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Penelope by Social Solutions Reviews

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Penelope by Social Solutions Reviews



4 Reviews

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02 September 2020

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Overall: Overall, Penelope has been a great asset to our organization. It has helped to gather our data into one secure location for all staff to access. We love the ability to configure Penelope to best fit our organization, and we look forward to the reporting updates in the near future.

Pros: The ability to unite multiple programs with varying services is by far the best feature. This software allows us to track our families and the services they utilize, regardless of location and which program they attend. The ease of access to log into Penelope and the extensive help support (trainings, guides available on the website, and direct technical support) are additional key features Athena excels in.

Cons: In the beginning, it was a bit challenging to integrate this software with our current business processes. The inability to export data using Excel is the most challenging. Although there is an option to export data, it requires further training and time.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Our trainer has been very responsive when we have questions and need further direction! I am very excited to finish the production side of our project and to start using the program.

I like that using this program will allow our office to reduce our use of paper and switch over to digital health records.

The set up is very time consuming, do not underestimate how much time this project will take. Some of the terminology is different from what we use geographically and in our office, that takes some time to get used to as well.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Overall: Our overall experience has been great! Our cases are cleaner, more accessible and reporting is more efficient. Penelope is a great software for case management.

Pros: The software is user friendly for those utilizing it daily. It's functionality of the software and its accessibility for reporting is great. Penelope has made our cases cleaner and faster to access.

Cons: When adding a photo under profile, the photo can't be seen 100% after it's downloaded. So for our restricted users, it's hard to view a client's photo because only the forehead if visible. It would be great if our case plans could auto populate from the initial one so we don't have to reenter the same information in the progress and closing plans.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Overall: I don't use the software as often as some of our field staff but the process of customizing the software to fit our needs was great. Representative was our point of contact/Penelope expert and did a fabulous job of walking us through the significant amount mapping and customization that our case management process requires.

Pros: Penelope was the best solution available for the advanced case management work our staff do across the U.S. Our customized employment professionals needed a case management system that allowed for a significant amount of narrative description and the folks at Athena were able to accommodate this need.

Cons: There's a bit of a learning curve with Penelope but it's well worth the effort to learn.

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