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What is Online Lead Management Software?

Online Lead Management Software helps a company focus on getting the most from their lead generation techniques and identifying leads which will conform to the purpose designated by the company’s overall business objectives. The Lead Management Software here is offered under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the Cloud and can be accessed when needed through a client or web browser. If you’re looking for similar online software like Lead Management Software, consider our Sales Automation or Sales Management Software categories.

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Lead Management


Reviewed by Chris T.P.

Worst sales presentation I've ever experienced with the "VP of Sales" Spencer Shiffman. He constantly talked over me wh... Read More

Reviewed on 17 January 2019

Lead Management


Reviewed by CountryChevy

We have implemented Leadmaster in several of our smaller stores. The ease of use, the support, the ability to start sale... Read More

Reviewed on 12 July 2018

Lead Management


Reviewed by Dewan from Kaomi Marketing

Whatconverts has been very easy to use and integrate with our clients. They are friend and great to deal with. Being abl... Read More

Reviewed on 06 September 2017

Lead Management

I Love Leasing

Reviewed by sassy from stonemark

This software does nothing but micro-manage the entire office. Not that great and certainly NOT user friendly

Reviewed on 19 October 2016

Lead Management


Reviewed by Olu Rhodes-Vivour, PMP

I'm a previous Salesforce user and anyone that's used Salesforce as a CRM knows how challenging it can be to generate ac... Read More

Reviewed on 20 July 2016

Lead Management


Reviewed by Ben Knowles

MyPhoner has a very simple and intuitive interface that is easy for anyone to learn. I am using it in two different busi... Read More

Reviewed on 10 August 2015

Lead Management


Reviewed by Joss Rike

It was really helpful, thanks!! Boosted my conversion with 80%!!! Amazing results in only one week!

Reviewed on 07 August 2014

Lead Management


Reviewed by Randy Frier

This company is a scam. Be careful in your dealings with them. They will promise you anything to get your money.

Reviewed on 16 July 2014

Lead Management


Reviewed by Jason

LeadPrime is a web-based lead management tool. It is a service that not only increases your leads, but helps to manage a... Read More

Reviewed on 23 June 2014

Lead Management


Reviewed by John Smith

Nutshell is easy to use, yet powerful, Sales and Customer Management Software with intuitive report creation and dissemi... Read More

Reviewed on 11 June 2014

Lead Management


Reviewed by johnson

EnterpriseLead is one of the best out there, I was able to get good quality leads from them and I got response from my m... Read More

Reviewed on 23 May 2014

Lead Management


Reviewed by KS from EFB

I work for a marketing company, and this software definitely does help maximize my efficiency in lead-generation and fol... Read More

Reviewed on 07 May 2014

Lead Management


Reviewed by Mark from Builders Inc.

This is a great software system for automating sales and handling customer relationship. I use it daily at my work and i... Read More

Reviewed on 21 October 2013

Lead Management

Bridgeleaf Software

Reviewed by Chris Nettles

I've worked with Bridgeleaf for a number of years and they have provided my company with the tools to be successful with... Read More

Reviewed on 08 August 2013

Lead Management


Reviewed by Gordon from AFI

The lead status options are not customizable and can be difficult to utilize effectively. The customer service is absolu... Read More

Reviewed on 01 July 2013

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