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Cora Systems

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What is Cora Systems?

Cora is a worldwide leader in providing enterprise project and portfolio management solutions to global organizations and government agencies, such as Honeywell, PwC, City of London and the UK’s National Health Service.

Cora is a proven foundation for the delivery of projects and programs, digital transformation and strategic objectives. Fully digitizing program and project lifecycles, providing powerful insights, empowering decision-making, and streamlining governance and reporting. Every day, across more than 50 countries, over $20 billion worth of projects are managed on the Cora platform.

Powering best-practice enterprise PPM

Cora PPM is a platform to deliver global consistency, powerful insights, total control and enterprise-wide visibility.

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Cora Systems Key Features

Project Management Software

Risk Management

Gantt Chart

Resource Management

Capacity Management

Document Markup


Benefits Realization

Progress Management

Portfolio Planning

What is Cora Systems?

Cora Systems Support & Customer Service

We take the time to understand your world and configure our inherently flexible platform to fit your specific methodologies and systems.

  • Your Cora journey will be guided by a senior implementation manager, one with both deep PPM and sectoral experience.
  • On-Line Training Course
  • In-person Education and Training
  • Dedicated Support Team

Cora Systems Product Details

Cora PPM contains a comprehensive suite of functionality that provides the strategic capabilities to optimize capacity, analyze scenarios, track benefits, inform all stakeholders and integrate across the enterprise. The platform acts as the bedrock for delivering major transformation programs.

Complete Enterprise Project & Program Management Cora PPM provides the control, governance and insight required to identify, prioritize and authorize extensive enterprise portfolios that align to strategy and deliver ROI.

Digitize & Streamline Business Processes Cora PPM digitizes all your portfolio, program and project processes, surfacing information when, where and how it’s needed. Transform the way you manage your program lifecycle, providing the transparency, intelligence and decision-making capability to drive change across your enterprise.

Integrate, Centralize & Consolidate Cora PPM acts as a single point of entry for all project data and facilitates easy integration with any enterprise technology architecture. Providing you with an immediate, consolidated view of all your project portfolios and deliverables. Complete visibility and insight are acquired through instant information “roll-up”, linking top-down goals with bottom-up contributions of each and every initiative.

Swift Enterprise Deployments Accelerate time to market and improve return on investment by leveraging best-practice implementation supported by our team of experts.

Mapped to Your Processes Cora PPM is configured to each client’s specific business processes, and we are methodology agnostic – we’ll tailor the platform and the templates to fit your chosen project methodology be it Agile, PMBOK, PRINCE2 or other.

Connecting Strategy with Execution Select and manage the optimum set of strategically-aligned project initiatives and to deliver the maximum business value by making the right investment decisions and allocating the most profitable use of resources

Cora Systems Free Trial Information

Our free trial will enable you to experience what Cora PPM has to offer. After submitting a request at a dedicated Consultant will be assigned to guide you through all that Cora PPM has to offer. They will keep in regular contact throughout your 14 day trial. During the trial you will receive access to a site containing generic project data. If you decide to take your interest in Cora PPM further samples of your project data and processes will be used in further discussions. Find out more at

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Cora Systems Reviews



32 Reviews

Last reviewed on
07 February 2022

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Monday, November 22, 2021

“Excellent company to work with”

Pros: Easy to use, good tutorials, you will never run out of things to do with Cora.

Cons: Nothing negative - loaded with features need to remember to keep in touch with Cora to make sure you take advantage of all current and future features,

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Friday, October 29, 2021

“Great top to bottom PPM system”

Overall: Excellent at all times

Pros: Functions for every part of Programe portfolio project and Strategic management

Cons: Nothing I don't like - each time something is wanted, they build it

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Monday, October 4, 2021

Overall: The use of Cora PPM has added a huge level of transparency to a number of hitherto 'invisible' processes that has afforded the realisation of benefits in terms of cost savings, greater productivity and more focused and reliable reporting.

Pros: The Cora PPM platform is extremely flexible and scalabe, and configuration and customisation is possible by a proficient user, allowing maximum use of the platform. The layout is simple to understand with minimal bloatware.

Cons: At times speed can be an issue, but this most likely more due to local internet speed rather than the platform itself. It is the problem that any cloud based software encounters from time to time.

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Monday, September 20, 2021

“Cora PPM is indispensable when organizing projects and daily tasks”
Overall: No matter if we are in or out of the office, Cora PPM works perfectly with an integrated messaging to consult project progress. We add and design our virtual whiteboard in the way that makes it easier for us to work.

Pros: We organize tasks in groups and individuals to have each project present in a single page with drop-down columns, Cora PPM is an intuitive tool for workgroups to organize easily and quickly. With Cora PPM the progress is fast in your company's projects, it has a free trial so you can confirm if its features are what your company needs and adapt it to your colleagues to make their work and communication easier.

Cons: One of the disadvantages of using Cora PPM is when a project has many notes, because it is difficult for the whole team to visualize all the progress that it has completely and makes us lose the thread of the project we are working on.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A very good experience that makes a recommendation to others very simple and easy. The transparency and versatility of the platform make it a very strong choice. Coupled with an easy-going yet very experienced Customer Success Team makes Cora stand out among its competitors.

Transparency of process Configuration options particularly by the user themselves Versatility and adaptability of the platform Clear and friendly communications across the board.

The waterfall structure adds in additional projects that can confuse.

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Friday, September 3, 2021

I'm working with ProjectVision and now with CORA PPM for a couple of years and I'm very satisfied with the Product, the Support and cooperation with the Vendor. The only week area that I see is in the area of reporting.

*What do you like most about the product or service?*
Easy to use and does what we need in the Business.

*Why did you purchase this product or service?*
Improve compliance & risk management
Improve business process agility
Improve business process outcomes
Enhance decision making
Create internal/operational efficiencies
Cost management

*What were the key factors that drove your decision?*
Product functionality and performance
Strong services expertise
Pre-existing relationships
Overall cost

*Which other vendors did you consider in your evaluation?*

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Friday, August 6, 2021

Overall: Accessible and easy flexible solution to easily manage various project, generate reports and collaborate with other team members.
Pros: The reporting functionalities are active and the capacity optimization capability offered its fantastic. Benefit and financial tracking functions are also amazing and useful and the integration support is good. Coordination for the various members its great and the scenario analytics option is reliable.
Cons: No any detected issue on the software functionality. Platform is easy to get familiar and start easy project management.

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Monday, August 2, 2021

Overall: Excellent, the functionality is exceptional, and the customer support from the sales to technical staff is fast and comprehensive.

Pros: The functionality is very configurable and the range of approaches extensive.

Cons: Need to identify the minimum functionality necessary before building the solution out. Functionality can be added as the customer becomes more experience.

Reasons for Choosing Cora PPM: The functionality and integration with Smart Forms allows for a detailed project overview alongside the comprehensive functional elements e.g. Gantt, Risk Actions and Finance.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Cora PPM provides a truly exception list of programme and project management features alongside an unparalleled approach to strategic portfolio management which other products skim over or omit entirely. Where there are any elements of the product which require further work and development the team at Cora PPM respond quickly and have a lightning-fast development cycle ensuring features and fixes come thick and fast.
Cora PPM has an exceptional balance between configurability without sacrificing ease of use and user friendly interfaces. Other products veer either towards complete configurability, sacrificing the user experience or prioritising a perceived or actual user experience which does not work for all users.
Cora is perfectly balanced in the middle, hugely configurable by in house super users, which means we can make Cora do what we want when we want.

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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Overall: Less duplication of project documentation due to registers being highly effective for data entry, tracking, and reporting. Cora PPM portfolio reporting is excellent. Cora are very proactive in their roadmap for future development and enhancements which I mind very important. My feedback has been listened to and acted on which I value

Pros: Cora made the implementation process very easy. Working through a number of workshops with my team and I. They took into account our specific requirements, processes, and terminology and help customize the system exactly to what we required. The dashboard and registers are the best of any competing product in terms of ease of adding and reporting on them. IT has the best cross-portfolio reporting that I have used. All these features are very intuitive.

Cons: It's project planner could do with more functionality as it isn't as rich as MS project. It could do with more exporting options of Project plans.

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