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Trivalent Group
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Trivalent Group Reviews

from Bandit Industries

Friday, September 2, 2016

I worked with Trivalent Group employees for about 4 months. I was hired at my company to clean up a Mess Trivalent created. During my stay at my company, I was not satisfied with Trivalent past or present performance. The actions they took against my company to prevent them from being an independent network were atrocious.
When I started at my company, the network was an atrocity. My company’s data storage was under spaced by almost 30TB, Space issues a constant battle, and Trivalent set up manual server farm that was a constant resource hog. At times this farm came to a screeching halt because of lack of Processor and memory resources. Trivalent provided no practical means of managing this farm. Viruses and Malware were common and daily outages and failures were common.
It seemed to me Trivalent Group was holding my company hostage, charging high fees for service. I was clear to me Trivalent was thwarting every attempt, Bandit took to become and independent network. In review of an audit by a third party (the audit was done prior to my starting at my company), almost 30 pages of things were discovered to be wrong. I was astounded, that this much could be found wring on a network what was supposed to be managed by a Professional IT partner. The audit was high level non-penetrating, the audit company should not have found near as much.
The following are other issues I learned
- In less than a year, my company experienced five massive virus outbreaks. The last to cause a massive data and production loss from ransom ware
- I learned Trivalent failed to put in appropriate measure to protect against viruses such as ransom ware
- Trivalent failed to put in measure to moderately protect my company’s network from malware.
- With Ten years of servicing my company, Trivalent built up a lot of historical data for them. Trivalent failed to provide this information when requested. I view this purposely holding information to cause my company to fail.
- Refused to work with my company to become an independent network.
-Failed to properly fit my company with local storage
- Trivalent turned off volume shadow copy to save server space. This caused data loss when backups failed, and users needed to perform revision data restores
- In many situations, Trivalent failed to demonstrate expertise when designing and implementing solutions for my company.

In all fairness, a couple of Trivalent employees demonstrated decent skills for the job they were in. I do not blame the production employees. I do hold responsible, Trivalent Managers, Sales and Design Engineers.

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