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What is ElasticRoute?

"ElasticRoute is a heuristic based route planning and optimization algorithm that solves the vehicle routing problem for large fleets with high speed."

A product of Detrack Systems, ElasticRoute was officially launched in March 2019.

ElasticRoute is a heuristic based route planning and optimization algorithm that solves the vehicle routing problem for all fleets regardless of size, with the edge of speed, scalability and the capability to produce natural cluster-based routes.

From field services, to construction, to waste & recycling management. From postal services to food & beverage delivery, to a wide range of logistics services. We help businesses all over the world produce the most optimized routes for their operational needs.

What is ElasticRoute’s edge?

For decades, scientists have turned to using heuristic algorithms to make route planning even possible for practical use i.e. complete planning in time for dispatch, albeit with varying degrees of success. The truth is, solving the challenge of route planning is really about tackling scale. Good algorithms should be able to produce plans fast, no matter if the fleet is big or small.

Unfortunately, even with the use of heuristics, most algorithms struggle to scale as the time required to complete planning tend to grow exponentially with the number of stops required to be routed in a single plan.

This is where ElasticRoute comes in.

We’ve invented Elgo, a heuristic algorithm that is able to reduce the polynomial time required to plan routes into linear time i.e. one that doesn’t grow exponentially with the number of stops. And not just that, it’s impossibly fast.

Here’s what we are talking about: 1,000 stops in 90 seconds. 6,000 stops in under 10 minutes.

And we are only getting started.

Our goal is to make route planning Fast, Scalable, and Affordable so that dispatchers around the world will no longer need to bear the pain of manual route planning for another day, ever again.

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ElasticRoute Key Features

Generate estimated time of arrival (ETA)

Includes geo-coding of addresses

Multiple depots

Time windows settings

Produces job sequences number

Cluster based algorithm

Topography awareness

Fast route scheduling and planning (VRP)

Works well even for large fleets

Considers vehicle weight, volume

What is ElasticRoute?

ElasticRoute Product Details

ElasticRoute uses its own proprietary heuristic based algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem (VRP) efficiently and at an unsurpassed speed, enabling businesses worldwide to benefit from fast and efficient automated route planning and optimization.

Taking a mere 90 seconds to plan 1,000 stops, the routes produced are also cluster-based instead of ones produced by more common radial or greedy route planning algorithm. Cluster-based routes have the advantage of being “natural”, mimicking how a human will plan.

ElasticRoute saves time as it requires little or no manual adjustments of the planned routes, leveraging on drivers’ locale familiarity, while paving the way for a seamless customer experience that can only come from drivers actually following the routes planned for them.

With ElasticRoute, businesses worldwide (even those with massive fleets) are now equipped with the agility to deal with challenges like unplanned changes, or last-minute additions to their delivery plans that are commonplace in field service or logistics operations.

ElasticRoute also caters to a wide range of factors during the route planning process, like time windows, multiple depots, rush hour traffic buffers, load, zones, maximum stops per route planned, service time, loading time, driver working hours and more.

Besides creating job sequence numbers for every run displayed on the map, ElasticRoute is also able to generate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for all stops as well.

An open API that’s readily available to the public also allows ElasticRoute to be seamlessly integrated with other solutions. Businesses are able to conveniently use the route planning solution together with existing workflows and systems, eliminating the need to work on separate solutions.

ElasticRoute Pricing

It is free to use the SaaS cloud version of ElasticRoute including the API until 30th April 2020. For companies with less than 1,000 stops in a single plan, you can start using the system right away. To prevent abuse, for companies with more than 1,000 stops, please send in an email at [email protected] to let us know your expected volume, your company name and some other details for verification purposes and we will open up the require volume for your account, without any charge.

Actual pricing will be released a minimum of 6 months before 30th April 2020. Early active users of ElasticRoute will be put on a discounted tier when charging starts.

ElasticRoute Free Trial Information

The full version of ElasticRoute is available for testing without the restrictions of having to enter into a trial or be limited by a set time period for testing. Once you sign up, you are free to start testing and using the system without having to input any credit card details or enter into any trial agreements.

Countries ElasticRoute Services Available In

From Singapore to San Fransisco, ElasticRoute provides you the most optimized routes wherever you are in the world.

ElasticRoute Support & Customer Service

Comprehensive and easy-to-read tutorials are available on the ElasticRoute's website. The tutorials cover a wide range of topics and are always up to date, with more added regularly.

Can't find what you're looking for?

ElasticRoute boasts a dedicated support team made up of members who are committed to ensure the best possible ElasticRoute experience for users.

ElasticRoute offers 24/7 email support, which is the best way to contact the team. Send enquiries to [email protected] for a swift response.

Alternatively, the Singapore-based team can be reached by phone (+65 6844 0509) between 9am - 5pm (GMT+8) on Mondays to Fridays.

However, support for ElasticRoute is only available in English at the moment.

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