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About WorkPuls

What is WorkPuls?
Automated software that shows business owners and managers how their employees spend their time on computers.

How can it help my business?
- If you want to monitor your employees activities for the sake of rewarding hardest working people and punishing slackers – WorkPuls shows you what your employees are really doing.
- If you want to manage your people according to their behavior and their needs – WorkPuls shows you the most genuine chances for improving overall performance and increasing productivity.
- If your business isn’t located in one place – WorkPuls provides you with all the necessary info about employees work, even if they are located across the Globe.
- If your business is project oriented – WorkPuls shows you how much time is spent in which file so that you can assign more projects and set norms for similar activities.

How does it work?
In order to monitor certain computer, manager needs to install WorkPuls agent on that unit. WP Agent is protected Windows service and its installation lasts couple of seconds. Agent works quietly in the background, without disturbing the user. User may or may not be aware of Agents presence, depending on your management style. WorkPuls is a cloud based solution and managers get their data when they log onto their account on WP website. Dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. The data managers receive is presented through reports onto behavior of individual, groups, time usage and productivity analysis, trends compared to the previous periods etc.

Why is organization better with WorkPuls?
Insights into employees actions and behavior allow managers to truly understand how the organization breathes and to react accordingly. It allows business managers to make decisions based on quantified facts, rather than estimated guessing. This way, management is flexible and follows the new HR movement where every individual is vital to the organization.

Key Features

  • Automated time tracking
  • Productivity reports
  • Automatic time tracking
  • Time analysis
  • Live preview
  • Productivity analysis
  • Timeline
  • Attendance analysis
  • Individual reports
  • Group reports

WorkPuls Screenshots

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