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What is Online Shopping Cart Software?

A Online Shopping Cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server that acts as an online store’s catalogue and ordering process. A virtual Online Shopping Cart allows visitors on your site to select items and add them to the cart for eventual purchase much like you would in a physical supermarket. A Online Shopping Cart allows consumers to select merchandise, review what they have selected, make any modifications and then purchase the merchandise. A primary consideration when choosing Online Shopping Cart software is whether it will continue to serve your websites needs as the catalogue and volume of orders grow.

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Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Mark

I have been a customer since 2009 and have completed many sucessfull migrations ftom different platforms such as Cubecar... Read More

Reviewed on 08 March 2019

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Vamsi Kumar Kotla

Overpriced product that cannibalizes customer revenue.

Reviewed on 14 January 2019

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Kevin Piacentini

Watch out for hidden fees, accounts that you didn't authorize and billing you after you asked to hold off until you reso... Read More

Reviewed on 31 October 2018

Shopping Cart Software

Flying Cart

Reviewed by Brian Forsberg

They do not have dedicated support for sellers. You must contact by email and you are likely not toget a resonse. The si... Read More

Reviewed on 15 October 2015

Shopping Cart Software

Claim the Web

Reviewed by Rob Beermann from a1scrubs

been waiting nearly 2 years for a completed, fully functional, error free site. paid over $10,000.00 so far, with no end... Read More

Reviewed on 04 February 2015

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Victor Bates

We found numerous flaws in the multi-vendor software that made no sense from an ecommerce perspective such as: 1. All f... Read More

Reviewed on 01 August 2014

Shopping Cart Software

Earth Skater

Reviewed by David Jones

I never expected we would have many sales on the site, I set it up to entice people to call the store, since most of the... Read More

Reviewed on 16 April 2014

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Linda Goffigan

The ultimate shopping cart software. Recommended to those wanting to promote online shopping. Awesome software!

Reviewed on 05 December 2013

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Kirk Davis

CartStack is a great product that delivers as advertised. Their customer service is top notch. CartStack is an afforda... Read More

Reviewed on 25 November 2013

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Kirk Davis

We purchased this e-commerce software recently and could not be happier. Ultracart is easy to use, reliable and well pri... Read More

Reviewed on 15 November 2013

Shopping Cart Software

Advanced E Media

Reviewed by Jeremy Roggero

It's been a pleasure doing business with Advanced E Media. Bachir, Phil, and Michael are very friendly and knowledgable.... Read More

Reviewed on 11 October 2013

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Kalpana Dogra

Avactis provides a Powerful, Easy to Use Open source Ecommerce Shopping Cart. It is Available both in downloadable and s... Read More

Reviewed on 10 October 2013

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Phil from Brickman Group

I think Custom Cart is great ! It makes retail a one stop shop. It is a great way to make purchases a breeze.

Reviewed on 10 October 2013

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart Diagn..

Reviewed by Will from NA

This software provides a turnkey solution to any small business looking to get the best out of their eCommerce business!... Read More

Reviewed on 25 September 2013

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Mark from JAD inc

I needed a quick solution to support my brick-and-mortar business and Big Commerce delivered. With customizable, full-f... Read More

Reviewed on 09 September 2013

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Bill Daughtry

CoreCommerce provide a wonderful solution with fabulous customer service.

Reviewed on 04 December 2012

Shopping Cart Software

Vendio Services

Reviewed by Joe Schmuckatelli

If you sell on eBay and Amazon, or want to, Vendio is the way to go! Fees are based on number of high-level SKU's (very ... Read More

Reviewed on 13 September 2012

Shopping Cart Software


Reviewed by Joseph Fox from Jossox

What I liked the most about the service was the speed of import. As I value my time I was looking for the fastest produc... Read More

Reviewed on 02 August 2012

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