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What is ComplianceQuest?

Cloud based quality & compliance Management (QMS) platform that streamlines quality, compliance, content and collaboration management across diverse, globally-based supply chain networks, using the worlds most proven enterprise cloud platform from Salesforce. ComplianceQuest accelerates manufacturers and distributors to accomplishing their most challenging quality, compliance and supplier management goals.

ComplianceQuest Key Features

Audit Management

CAPA/8D Management

Calibration Management

Change Management

Document Control

Nonconformance Management

Supplier Management

Training Management

Material Compliance Management

Customer Complaints/Regulatory Reporting

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16 Reviews

Last reviewed on
13 September 2019

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Verified Review

from IsoAid

As a long time life sciences Quality Systems professional and leader, I have been exposed to many different Quality System tools and implementations. Some of these implementations have been nightmares with timelines that drag on and resource drains that can never be regained. ComplianceQuest, however, stands tall in my experience as a true cloud based, SalesForce eQMS application that is quite ready to go, out of the box. With minor configuration and data migration, it is ready to fit any business model. Powerful analytics and real time collaboration is at your fingertips within weeks, not months or years! I have witnessed these transformations first hand and hands down, ComplianceQuest is above the rest!

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

from Continental

We have rolled-out CQ across our company to automate various elements of QMS requirements such as Document Management, Complaints, Non-conformances, Corrective Action (8D and A3), Supplier Management and Audit Management. We have been using the software for more than 2 years. We are glad to see how well the system is being used across the company. We have several thousand users on the system currently and working to scale the usage further. CQ solution has been configured to meet our needs, works elegantly across languages, across time zones, and business verticals. With integration between CQ and SAP to exchange critical data, the process automation provides a lot of productivity.

CQ configuration team and support have worked hard to ensure that our needs continue to be met. They consistently go above and beyond. We cannot be more pleased with our use of CQ QMS capabilities and would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a modern cloud based EQMS solution especially if you want a scalable EQMS solution.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

from coServe Solutions

Justifying as a 100% cloud based EQMS has been in sync to customer needs, extremely flexible, sleek and clean with a simple user interface as a key element. This solution has a variety of modules syncing the communication and transparency of data between various departments among the organization.
Compliance Quest is a tightly integrated EQMS powered by SALESFORCE as a winning combination. Supporting wide range of compliances, high degree of productivity, collaboration, efficiency and being cost-effective to the organisation are some of the significant highlights. Keeping in consideration of all the global quality standards, CQ serves as fit for use with minimum customizations to customers from various industries. Hands-on experience was intuitive leading to ease and comfort where Out of box solutions made the processes smooth.
CQ customer support to us is another factor that sets them apart with highly knowledgeable, skilled personnel. CQ ensured us to get onto the right track every time with their effective consultative approach which is always beyond what is expected with incredible timely response.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Verified Review

from USDM Life Sciences

The Best QMS on Salesforce

The team at ComplianceQuest has brought years of Quality experience and put it onto the world's best cloud platform. My company specializes in helping Life Sciences organizations with their quality processes, GxP, and maintaining compliance in the cloud and we have been extremely impressed when recommending and implementing ComplianceQuest for out customers.

The workflow with each module follows best practices that internal Quality teams can trust with Part 11 eSignature and audit trail, combined with the robust security and permissions provided on the Salesforce platform.

The support and expertise provided by ComplianceQuest along with their commitment to customer success is 5-star all the way.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

from Lin Engineering

CQ is great! We went live just a few weeks ago with Document and Training Management as well as CAPA. So far CQ has everything we need right out of the box. We received excellent training and were up and running in a very short time. Customer support is always there to help and answer questions. I have been involved with Document Control in various capacities for over 20 years and CQ has made my life so much easier. I highly recommend it. Try won't be sorry.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Verified Review

from Digi-Key Electronics

We went through a very detailed selection process when we decided to replace our other Quality Management System. Out of 17 vendors, ComplianceQuest (CQ) was the solution for us.

Began planning in April of 2017, implementing in May 2017 and went live with our first module the first part of September of 2017, with Document Management. We have since been adding modules one at a time. Currently working on our Audit Module, next will be Training Module which will provide eLearning (Scorm) content to the entire enterprise. We have several more modules to go after this, but i expect it to be as smooth as the first and look forward to our continued work together.

CQ has very highly skilled and knowledgeable people working on our project to make sure we have what we need and when it is needed. CQ is by far one of the best Quality Management Systems i have seen and or worked with. We liked the fact that it allowed for customization and configuration changes, but don't over think any of that. CQ's out of the box solution is great as it is. If your company has never had a Quality Management System, then it would be a good idea to go with their out of the box solution as it is almost perfect, if not perfect. We had a system in place when we purchased CQ so they helped us configure it so our employees understood it easily without to many changes. But most importantly they were able to take all of our data from the old system and pull it into the new system and we kept all of our historical records. They also helped us transfer all of our Historical Training records from 2 other system. At the end of our work together they will also be pulling all of our CAPA and Non Conformance's from yet another system, which i suspect will be an easy task for them.

Honestly i couldn't recommend a better system or a better group of people to work with. Keep up the good work CQ, we have a couple more years to go!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Verified Review

from Quality Consulting Group, LLC

CQ is an excellent choice to have all the QMS processes in one software. The system fully supports ISO 13485 compliance for Medical Device companies.
Some of the good things are:
-100% cloud-based
- Almost paperless Quality Management System.
- Excellent customer support
- Simple set up and implementation
- User friendly
- Efficiency and security.
- Accessible cost for small companies.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Verified Review

from Flipkart

Software Design to Deployment without a single piece of code!!!

Our experience with implementing Compliance Quest @ Flipkart has been nothing short of a wonder.

As the company project lead, I have had the privilege and hands on experience in Designing the System Architecture, Configure and Deploy it across the organization and the entire experience has been nothing short of GREAT…

While wearing the hat of System Admin, the most significant feature that I have experienced is the platform’s capability to design, configure/customize and deploy any workflow / module from the front end itself i.e. NO CODING REQUIRED at all.

The tool is so simple to use that we hardly reached out to CQ Support for any subsequent customizations and all Enhancements / Add-On’s were implemented In-House and enabled us to de-skill the System Admin role and assign it to people with good command on spreadsheet applications like MS Excel.

A true asset for the organization! 3 Cheers for team Compliance Quest.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Verified Review

from ITEK

ComplianceQuest: excellent solution for a paperless validated QMS

As a Life-Sciences manufacturing services startup, our company decided early on that a flexible, agile QMS was a must. We had a very clear set of requirements: cloud-based, cross-platform, mobile-enabled, paperless, e-signature capable.

After reviewing available solutions against these, only CQ met our needs. Right after the demo, we knew we had a winner. The implementation process was relatively smooth and our solution engineer was top notch. We went live a couple of months ago and recently aced through our first customer external audit.

If you are searching for a modern, flexible and powerful QMS solution for a forward-looking company, look no further: CQ is your answer.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

from Just Biotherapeutics

Compliance Quest delivers! I’ve been using Compliance Quest (CQ) for about 9 months and am extremely pleased with the product, the implementation team and ongoing support.

I selected CQ for a number of reasons. Functionality and a simple user interface were key requirements. CQ has all the functionality needed in support of a global QMS. Implementation includes; Document control, change order, personnel training, NC/CAPA, equipment management, supplier management, audit management, and customer complaints all on a single platform. As a small biologics company it was critical to find a single solution to meet our GMP quality system requirements. We wanted a cloud-based system, that would be quick to implement, that could be expanded globally and in other languages, all for a reasonable price. The user interface – it is exactly what I was hoping for. I constantly hear the staff saying, “I love CQ, it’s so straightforward to use”.

The implementation team has met all my expectations. The CQ product ‘out of the box’ meets the majority of my requirements. With some minor configurations we have developed QMS workflows that are highly efficient and robust. A risk-based validation plan also allowed us to move quickly through the foundational functions; Controlled Documents, Change Order, and Personnel. The implementation team offer many industry best practices as solutions to questions and are also highly competent in listening to your requirements and doing whatever is necessary to fulfill them.

Customer Support is incredibly timely in their responsiveness; addressing most questions or concerns within 24-48 hours, meanwhile communicating along the way.

We are extremely happy with our selection and highly recommend Compliance Quest.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

from OriGen Biomedical

CQ is a great eQMS solution that has been a powerful addition to our organization. We have implemented Controlled Documents, Change Orders and Equipment so far with more modules to come. There is a new level of visibility across the entire QMS system that is both elegant and user friendly. The ability to modify the user interface for familiar terms and fields has increased user buy-in and made training much smoother. The responsiveness of the CQ team has been incredible. You couldn't ask for a better partner.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

from Medica Diagnostics

As the Director of Quality for a diagnostic company, I was entrusted with the responsibility of finding a QMS platform for our ISO and Healthcare compliance. Between IT and Quality, we unanimously selected CQ platform. After evaluating close to 10 different applications extensively, we chose CQ Platform for our QMS requirements.

CQ did not let us down. The power behind the application and our success is the following:
1. Configuration to our liking: The application can be tailored to make a process as simple or as complex as we wanted. This ability allowed us to make the application work for a specific process in the way that our process owners needed.
2. Social Collaboration: The application's unique feature of social collaboration was simply amazing. We have not seen this capability with any other QMS vendor. The Social Collaboration feature allowed us to set-up collaboration channels across locations, departments and product lines. We can now ask an expert from another location for advice or assign a task as part of a process rather than relying on out dated communication models. Our CAPA or Change process quality has improved dramatically. Before CQ, the sharing or collaboration of information across locations was almost non-existent.
3. Reporting: Clearly the best out there. CQ has a very good reporting platform. Creation of reports is easy and elegant. The report scheduling feature has saved us a lot of time running and delivering reports to managers a breeze. I have used some of the established QMS applications in the past. Usually, we have to revert to Crystal Reports or invest in expensive reporting tools after the QMS platform was deployed. The cost savings with this alone was more than what we paid for the CQ platform.
4. Customer Service: CQ's attitude of customer comes first rings true in every aspect of their dealings with us. They are there regardless of what the issues were and worked with us to address them promptly.

I am now a big believer in CQ platform. I will root for their success as it has been a long time since I found a company with not only a strong product but very good customer service.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

from Lucid

We have been using ComplianceQuest application QMS platform for sometime now. Application is impressive. Works as shown. It is easy to configure, manage and use.

We use their Document Control, Training, CAPA, Audit and Equipment Management solutions. Our users (management, mid level and customer facing personnel) have embraced the application well. The roll-out was smooth and went as planned.

We went from a manual system to automated system. They had cautioned us to take it slow and ensure that the adoption for the first couple of processes were solid before going live with the rest of the processes. Their advise was spot on.

One thing that stands out about ComplianceQuest is that their customer service is excellent. They are there for you all the way. I wish all of our applications worked and was supported as well as ComplianceQuest!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

from Lucid

We recently began using ComplianceQuest system for Document Control and Training Management requirements. My company uses the application for other processes as well. But since my job function is focused on managing the document control and training functions, my review is limited to this.

The software is easy to use. With little to no training, I was able to team learn what we needed to do and also develop training materials for the company employees to learn. We went from a paper based system to an automated system in less than a week. The application is fast and ensures that we enter valid information which makes reporting a lot easier.

The reporting function within compliancequest application is amazing. It is so easy to create new reports. Reports that my management want now can be produced in a few minutes. If needed, I can even export them to excel and format them to my liking.

The controlled document module works elegantly. The search feature finds the docs fast. The library feature allows for documents to be grouped logically. The document training matrix that the system constructs removes a large part of our training headache. The document approval process is easy to configure either by a policy definition or using the ad-hoc approval assignment. My management likes the ability to review and approve using their mobile or tablet device. Also, any outstanding training that is past due is now easily visible and I can take the relevant action.

I love the Social Collaboration feature within the software which allows the employees to chat with me or with the relevant authors to ask questions in either real-time or through posts about documents. This Social Collaboration capability alone has helped me and my organization to speed the document release process as the knowledge imparted to one employee is visible to others.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

from Zon Motors

We chose ComplianceQuest to address our ISO 9000 compliance and Continuous Improvement needs. Our criteria was that the software should be cloud based, address the ISO 9000 requirements well, easy to implement, accessible from anywhere and also from any device. I must say that after looking at over 20 different QMS platforms, CQ provided the best value for money. CQ is the only platform in the market place that has a strong mobile strategy and this allows our field sales, services teams to be connected to our QMS initiative with little to no effort.
We chose to implement CQ’s Nonconformance Management, CAPA Management, Document Management and Related Training, Audit and Supplier Management. My management was truly impressed with the speed at which we got the implementation finished and also how easy it was to use the solution. I have used competing platforms in the past, CQ has been by-far the easiest and cheapest in the market place. Customer service is by far the best. They are there for me. To be honest, I have not had any technical support issues, but they were eager to help me through the implementation and the nice thing is that they never nickelled and dimed me when it came to implementation cost.
Thanks to my boss for introducing me to this company. I started being a doubter and CQ staff has made me a believer out of them.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

from Medica Diagnostics

We looked at a number of solutions for our needs including some of the so called been in the market for a long time and prominent solutions before selecting ComplianceQuest (CQ) platform for our QMS needs. We have on our staff who have used other QMS solutions from the past and they keep saying to me that CQ platform, is hands down, the most advanced in the market and also very simple to use. ComplianceQuest uses the SalesForce technology and thus our deployment on the cloud was quick and we were live with our process configuration in a few weeks from signing up for the service.

When we signed up, we were concerned as to how much we need to know platform. We realized quickly, we did not need to know anything about SalesForce platform and it was one of the easiest platform to learn. Very intuitive. CQ applications also have cleverly leveraged the SalesForce platform's Social capabilities through out the solution to make collaboration between us and our supply chain partners a breeze.

The CQ team has been amazing to work with. They were there for us night and day. We have operations in several countries and we were supported by their US and off-shore team and we could not have been happier with their service levels.

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