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Dream Tekis Software Pvt Ltd is a brainchild of Rani Paruchuri, a Graduate in Computer Science & Engineering. She has twenty two plus years of rich experience in the field of Information Technology. She served Intel Technologies for several years prior to founding Dream Tekis. Also she served as a corporate trainer for top MNCs like Oracle & Accenture. She is an enduring industrialist, idealistic, and a promising technologist.
The 21st century is often remarked as an epochal (era) time in the life of humans. On the one hand they stand mesmerized by the developments in almost every sphere of their life and on the other, perplexed almost in a state of difficulty with all the debacle and debris around them with the onset of a postmodern and a globalized world. At this juncture one realizes the significance of being flexible, tolerant and inclusive in the multi-faceted and pluralistic world marked by malice, strife and dehumanization. While technology makes us more effective and sharper we need to make use of it. In this multicultural and multi-religious world, one needs the courage to take risks, inspire and motivate, and build new strategic partnerships to address global challenges for better todays and tomorrows. Insurance helps us to be on safer sides as the risk of loss is insured and we are in the safer zone.
“Un-expectancy” is a reality of life; we are unaware of what future has in store for us. Even if you're in good health, an unexpected illness or grievance could require you to pay an extra if you don't have insurance.
Insurance has turn out to be a noteworthy profitable force in most developed countries. Companies buy insurance to cover their staffs against on-the-job injuries and health problems. Companies also insure their assets, including technology used in production against loss and stealing. Since it makes business processes safer, coverage encourages commerce to make financial dealings, which benefits the economies of countries.
Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.Insurance became more sophisticated and specialized in the modern society.Insurance can have various effects on society through the way that it changes. On one hand it can increase fraud; on the other it can help societies and individuals prepare for disasters and mitigate the effects of disasters on both households and societies.

Methods of insurance
1. Co-insurance – risks shared between insurers
2. Dual insurance – risks having two or more policies with same coverage
3. Self-insurance – situations where risk is not transferred to insurance companies and solely retained by the entities
4. Reinsurance – situations when Insurer passes some part of or all risks to another Insurer called Reinsurer.

Dream Tekis Software Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 5th 0f Jan 2006, with an almost limitless enthusiasm and is a company driven by passion for Quality, Valuable Customers, Achievement and Entrepreneurship. Dream Tekis Software Pvt. Ltd is an insurance based IT company that builds core insurance enterprise products. With the tri-plans of ‘Soham Insurance Based Products’, we have made a transformation in this sector. Our products are a helping hand to many Insurance companies around the globe. Dream Tekis provide insurance software solutions for the upcoming Insurance sector and also the existing companies. Insurance is very important to everybody because it protects us from unseen dangers of the future. We support different sectors of insurance such as General Insurance, Life Insurance, And Medical Insurance and Re Insurance. Whether it is insurance for vehicle, building, business property, equipment, inventory or accidents, Dream Tekis offer products and services to protect it all.
Our vision is to be a widely recognized as trustworthy insurance based IT Company for providing high quality software applications with best services that can enable better business for our clients.We fusion up with the Best People, Valuable Customers, Achievement, Entrepreneurship and Quality.
Dream Tekis Software Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2006, with an almost limitless enthusiasm. Dream Tekis Software Pvt. Ltd, a software products company that builds core insurance enterprise products. With the tri-plans of ‘Soham Insurance Based Products’, we have made a transformation in this sector. Our products are a helping hand to many Insurance companies around the globe. And in 2015-2016 our product SOHAM RE went live. By seeing our huge performance we have been awarded by CIO Review Magazine as the COMPANY OF YEAR and our CEO, RANI PARUCHURI was also covered in the Magazine for having innovative and wonderful insurance management solutions.
In earlier days we used to provide solutions through web based applications gradually our CEO dint keep herself Idol. Instead she thought of providing solutions through Mobile App.

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Dream Tekis Software
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from Agent

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Very good Insurance based software company. Dream Tekis gonna Rock in the future days. Guyz never think for a second option. You are at the right place.

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