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from Merkel

Monday, February 26, 2018

I have worked with Enet for a number of years on more than one website project. With each project they have delivered an excellent website and have spent time with my staff teaching them how to manage it. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to build a new website.

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from World of Reading, Ltd.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I hired them to redo our website and for SEO. 2 years later we STILL had lower traffic than before I hired them. They switched our website to a Magento platform and were not expert enough with Magento - there were numerous issues and the last 3 months they did not charge me because they had not delivered the results they promised. We switched to another company and are MUCH happier. I am sorry, but these people do not deliver what they promise.

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from MG Golf Towels

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I just wanted to take a very much needed long moment to let you all know about my experience with ENet Technologies. I contacted ENet after finding them on the web. Our company is located in California and they are in Texas. It must be noted that we started our website with a different organization about 2 years ago and to be honest we were initially happen with what they had accomplished. In between there were a few other web developer companies who we hired to make improvements here and there. During this time we had some deep frustration which only led to a deep skepticism with all and any web developer. I got to point were i typed in Google "Why is it so hard to find a good Web Developer". I read countless articles stating that most of these guys don't have the equal level of technical skill with vision. Thinking back the people we hired were part technical and some had vision and vice versa. So when I phoned ENet I think my skepticism was at the highest point. When I place the call a very thorough gentleman picked up the phone by the name of George Bogle. This guy had the customer service of a 5 Star 5 Diamond hotel. He listened intently to my goals while searching our website with me over the phone. He must have taken diligent notes because at the end of our conversation George repeated the whole entire thing back to me. He stated, "Ok after I get off the phone with you the next steps will this and that. He told me that Julie would call me to take the initial payment to start the job. within 5 minutes my phone range and a very warm voice, who was Julie, said hello and processed seamless payment. She ended the call with "Thank you for your trust in us, and your are good hands. Initially I was like yeah right that what all these crazy lazy developer companies say. 10 minutes later I received a phone call from one of the Senior developers Rick Mark just as George said would happen in our original conversation. Rick had some preliminary notes from George and our conversation he filled in the gaps. I swear within 24 hours the improvements were well underway and the site had a night and day presentation. Rick Mark sent very frequent emails asking how I like the improvements we also got on few calls and within 5 days our site is fantastic. ENet and their team went way above the call of duty. The service provided from this establishment is A and they are more than worth the money. They will have my business and my recommendation from anyone who asks me about Web Development. I highly appreciate there service and professionalism. Thank you all very much such a solid unit of people

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from Destira Inc

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Working with ENet feels good. You don’t feel like a number in a big company but rather that you get personalized service and that your account manager knows you and your business. Rick helps us to drive forward new marketing innovations, and reports on hits and misses to continuously improve.
We have seen great results in increased organic traffic to our website, and are currently working together to drive revenue through paid media experimentation on social media.
From building content such as articles for our blog, a new contest for email acquisitions, domain sharing in social media, or ensuring new modules are set up properly to maximize rankings; the ENet team is helping us expand our digital marketing effort; to grow our brand, traffic and revenue.

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from Advanced Marine Service, LLC

Friday, July 25, 2014

Enet has taken care of all my website needs for many years. They do a great job of keeping my site coming up on the first page of both Google and Bing for my services. If I need things done such as changes to my site I send an email and it gets done in a timely matter.

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from Markham Law Firm

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Until we hired ENet, our site was more or less "unfindable" on the Web. I couldn't find it myself using different search terms! Within a very short time ENet developed and put into place a strategy that has transformed our site into one that appears prominently on many search engines under the search categories that matter most to our business, and I have every reason to think that our site's prominence will only continue to improve over the long run. These guys are skilled professionals. They are the real thing!

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from Sliding Rock Cabins

Monday, March 31, 2014

Jerri and I, at Sliding Rock Cabins, would like to take a moment to thank all of you at Enet Technologies for the exceptional service we've received over the years. A number of years ago, after realizing the limitation of our marketing approach, to being the premier pet friendly cabin rental company, we sought the help of a professional Search Engine Optimization company. After interviewing quite a few, we selected what we considered to be the premier SEO/Website Company, Enet Technologies. Everything from your professional, yet personal support, to the hosting of our website, has made us firm believers....We absolutely made the right choice. We've seen our small company go from a dozen cabins to over 40, with nearly 20,000 happy guests over the years. And a lot of that exposure credit goes to you all and your team. And as an aside, we can't wait to get started on the development of the new "professional looking" website. Sure it'll be a hit..! Thanks again for everything.

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from Hymbas

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

These guys will fraudulently take your money and produce poor results. We have spent thousands of dollars with them and over 2 yrs not once did they come close to getting our rankings up to a good standing. Every time there was a major set back they would give excuses and say we are working on it. They charged us thousands up front costs AND then a large monthly fee. DONT USE THEM.

Response from ENet Technologies:
12 October 2015 at 22:07

After satisfactorily serving thousands of clients over 19 years; we regret this client is dissatisfied with us and have expended significant efforts to earn their satisfaction.

Here is our explanation of what transpired:


Hymbas was an SEO client of ENet for close to 2 years
All of our SEO clients are on a month to month program and can terminate service at any time with a simple 30 day notice.
The length of time Hymbas remained with us could be considered as validation that they were satisfied with our service for at least some period of time.
It’s common industry knowledge that in 2013 Google released the Panda/Penguin updates that shook the SEO industry.
SEO practices that had worked for years were no longer valid.
At ENet, approximately 40% of our clients were negatively affected by these updates.
We communicated with these clients explaining Google’s updates and what strategy changes they needed to make.
We offered many clients including Hymbas, free months of service in order to help them make the transition.
Hymbas received 4 free months of SEO service from us along with recommendations of what needed to change on their website and offsite.
Hymas did not want to make any changes to their site, claiming that both their customers and they loved their site and it didn’t need to change.
Because we could not get the needed changes implemented, in spite of our efforts the search ranking continued to drop.
Consequently we were forced to stop offering the free service.
Upset with the outcome, the client posted negative reviews on the web.

In the past, our position has been “not to respond to these complaints online” as the responses tend to be messy and simply perpetuate the matter. As reviews become more popular we believe it is time to rethink that position.

We would welcome the opportunity to satisfy this client.

ENet Customer Service Team

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from Point Loma Electric

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Buyer beware. This company does not stand behind their work or deliver what they promise but boy can the owner double talk a blue streak. They installed a theme on my website which was not secure and it got hacked. They didn't back up the database before modifying our business website. Rather than make things right, they point fingers and blame everyone else. Spoke to the owner and all he had to say is "not our fault". Lots of arguing- definitely a "the customer is always wrong" company. I spent $1500 and now have no website to speak of. 3 independent sources told me the hack came in through the theme they installed. Now I have to hire another company to fix the mess enet left behind. Signing up with this company was the biggest mistake our company has ever made. They have harmed our business. Avoid

Response from ENet Technologies:
12 October 2015 at 21:59

With satisfactorily serving thousands of clients over our 19 years; we regret this client is dissatisfied with us and have expended significant efforts to earn their satisfaction.
In fact, there is strong evidence that we did satisfy Jamie Dent of Point Loma Electric, even though her negative reviews have not been removed.

Here is our explanation of what transpired:

Point Loma Electric

The client purchased SEO services from our company.
She claimed the salesman promised to combine the content of 2 existing websites into one and install a new design template.
While none of this extra work was mentioned in the signed proposal, we agreed internally to perform the work in order to satisfy the client.
Six weeks after the design work was completed, their site was hacked with a virus on its GoDaddy servers.
The client contacted us about “unauthorized text” appearing on their webpages; we investigated the matter and explained they had been hacked.
We removed the visible effects from her web pages and explained that the hacker’s point of entry had to be found or the problem would reoccur.
The client was simply happy that the visible signs were gone.
Approximately a week or so later, the virus reappeared on the client’s web pages and we were recontacted.
We repaired the effected pages a second time and gave the client a $500 estimate to find the source of the hack and remove it.
The client’s position was that we were the last ones to touch her website and the problem was our fault.
Our position was that the hack was unrelated to our work and would require some effort to identify and close the hacker’s point of entry.
The client went on a campaign of attacks; this included contacting the BBB, several review sites and numerous calls to our staff.
The client claimed that she had contacted 3 other professional companies who all concurred, the hack was ENet’s fault and that we had actually installed it within the bad design code we used.
Speaking with the client, we tried to no avail to explain the problem was not caused by us, we could fix it, however it would incur a cost of around $500.
The client was clearly upset and said she would hire one of the other companies to fix the issue and wanted us to refund her fees.
Approximately, a week later the client recontacted us stating the other companies could not fix the problem and sincerely asked for our help.
By this time we had become aware of the BBB complaint and several poor review posts.
We offered to fix the virus issue at no charge plus write-off a $795 debt balance, in exchange for closing the BBB complaint against us and removing the negative reviews.
The client agreed.
We cleaned every aspect of her website which included rebuilding the WordPress database and replacing several plugins. The issue was resolved and to our knowledge has never reoccurred.
The client did contact the BBB to report the issue had been resolved. However, the client did not remove the negative reviews and has ignored all our requests to do so.

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