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What is a Windows Dedicated Server?

A Windows Dedicated Server offers the user full control over how and where their websites are hosted. Windows Dedicated Servers are often located in Data Centers and offer more freedom over other common forms of hosting solutions such as Shared Hosting. The main benefits of choosing a Windows Dedicated Server are that the user gains high performance, stability and control, though this often comes at a price reserved for websites that receive large volumes of traffic. If you’re looking for similar online services to a Dedicated Server, try our Cloud Hosting or Linux Dedicated Hosting categories.

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Superb Internet

Superb Internet
Every 22nd Order Receives 22 YEARS of Free Service!

Join the celebration and don't miss the best chance in your life to win big! From now until August 31st, every 22nd order receives 22 YEARS of FREE service: 1-in-22 chance to win BIG (even with the latest top-of-the-line v4 servers)! Place trust in the world's oldest and highest acclaimed host for all your dedicated server needs.

33 Reviews | Last reviewed on Monday, 17 Apr 2017


12,000+ servers under management

50,000+ virtual servers under management, 5,400+ clients in over 130 countries, 4 Data Centers in North America. This coupled with our strategic relationships allows us to provide the most reliable solution at the best value since 2005!

4 Reviews | Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Feb 2015


High Bandwidth Dedicated servers starting at $129/mo

• 24x7x365 on site Certified support staff.
• 100% uptime Guaranteed.
• Highest Redundancy, 2(N+1) Data Centers
• Port options of 10/100/GIGE
• Money-Back Guarantee

14 Reviews | Last reviewed on Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016

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Book and Host

Book and Host

Windows Dedicated Server
Listed 02 Sep 2009

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