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About Axonator

Axonator’s passion customer success is what drives us & makes our belief iron-strong that “we can change the world,” YES WE CAN!!!

While our customers focus on consumer behavior and product market fit, we take care of product innovation & tech development for them.

Our specialty is we can handle more complex jobs compared to an average company because we have talent and experience.

Our unparalleled service sets us apart from everyone else because we have a legacy of 15+ years of relationship-based service.

We are a service-oriented, customer-focused company which means we have sharpened and honed our service skills better than any other product-oriented companies.

We guarantee you will get complete attention of our team and also guaranteed turnaround time of responding within 4 hours of your email or ticket and fixing an issue within 24 hours. Technology Excellence Promise

One of the key differentiators of Axonator is that it is engineered with a solid architectural foundation from the beginning which makes our platform much more extensible & hence 100x powerful compared to our competitors.

Axonator Product Details

Axonator is an award-winning mobile app builder for data collection, workflow automation, report generation, advanced analytics, and integration, etc. by businesses. Build mobile apps on Axonator with just drag & drop widgets.

Use Axonator mobile apps if you: Have paper-based processes. Want to increase employee productivity. Have manual, repetitive, & erroneous processes (Some/most). Want workflow automation in your business. Want digital transformation. Waste time on manual data entry & report generation.

Mobile apps are highly customizable (anytime for business needs) & made functional in days.

Access apps by a variety of mobile devices like smartphones & tablets (Android, iOS, etc.)

Mobile forms app are built to collect rich data - capture of images, audio, video, etc. is possible.

Live locations & time can be captured. Data is collected even without an internet connection. Data submitted from different locations on the field is accessible to managers in real-time.

It’s a cloud-based platform backed by AWS, no issues about data storage.

Data can be exported to platforms automatically - integrating legacy systems, CRM, SAP, ERP, Zapier, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Google Drives, etc.

The report can be automatically generated to be sent as emails in PDF.

Build workflows for automation. Tasks are generated & allocated automatically, approvals can be given on apps, tickets can be generated & tracked, leading to faster decision-making.

Data collected can be analyzed through intuitive dashboard - gain insights & actionable data for stronger decision-making.

Axonator is a fully scalable & secure platform. Affordable yet robust platform.

Axonator can fit your strategy & processes - these mobile apps have a responsive UI & UX - highly engaging for your teams.

Enterprises using Axonator have achieved more productivity & efficiency, automation, transparency, new business revenues, reduced overheads, etc.

Write to us at [email protected]

Countries Axonator Services Available In

Florida California Texas New York Alabama Ohio Kentucky Indiana New Jersey Michigan Pennsylvania India Dubai Saudi Canada China Russia Singapore Australia New Zealand London

Axonator Pricing

Basic Good for small businesses (1-50 people)

$20 per user/month Visual Form Designer Visual Dataflow Builder Visual PDF Designer Unlimited Apps and Forms Dashboard Analytics Free 1GB Data Storage

Standard Good for small and medium sized businesses (50-150 people)

$40 per user/month All Basic Features + Third Party Software Integrations Basic Multi-User Workflow Builder (Approval/Rejections) 24x7 Email & Chat Support Free 5GB Data Storage

Advanced Good for enterprises (150+ people)

$60 per user/month All Standard Features + Advanced Multi-User Workflow with Task Assignments Custom Reports (1 Free) Phone Support Free 15GB Data Storage

Axonator Free Trial Information

We are offering 3 Month free trial

Axonator Support & Customer Service

We offer customer support

-24*7 -Online -Call

  • Chat
  • Mail

Axonator Key Features

  • Offline Data Collection
  • Robust Data Security
  • Unlimited Cloud Data Storage
  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Multi-device
  • Multi-platform
  • BPM Tool
  • Integration with 1000+ Platforms
  • Document Designer (PDF)
  • Barcode & QR Scan

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Best Form Builder App

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