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Puroxy Internet Intelligence


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About Puroxy Internet Intelligence

Puroxy Internet Intelligence is in the business of providing individuals with various secure and efficient network solutions. We believe that providing an educational environment with all services allows a client to feel more comfortable and confident with a purchase, knowing that all their needs will be met from both an educational and service standpoint. We are a company run by two individuals that seek to better the way your information is stored and protected. Our failure analysts ensure bulletproof protection of all data entrusted within our servers, while knowledgeable and dedicated employees standby, ready to assist you with any issues or questions that you may have. All our servers are continuously monitored and benchmarked for unusual activity and performance enhancement. This allows us to proactively respond to and resolve conflicts within our server. In doing so, we maintain full redundancy and reliability for all of our services at an affordable and reasonable rate.

Key Features

  • SSD RAID10
  • Web Hosting
  • Linux VPS
  • Windows VPS
  • Onshore Dedicated Server
  • Offshore Dedicated Server
  • HTTP Reverse Proxies
  • TCP Reverse Proxies
  • Tutoring Center
  • Excellent Support

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