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What is Online Software Testing?

Software Testing is used to test software to identify any gaps, errors or missing requirements on contrary to the actual requirements. It is used with the intention of seeking out any bugs or errors which will help you build better software quickly and efficiently.

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Software Testing


Reviewed by Nikolay Grozev

Being one of their first Automation customer LambdaTest offered a decent deal that I could not refuse after testing the... Read More

Reviewed on 17 February 2019

Software Testing


Reviewed by Ravikant

What do you like best? The Reporting part for particular test run is Best, which gives idea about the quality health . ... Read More

Reviewed on 21 December 2018

Software Testing


Reviewed by Pavel

Pros: What I really like about Ranorex is its wide coverage of technologies, relative easy to learn and use UI, pretty r... Read More

Reviewed on 14 November 2018

Software Testing

Test IO

Reviewed by Matin Testoff from 1978

Not everyone, but the majority of team-leaders reject bugs without understanding the description or the video for them, ... Read More

Reviewed on 27 October 2018

Software Testing


Reviewed by Rachel Workman

Your software is superior when it comes to getting my teams to adopt them. It is not cumbersome, so teams and new resour... Read More

Reviewed on 15 August 2017

Software Testing


Reviewed by Viktor Dmytrenko

Ubertesters offers the video recording feature that helped our team to reduce a crash reproducing time sign gificantly

Reviewed on 14 June 2017

Software Testing


Reviewed by Amy Pedersen from Fort

We were looking for a tool that could cover our whole testing process and in addition had a good integration with JIRA. ... Read More

Reviewed on 10 October 2016

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