrollable)
Apart from huge democratization of the market, eCommerce has brought another unexpected consequence: emerging players on the market, with very little expertise to offer, can fight with only one weapon: price (or put in other words: low profit margin). This brings yet another headache to well established brands - such new players on the market can hugely undermine brand's value and market position that has been carefully built in past years / decades.
If you're such a brand / manufacturer, Price2Spy will help you with this difficult task. What it will do for you is:
-Help you identify who your main online retailers are, see the differences in assortment and market positioning;
-Alert you when retailers change their product price, or when they run out of stock;
-Analyze which retailer (and exactly when!) started pricing chain-reaction (that was followed by other sites);
-Compare your prices to prices of similar models offered by your competitors
-Indicate MAP / MSRP pricing violations and thus help you enforce MAP policy
-Help you monitor how quick your retailers are when it comes to adding your new products to their offer

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Solutions for : Distributors - How to stand in between, but not get caught in the cross-fire
Delicate market positioning usually means that distributors are expected to protect market value of the brands they are representing, while at the same time they should stimulate retail sites to increase their turnover.
If your company is a distributor, and finds itself in this delicate situation, here is what Price2Spy can do to help:
-Help you identify who your main online retailers are, see their differences in assortment and market positioning;
-Alert you when your retailers run out of stock, which means that maybe you can promote these products more actively if you still sell them;
-Alert you when your retailers change your product price;
-Understand their pricing strategies - who wants to have the lowest price on the market (no matter the cost), or who's using more subtle methods (for example - relying on professional expertise);

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Key Features

  • Integration - API
  • Site crawl / scrape
  • Automatch
  • Re-pricing opportunities
  • Pricing strategies
  • Unlimited Competitors
  • FREE - 30 day trial
  • Detect lower in-cart prices
  • Monitor bot-aware websites
  • Clear indication of MAP violations

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