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from sitefuel

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I ordered a new VPS five days ago. The VPS was set up in minutes and showed up in the VPS manager. I chose an image to install (Debian 6 netinstall) and it was ready after about a minute. No complaints so far. However the VPS IP was unreachable (no ping replies). I first thought it was because I selected a 64 bit image and maybe the server was only capable of 32 bit? However installing a 32 bit version did not resolve the problem. Java Console wasn't working either, so I picked the IP of the console and started a SSH session to that IP. So I finally got into the VPS. First action was to check the networking/interface settings and routes. Those seemed totally normal. Pinging to the outside did however work, but not to anywhere outside the BHost network. This is a serious routing/firewall issue it appears. I created a ticket. Of course I ordered on Friday evening, so I had to wait till Monday for a reply (which is acceptable for the price I am paying). However their reply was just "We are investigating it". Tuesday evening, still unreachable, no new reply from support. Conclusion: BHost is nice for testing/development purposes, but I don't suggest hosting anything for real there.

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from Hexonio

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I totally don't believe it! The service has been down for 48 hours now! The support seems to have gone on vacation, no ticket response and no warnings. There is no information about what happened, what is being done and when they estimate to be up and running again. This totally redefines amateur.

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