Our Top 5 Construction Project Management Tools

Written by Zoe Stimpson on 06 December 2020

Our Top 5 Construction Project Management Tools

Construction projects require the orchestration of dozens of moving parts. There’s the logistics of the construction material and heavy equipment, negotiations with zoning and regulatory agencies, timetables and deadlines to schedule and keep. Managing all of those details on pen-and-paper can be difficult. Thankfully, today’s construction companies can rely on a whole host of powerful new tools designed to keep your entire project workflow on a single platform. This simplifies and organizes your construction project and provides a number of opportunities to improve your processes.

The best construction project management software will help a project move through in an efficient manner while keeping communication and costs all in one set program. A construction project management software provides the schedule, quality control, and budgetary oversight your project needs to stay organized and cohesive.

With that knowledge in mind, finding the most helpful construction project management software is a must.


If you’re looking for a web-based platform that is also an app, Buildertrend has got you covered. Complete with spreadsheets, an entire pre-sales process, email, calendar and more, Buildertrend focuses on managing custom projects. Additionally, if you struggle with overloading your calendar, the program identifies scheduling conflicts, which in turn assists in projects being completed on time. From starting bids to post-house reviews, Buildertrend is there every step of the way to ensure completion of your construction project.

Project Manager

This cloud based CPM offers users the ability to change to their favorite project view, so if you prefer boards over lists or charts, the flexibility is impressive. Team management, time tracking, reporting, and task managing are all integral features that allow issues to be easily identified. The colorful calendar allows managing tasks, as well as resource allocation, identification of which workers are overloaded with projects. By giving users the ability to comment on tasks, it allows for better communication throughout the project. While not strictly for construction teams, it successfully allows for project completion with some fantastic extras that may not exist in other construction platforms.


Another construction specific project manager, LetsBuild claims to reduce construction delays by up to 20%. Additionally, automated reports which dramatically save time keep both the company and shareholders up to date with projects. Key milestones are tracked in color coded, organized spreadsheets, which also assist project managers, workers, and supply deliveries. Set completely online, this CPM was designed by those in the construction industry and this makes it an efficient way to save time and money while organizing projects.


If you’re a roofing manager looking for a CPM, Acculynx is right for you. It’s the only all-in-one roofing contracting software and it claims to not just help you win more jobs but grow your business in an organized manner. Seen as a Swiss Army Knife of contracting, it offers flexibility and a streamlined process, allowing jobs to be done more efficiently.


CoConstruct offers flexibility as a web-based program working with builders and clients. Winner of multiple awards, it offers everything a project manager may need in a handy place. From project coordination to communication, CoConstruct has you covered. File sharing, updating clients, bidding, proposals, and timesheet management are just some of the features offered in both the web-based program as well as the app. Use this app to easily stay in touch and keep your clients up to date, without having to spend time with updates on a daily or weekly basis. Overall, this really is a powerhouse of a CPM, and is used by thousands of experts who will testify to its strengths.
Benefits of CPM software

All of these programs offer the same core benefits with a different package of features. You’ll find that every good CPM provides:

  • Better communication
  • Improved scheduling
  • Detail management
  • Invoicing and contracting

Overall, CPM software offers your construction business a chance to both improve its performance on current projects and add new clients. Whether it is a CPM from this list or elsewhere, find a CPM software package that suits your budget and your needs.