The Best Project Management Tools for your Agency

Written by Lee Brant on 14 December 2020

The Best Project Management Tools for your Agency

How do you keep track of your projects? Is it email and handwritten calendar scribbles? Maybe it’s through a spreadsheet, but people keep forgetting to update what they’ve done. Without a consistent group of tools, keeping your creative agency projects on track will be difficult and time-consuming.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the best creative agency project management tools to keep your projects on track and help everyone stay organized.

If you’re looking for something that the biggest companies out there use, look no further than Hive. From Starbucks to Google, Hive has some massive companies using its tools. Hive offers project layouts that are flexible, so you can customize it to your specifications. It also keeps the projects all contained; email, group messaging, and more are integrated with Hive. The opportunity for flexibility allows your team to decide what works best for them and to stick with it.

Liquid Planner
Liquid Planner allows you to better determine when a project will be completed, based on estimates and best and worst case scenarios. It’s not flashy like some of the other tools on this list, but it is efficient and offers some unique approaches that can help you complete tasks on time. Liquid Planner lets you schedule tasks based on priority, and even to allow members of one project to see status reports from another project. That flexibility allows you and your team to work more efficiently.

With an eye-catching design, Bright Pod appeals to those with a creative streak. Your tasks and lists are set up on virtual sticky notes that can be rearranged as the project changes. That visualization and the unique set-up of Bright Pod allows you to ensure everything is going smoothly. You can view your workflow as a project-based workflow, and as individuals, allowing you to focus on both the big and small pictures.

Workflow Max
If you’re looking to manage your projects as well as track finances, Workflow Max is for you. It helps you better keep track of expenses, project inefficiency, and profitability. This is best suited for people looking for a bit more control of the money going into a particular project. Workflow Max offers moderate customization but excellent record-keeping.

With a catchy name and an integrated communication system, Workamajig offers creatives the opportunity to talk to each other and stay on track while completing their projects in time. It is also designed for larger and smaller companies, and while some larger, more well-known companies use it, smaller companies also swear by the tools and project management that it offers. With improved visibility over all projects, Workamagig allows teams to stay connected and ensure projects are completed as needed.

Are you looking to efficiently track your projects from beginning to end? If so, Asana offers visibility for all projects at all stages. Your team can see what stage each project is currently at with a glance, and Asana’s colourful calendar will help you keep track of current progress. Assigning projects to team members is super easy, making Asana a simple and free way to keep your creative projects moving and completed in a timely manner.

This comprehensive platform caters to creatives who need help with customer service as well as project management. Adaptable, with a wide range of software tools, Celoxis supplies workers with a powerful dashboard with interactive data charts, real-time project trajectories, and more. Even remote teams gain the opportunity to work together on a single platform.

Project management, especially with remote teams, can be a complicated matter. Today’s project management tools provide ways to make that process easier. Finding the right one for you can be tricky, but once you find one and master it you will see a huge increase in your output. Gone are the days of keeping track of projects through email and hoping a message didn’t slip through the cracks. Today’s world offers teams all-in-one programs designed to work with you and for you to better increase productivity.