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10,000+ Vendors already trust Serchen to help build their business. Our marketplace of qualified, engaged buyers are only a few clicks away.

About Serchen


At Serchen we think differently. Over the past 17 years we've worked with thousands of vendors who all share the same common goals. Selling and delivering a quality service over the Internet. That shared experience and deep pool of knowledge means we understand what works, and perhaps more importantly what doesn't.


We also understand that the hard work only truly begins after you generate that first lead. Landing Page Design, Web Analytics, User Onboarding, Service Pricing, Reputation Management, and Customer Churn are only a few of the hurdles that face vendors, regardless of size.

This market specialization allows us to closely align our advertising solutions with the goals of your businesses.

About Serchen Team

Our Advertising Solution

Native Advertising

Forget about volatile PPC Auctions, CPM Banners and YouTube pre rolls, and think about advertising as content that readers are fully engaged with rather than fighting to avoid. In other words, advertising that forms part of their solution. Welcome to the world of Native Advertising.

How it Works

We keep things simple. After all, we've taken the hardest part out of the equation. Namely finding a highly targeted audience of buyers. There are no complex PPC auctions to worry about here. The cost of your campaign won't fluctuate over time and you won't pay for the same visitor to view your ad multiple times.

The price of your campaign is determined by two simple factors. The size of the audience you're looking to reach and the duration of your campaign.

Real People

Don't worry, we understand that setting up a new ad campaign can sometimes be a daunting experience. That's why each client gets a dedicated account manager to help get them up and running and help answer any questions they might have along the way.

How it Works

Our Marketplace


Since being established in 1997, we have grown to become the number one trusted destination for buyers of web services. The Serchen marketplace now services over 8,000 vendors and millions of buyers annually.


The foundation of our market rests on what we refer to as the three Rs: Reputation, Reviews & Ratings. Consumers trust our reviews and ratings, and vendors utilize our audience of buyers to manage their industry reputation.



The Serchen Marketplace enables buyers to Search, Compare & Evaluate a vast quantity of vendors in an ever increasingly diverse range of industries. Our community of buyers provides trusted advice via ratings and reviews on thousands of cloud service providers around the globe. This combination of quality data and user reviews, combined with 17 years of experience and reputation, is what's made Serchen the world's number 1 destination for Cloud Service buyers.

Our Reputation


Our goal is to develop long standing client relationships. Over the past 17 years, we've been privileged enough to work with some of the industry's leading brands. Many of whom have been kind enough to share their experience of Serchen and the lead generation impact made to their business.

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“Xero has been advertising with Serchen since Feb 2012 and we've been impressed with both the quantity of leads they send us and the responsiveness and diligence of their account management team. They are constantly looking for ways to add value for their clients and are eager to ensure that our campaign is successful.”

Darrin Lim - Online Channel Analyst at Xero

Advertising Simplified

Make interruptive advertising a thing of the past. Target, Engage and Convert leads from the worlds largest cloud services marketplace.