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What is Appsee?

Appsee is the market leader when it comes to qualitative mobile app analytics. Where most providers have reappropriated analytics solutions build for web and applied them to mobile, Appsee have been focused on mobile apps right from the get-go.

Utilizing user session recordings, touch heatmaps, and Appsee's user analytics, its possible to uncover UI & UX issues with your product, and achieve your ambitious growth KPIs.

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Appsee Key Features

User Session Recordings

Touch Heatmaps

Realtime In-App Analytics

User Recordings

Touch Heatmaps

Realtime In-App Analytics

User Analytics

Crash Reporting

Crash Logs

Jira Integration

What is Appsee?

Appsee Product Details

User Recordings: Watch real user sessions (auto captured) and sort with powerful filtering, understand EXACTLY how users interact with your app, pinpoint errors and opportunities for optimization.

Touch Heatmaps: Observe touch heatmaps of all the gestures performed in every screen of your app, identify unresponsive gestures and popular gestures to enhance A/B testing strategies.

Realtime In-App Analytics: Quicky gather valuable insights on user behavior and user experience via clear-cut analytics, without pre-defining any events or hooks.

User Journeys: Understand how new and returning users navigate through your app, learn about their behavior by observing which paths they take the most, and which paths are their least favorite.

Automatic Events: Save valuable time via Appsee's auto detection and tagging of screens, buttons and user actions within your app. No need to pre-define any events.

Crash Recordings: Watch recordings of crashed sessions and review symbolicated crash reports to see the exact sequence of user events that led to a crash. Appsee detects crashed sessions automatically

Conversion Funnels: Create unique conversion funnels, allowing you to track how many users complete each step of the funnel and how many drop off, then watch relevant user recordings to learn more.

Retention Analytics: Examine user retention metrics such as how often your users return within a particular time-frame, how many users never return, and what is the average time between each user session.

Low Footprint: Appsee’s SDK is lightweight & works smoothly in the background without impacting your app's performance.

Easy Integration: Integrate Appsee's mobile analytics solution via a single line of code, it takes less than a minute.

User Analytics: Appsee's User Query Builder that lets you ask highly complex questions about your users & get answers in seconds.

Countries Appsee Services Available In

Appsee services businesses from around the world and offers language support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.

Appsee Free Trial Information

Appsee offers a free 14 day trial period.

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3 Reviews

Last reviewed on
05 May 2019

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

from Shoppie

After trying a few different analytics tools for our app, I can honestly say Appsee's heatmaps and session replay have worked best for us. We have extensively used their crash replay and app not responding features - they've also just recently released a new user query builder and updated UI for their dashboard. Big improvement I must say.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

from RLS

Appsee provides a fantastic service! Not only do they offer all basic analytics that you'd expect from a mobile analytics company, but they include unique insights like the ability to actually watch a user interacting with your app. There's no better way to learn what's wrong with your app or its design than actually seeing it! I'm a big fan.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

from WorkHop

Amazing tool for improving UX and understanding your users in a whole new way

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