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What is Online Assessment Software?

Assessment software is mainly used by educational professionals to create and administer tests to students via digital platform. It can also be used to test employees when recruiting and at different stages of their employment. Tests and assessments are designed to be taken on computers, tablets, or other digital devices. The companies listed in this category all offer some type of cloud-based assessment software which can assist the educational professionals to achieve this goal. These companies offer their software under the SaaS (Services as a software) model meaning that the data can be accessed remotely with software held locally or via a web browser. If you are looking for software similar to Assessment software then our categories for Employee Monitoring Software and Recruitment Software will be of use to you.

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Assessment Software


Reviewed by Sherri Ward

This product is extremely intuitive. I trained staff in one 30 minute setting. Setting up our platform with question b... Read More

Reviewed on 17 September 2018

Assessment Software

Reviewed by Alexander from Mijosoft

Thank's to WorldAPP's we have a tool to collect, manage and analyze our customer's data.

Reviewed on 02 June 2014

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