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Cart2Cart is the world’s leading automated shopping cart migration service called to make e-Commerce platform switch easier. Swiftly and secure, it lets you migrate products, orders, customers, categories, attributes, reviews and other related entities to any of 75+ shopping carts supported. It takes just a few minutes to set up migration simply by providing the needed info to ensure data exchange and up to few hours to finish the full-scale automated shopping cart switch. Avoid tedious manual data export and import, data loss or relations breakdown with #1 shopping cart migration tool and reinforce your online business!

Cart2Cart Key Features

  • Automated shopping cart migration
  • No technical expertice required
  • 100% uptime of your current store
  • FREE Demo migration available
  • 75+ shopping carts supported
  • 24/7 responsive support team

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Thursday, November 22, 2018


CON ARTISTS: My online quote was for under $200. When it was all said and done I paid $460 for the migration, plus another $100 for services. Their online calculator is very misleading. The dollar amount was still worth it to me, but I don’t appreciate the deception right off the bat. That should have been a red flag.

THEFT OF TIME AND MONEY: I paid for all the extras and double insurance on this migration, was happy to because I hate database work! It didn’t work fully and I reached out and asked if I could pay extra for them to complete the broken parts for me. Didn’t ask for a refund at this point, just asked if I could pay extra for their time.

I spent TWO WEEKS of my time going back and forth with their customer support, trying to get them to complete the work. I sent emails EVERY DAY asking what their timeline was, asking how it was going. I never heard back on these questions. I then moved to requesting a refund for undelivered work, I had to move on and push the project through. I was out of time. I haven’t receive anything back from them. So, they believe good business practices involve taking money for services and then not completing the services. I didn't ask for a full refund, only the things that didn't work. I was very fair in my approach.

LACK OF COMMUNICATION: They send you one email every 24 hours, answering a fraction of your communication, you get no where. I understand that there is a time difference, but I start work at 5AM (11AM their time) and they wouldn’t respond to me until 3PM their time, then they tell me they're going home for the day. You cannot reach them by phone, you cannot reach management, complaint links didn't work, there is nothing here for anyone other than loss of time and money. I would resort to live chat every day when emails were unanswered. There, they promised me a resolution next day, every time, and nothing ever happened.

It’s a shame because if the software were better managed, it would be really nice. I could have paid someone else about the same amount to create a good migration for me, and that would have saved me a whole lot of time and stress. The money I spent is worth it, if it had worked.

At the end of it all, they didn’t complete the re-migration, or fix the broken links. I gave them two weeks to do their work, but I had deadlines and had to move on. Their reason for non-refund was that “I didn’t allow them to complete the work”. They also didn’t refund me for the add-ons to the migration that didn’t work.

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from BBB

Friday, November 9, 2018

STAY AWAY! Garbage company and garbage service. Has take over 1 month now and we are NO WHERE with the migration. Customer service is terrible and there have been persistent issues with every migration attempt. You have to way days for response and never get any updates. Not certified with BigCommerce, that should tell you enough. Getting a refund and going elsewhere.

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from NYC

Thursday, October 25, 2018

This company doesn't even seem to try to help their paying customers. The are located in the Ukraine, and are staffed with the same 2 people every single time contact support it's either some unhelpful guy or woman. They barely speak english, they DO NOT care no matter how much you stress the importance of whats not working on their end. I do not believe that there is even an actual support staff and that they are relying on software that they do not even know how to manage. Everything about this company screams SCAM. I have been tying for 3 days to migrate out our site and in today alone it took 8 hours to migrate 3 products. They are not the company you use for migration . Trust me you will regret dealing with this awful company. Do not say you were not warned,

Response from Cart2Cart:
12 November 2018 at 02:52

Hi Jen,
We're really sorry if something went wrong, but our support service will always provide help to our customers and do its best to fix all your migration-related problems. Please, contact our support team and we'll try to make the things right. Once more, accept our apologies.

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from Guardian Solutions

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Garbage product. Didn't work, paid for extras they didn't deliver. Customer support was incapable of understanding the simplest issues. They would not refund the monies spent on this. Neither this nor CMS2CMS works beyond the simplest applications.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Worse experience ever, would never work with this company again . Their customer service has no technical knowledge, yet they don't let you communicate directly with their technicians. They are set in East Europe so with the time difference all comunications have very long delays. They had 4 months to work on our migration and they were not able to do it right not even once. Every single time they had BIG errors, like forgetting to migrate 45,000 orders, or switching information from customers accounts, etc. I have requested for a refund 3 times now and have not received one yet. I have wasted 4 months, my designer can't keep working on the site and I am out $1100 Dollars.
RUN AWAY from this company, better to hire a freelancer with UpWork, you get direct communication and only pay when the job is completed.

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from Mephone

Friday, March 16, 2018

I bought a Prestashop webstore migration update 1.6 - > 1.7. They didnt complete it, i waited for the fix 14 days and get frustrated, i needed to hire a freelancer to do it. Communication was poor, they answer with a one sentence after couple days delay and the answer was mostly like "We check it" and then there´s no communication at all if not sent first email.


Response from Cart2Cart:
19 March 2018 at 01:48

Dear Taneli,
Please accept our most sincere apologies for the frustrating experience you’ve had. We're sorry to hear our team has made such an impression, as it goes contrary to our Customer Service Policy and Values.

Our Support Manager has contacted you on the issue. We’ve made all the necessary fixes and sent you the results of Demo migration to Cart2Cart test store. If you’re satisfied with them we can proceed with Full transfer.

Once again, we’re sorry for the inconveniences you had and take full responsibility for this case. Your migration is of top priority for us and we kindly ask you to respond to the message we’ve to send you.

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from Blue Bananas

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

i needed a migration from shopify to woo commerce, i was told it would take 7 hours, $581 and 12 days later still no complete migration to woo commerce , we cannot use our back end at all , we can not edit , i am paying my team to sit and do nothing , we did 2 months work on our new site and spent a lot of money before cart2cart got involved, our site is now not usable , we have no product photo's , we can not even access our home page , cart2cart said "try magento, it is better" they migrated to magento with no problems, and then cart2cart tried to blame our resources for the woo commerce issue ,(the same resources as they used successfully to magento) ,
Lucy (Manager) told me that they gave me a free migration to magento , the only thing i got for free is more cost to my company , i will now have to build a new site in magento and buy all the software and everything our business model needs AGAIN , also 2 months work for nothing , we could have done this manually our selves quicker ,All the support staff on chat are quick and efficient apart from one , it is a shame they have to take all the complaints ,
cart2cart has successfully destroyed out business plan ,
be careful to anyone trying to use this service .
they will not even refund the $581 we paid for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage ,
by far the worst company i have ever dealt with!!!

Response from Cart2Cart:
09 March 2018 at 01:49

Dear Michael,
We are sorry to hear about your frustrating experience and would like to clarify the situation with your data transfer.

Cart2Cart is fully automated service - we do not advise our customers which destination to choose, which hosting settings should fit for correct database loading in the new platform. As this is an automated service, we cannot be responsible for your choice of destination platform and possible issues it may cause.

Let us provide you with the current state of images uploading to Woocommerce:
1. Images are being uploaded to the new store, it will take 4-5 hours more to get them fully imported.

2. As for this article:
Here`s what the developers of Woocommerce themselves say regarding large database size loading:
"We’ve seen instances of shops with 100,000+ products listed, handling thousands of transactions per minute.".
Still, there is a large question as they say: "In those cases, they had great hosting support and their own developer team focused on optimization."

So, yes, Woocommerce can handle large database volums, however, it is possible ONLY if you work with your hosting regarding available resources, and with your development team on Woocommerce optimization.
You need to hire developers which handle the optimization of Woocommerce, switch on the optimitzation technologies like "Jetpack" , CDN (Content Delivery Network)
You would also need to switch on cashing, like "Varnish HTTP Cache"

Yes, you can make Woocommerce optimized and make it handle 100+K products without issues. However, this requires additional resources from your side.

As an alternative solution, you can continue working with Magento which is by default purposed and optimized for the work with such large data volume. We suggest that Magento template setting and plugins configuration will take much less time and money than further Woocommerce optimization.

We provided you with 2 alternative full migrations which were completed to 2 different shopping cart platforms. Our tech team used additional technical resources to get this finished for you without any extra cost, although these are two separate full services used.
We are always ready to provide you with all possible technical support regarding any migration issues ( if you notice any issues). However, the full refund cannot be provided considering the number of technical hours we spent and 2 migration results we provided you with ( instead of only one).

As we described above, based on our investigation, the issue with Woocommerce store loading depends ONLY on Woocommerce optimization and hosting server resources availability. These issues require the attention of professional Woocommerce developers who have a sufficient experience in optimization of this store.

Please, contact us if any questions remained unclear.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

This has got to be the most incompetent migration service provider out there. They do not take responsibility for their mistakes and literally 24/7 support is untrue. They just tell you they will update you later. NOTHING is in real time with these people. STAY AWAY from them ... you will end up having to find another solution anyways. Don't waste your money with this company.

Response from Cart2Cart:
26 December 2017 at 07:52

Hello Calvin,
Please accept our apologies for your frustrating experience. We're sorry to hear our team has made such an impression, as it goes contrary to our Customer Service Policy and values.

To provide more details on the situation we’ve tried to get your Migration ID. Yet it is impossible as we have only your name. Please, provide us with more details on your migration or contact Cart Support Team to clarify the issue. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you and are sure that the problem will be solved.

Kind Regards,

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from Gessato

Monday, October 30, 2017

Not only they did not accomplished they ripped me of and they are nerve wracking. They damaged both source store and target store and they kept asking me over and over and over again to make the list of what was wrong.

Response from Cart2Cart:
27 November 2017 at 02:04

Hi, David! On behalf of all the Cart2Cart team, please, accept our sincere apologies for the negative experience that you’ve had. We always take full responsibility for our actions that is why you have received a FULL REFUND for your migration.

Our tech specialists report that there, indeed, has been a problem with the data on the target store, yet we claim that your source shop entities remained untouched. Migration with Cart2Cart does not interfere the source cart performance, thus, current shopping cart data could not be damaged, by default.

At Cart2Cart we have high standards of the service quality and provide refunds for the rare cases when our client express their dissatisfaction. We offer 24/7 support for all our clients and are always open for the constructive dialogue.

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from MJN

Friday, October 20, 2017

We used this service on the recommendation of our vendor, who probably didn't know any better and did not test it prior. We tried this twice and each time (taking over 3 days), and the migration did not run smoothly. The problem the first time that all fields were totally mapped incorrectly and messed up the order history. The second time around, the refunds over 3 years were messed up. Due to some software limitations, all refund dates were recorded at the time of migration, and not the actual refund date. The company blamed Shopify API and Shopify said they could not do anything. I would caution any company using this service. It might destroy your entire transaction history. Do not use this service.

Response from Cart2Cart:
29 November 2017 at 01:26

Hello Allan,
Please, accept our most sincere apologies for the frustrating experience you had. Your case was one of the most complicated and we, indeed, faced the technical issue that is out of our capability. Our Support Team has contacted you on the topic. You’ve received a Refund for your migration. Still, we have to clarify, your source store remained untouched and we could not possibly destroy any of your data as automated migration does not interfere with source e-shop by default.

Once again, we are sorry for this case. Please, contact us, if any question remains unclear for you.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

cart 2 cart migration from 3dcart to shopify is a joke!

i paid more than 1000.00 to migrate my shop!
as a single parent i had to raise the money to do it.

the amount customers spent was TOTALLY wrong! not even close!!!!

not to mention after i migrated i had to send account invites which cost money.....kinda hard to separate who to send to when the info is not migrated proper!

no reviews were migrated!

no download product files! (which was a shopify thing, but was never mentioned in my research)

AND i have 7 years of broken links to fix!!

my business has dropped AT LEAST 80%!!

cart 2 cart is a joke!!

Response from Cart2Cart:
05 September 2017 at 09:35

We kindly apologize if you meet some inconveniences using our service. As far as we can see, your migration was finished 5 months ago and you haven't reached out support concerning your issues since.

That’s said, we’re ready to make everything possible in order to provide resolution to the problems you’ve faced. Please check your support ticket #311278. Unfortunately, our Support Manager was contacting you but didn’t get a response.

We are sorry, if you didn’t meet your expectations with our service, but as you mentioned downloadable products is a Shopify thing and we can do nothing about it. Just as reviews, these entities are not on the list of supported data available from 3dcart to Shopify migration. These limitations are caused by the functionality of shopping carts - their APIs do not allow to receive and transfer this kind of data.

The table of supported entities for migration from 3dcart to Shopify is available to everyone and we kindly recommend to get acquainted with it before performing actual data migration.

Please check your support ticket and we will do our best to make you satisfied with migration results.

Kind Regards,

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from LB

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Absolutely HORRENDOUS experience.

People if you value your business, your website, your livelihood then stay FAR FAR away from these people.
I paid $259 to transfer my store over from magento to shopify, $259 is alot but im FINE with that if it worked out.

My biggest problem was when there app did not work well with magento even though they claim it does and all my "configurable" products did not transfer.

When i emailed them i did not get responses for 3 days at a time and when i did get responses you can tell they didnt take more then 30 seconds to look into it (or maybe they didnt speak english), meanwhile my entire site was down. After over a week of trying to get them to fix it i had to hire a local web dev local to do it.

I then emailed them thank you for trying but please refund me as i hired a local dev.

They would not refund my $259 for nothing! they said they cannot refund me it is against there policy.


Response from Cart2Cart:
27 November 2017 at 02:30

Hello, David! We would like to extend to you our most sincere apologies regarding the issues on migration of your store. Unfortunately, we are not able to figure out your support ticket ID to give more details on your claim and to clarify the situation. If you specified some details we would be able to respond more specifically.
Still, we are sorry that our company has created such an impression. For the whole team, it is really unpleasant to receive such a feedback.
We always try to treat our clients with respect and deal with each case individually. Furthermore, you’ve been mistaken on the refund policy of our company. We do provide refunds. Please give us your migration ID number and our Support Manager will contact you straightforward.

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from Fix Gadget Online

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I bought there service to migrate my store from Magento to Woocommerce. I just bought there service because I had not much time to get it done by any developer. on 26th I bought there service and my migration id is 92897. At start, they were blaming that my hosting server ( is blocking there ips whereas hosting company was saying that none of there ips are being blocked. Then to reduce the clutter, I gave them my hosting creds, but after 2 days, there are not able to complete my migration.

Extremely poor and uncompetitive service. Highly not recommended.

Response from Cart2Cart:
27 November 2017 at 02:42

Hi, Saad,
Please accept our most sincere apologies for the frustrating experience you’ve had. We're sorry to hear our team has made such an impression, as it goes contrary to our Customer Service Policy and Values. Thank you for contacting our Support Team on the issue and hope you’ll be satisfied with the solution you were offered.

At Cart2Cart we always take full responsibility for all the issues our clients are not happy with. Even in the cases when the cause of the problem is out of our control. We still provide refunds and take full responsibility in the rare cases when the data didn’t migrate properly. Source cart info always remains untouched, by default. Furthermore, our Support Managers are available 24/7 to work with each client and analyze each case separately.

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from SEDIA

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I was set to make 2 migrations from Prestashop to Shopify. The first one went OK - still with one major issue.

The 2nd one is still running after the payment was confirmed more than 20 hours ago. They kept promising 8 hours of maximum. But now after those 20 hours we still have around 5.000 customers and 42.000 orders to go.

So if you ever wonder to ask the livechat of a time estimate - be careful. They are seriously just filling you with some piece of crap to make you buy.

AND for some extra they just told me to fund 655$. I did that. But afterwards I did found out that I bought insurance for the migration, which I didn't really wanted.

I can't recommend Cart2cart.

Response from Cart2Cart:
06 February 2017 at 08:47

Hello Kasper,

Please, accept our apologies for the inconveniences you faced. As far as we're concerned, our Support Team managed to resolve your issue by this time.

Estimation provides approximate migration time only. It can't be more exact since at that point Cart2Cart has no evidence concerning what data will be migrated exactly.

As for Migration Insurance, it's selected for all our users by default to avoid additional expenses if remigration is needed. It can be unselected manually though.

Kindest Regards,
Cart2Cart Team

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Complete joke and waste of time. Cannot get even most basic functions to work such as placing pricing in the right field. Get ready to days of excuses, vague responses a lot of " our apologies, I understand and we cannot tell you when it will be fixed" And my personal favorite " maybe tomorrow" . To make things worse, test migration works, just not the full migration. I ended up disputing the credit card.

Response from Cart2Cart:
04 April 2016 at 03:12

Hello Mark,

Thank you for you feedback. Please, accept our sincere apologies for all the inconveniences you’ve faced. Mark, could you please provide us you migration ID or Cart2Cart account so that we could resolve your issues and help to perform a migration?

Best regards,
Cart2Cart Team

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from Ideal

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Horrible. Does not work. You will loose your money.

Response from Cart2Cart:
23 March 2016 at 03:36

Hello Robert,

We are grateful for your review and are sorry for your negative experience. Robert, could you please specify issues which you faced or provide us your migration ID so that we could help with your migration.

Best regards,
Cart2Cart Team

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Friday, February 19, 2016

I too would give this company a "zero" star rating if it were possible.
They have a "no refund" policy so we lost $700 Cdn...even though they did NOTHING but leave a mess.
They are not available by phone.
They are in the Ukraine and when they leave the office at 6pm their time zone, those of us on EST have a mere few hours to try and track them down.
The email communication lags are days...not hours. When they say, "yes, we can do that...", it actually means "No...we have no idea what we're doing".
They are using an old API system that most carts no longer use. will end up doing the migration yourself or paying another company to do it many, many weeks after you paid this disingenuous company!!

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from King of Vapes

Monday, November 16, 2015

I would rate ZERO stars If I could. I'll give you guys reading this one piece of advice; STAY AWAY!! These people completely wasted three days of my life with back and forth mandate questions and screenshot requests. And you will get bombarded with emails of employees asking you to repeat the same troubleshooting steps over and over again. Complete idiots. I hate to be disrespectful, but the fact that companies like this are in business is just plain'ol wrong. STAY AWAY!!!

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from Vent Software

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Plugin conflicted with another plugin and caused an eye sore on my production server. Do NOT download without thorough testing on a Development server!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Poor service won't refund or reply to emails

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from My Sexy Styles

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Where do I begin??? This HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST service and customer service I've EVER had in my life!! WHAT A JOKE!! DO NOT SPEND ONE PENNY IN THIS COMPANY!! I REPEAT DO NOT SPEND ONE PENNY!! I have not gone to bed the entire night for an entire week because they are in Ukraine and they want to make money with USA but don't have a knowledgeable staff that works in US hours!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE SCAM!!

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from Innerview Psychic Readings

Friday, July 17, 2015

I just spend a lot of time building a Wordpress online store to replace an old Joomla one. Cart2Cart has what they call a Demo Migration. I thought it would demonstrate what Cart2Cart was like to use and what the results would look like. Turns out it wiped out most of the work I had done and to have it fixed they have to get into my old and new sites, which I don't trust at all. Now I'm looking at redoing hours and hours of work. Cart2Cart is expensive and not worth beans. Zero stars.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

We are migrating our website from nopCommerce to Magento. The package we purchased is closed to $600. Cart2Cart asked for our live Magento install credentials and then simply mentioned "we'll get started soon". Despite my request of when they would be getting started they simpy responded with "as soon as possible". A couple of days in I attempt to access my Magento instance for development and it will not load - looks like they got started. Luckily my "live" magento wasn't live yet.

Their customer service is nonexistent. Per three request I make for status updates I get a response saying "our team is working on this and will provide you with the test import data when it is ready" when I asked for a timeframe (not an exact time mind you) they respond with "Sorry, we cannot provide an estimated time frame." However, they don't mind marking the job as urgent for you if you wish.

For the record, I have not sent an exhausting amount of update request to the project rep for Cart2Cart - so they have no reason to not respond. The only way I have been able to get someone to respond timely is by getting a chat representative on the case - who then connects me to someone who can't tell me anything.

I look forward to telling my CTO that I gave $600 dollars away to a company who won't provide an update and all that they've managed to do is migrate products (a small part of the project) with incorrect inventory.

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from StylisticsJapan

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We paid Cart2Cart for the service of migrating our shop from BigCartel to Shopify. In doing so, inventory numbers for all items were increased to 1,000 (rather than just 1 or 2). In contacting Cart2Cart to rectify the situation, they told us that the problem is something that can't be helped. Despite them admitting that the problem is an existing one that they are well aware of, they made no attempt to mention it on their site, before or after checkout. Furthermore, when we asked for a refund for the incorrect/incomplete service, their staff refused the refund and blamed us for not catching the inventory problem during the demo migration. It has been a long time since I have been this disgusted with a company.

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from Website Sales

Monday, March 24, 2014

Very disappointed with Cart2Cart service. I paid them $299 and they all I received was a run around. It has been over 6 months and they still will not make things right and I have spent hours on chasing them around. Looks like I can kiss my $299 goodbye.

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