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What is eWay-CRM?

eWay-CRM is a solution integrated into the familiar environment of your Outlook from Microsoft. Manageable through a variety of modules, it extends your Outlook to oversee all aspects of your company.

It allows you to track sales, merge e-mails, manage projects, save communications, set up auto-reminders and much more to elevate your established processes.

eWay-CRM® works even offline, all data is automatically synchronized after going online. Available also for iOS and Android phones.

Hosted cloud monthly subscription is available.

We are constantly striving to accommodate industry expectations when it comes to the availability of affordable SAAS CRM solutions for SMBs and Corporates.

You can use our eWay-CRM Free version for single users, alternatively you can try our 30 day Trial of eWay-CRM Premium for multiple users.

eWay System is proud to be ranked in the Top 20 of “Most Affordable CRM Solutions” by Capterra, an independent software review platform.

Be effective! With eWay-CRM in Outlook.

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eWay-CRM Key Features

Effective CRM in Outlook

What is eWay-CRM?

eWay-CRM Pricing

Everyone’s needs are unique. Choose what is best for you.

Free? Monthly subscribtion? Lifetime license?


Countries eWay-CRM Services Available In

eWay-CRM is globally available.

eWay-CRM Support & Customer Service

Remote personel support in English is provided from Europe and USA.

Choose the option which you like - email, chat or phone.

eWay-CRM Product Details

Turn Microsoft Outlook into a great CRM tool using eWay-CRM.

UNCOVER THE FULL POTENTIAL OF OUTLOOK Manage customer relationships. Track projects and tasks. Work as a team.

Access clients, projects, business opportunities and customer communications right from our CRM for Outlook.

Single workspace. Collect, organize and share all of the information important to your business with software you already use.

Microsoft Outlook for Teams. Make e-mails, calendar events, notes and documents immediately available to your team.


eWay-CRM looks and feels familiar to you because we made eWay-CRM a part of Microsoft Outlook.

The fact eWay-CRM is embedded right into Outlook helps us reduce the learning curve of your team members. They don’t need to learn anything new. eWay-CRM looks exactly like Microsoft Outlook. Everything you already know works here as well.


As you convert an email to the lead / project, eWay-CRM automatically captures the contact information and files the email so that the information you need is at your fingertips.

eWay-CRM is full of such small surprises that save your time. Explore our Outlook CRM by yourself.


As you convert an email to the lead / project, eWay-CRM automatically captures the contact information and files the email so that the information you need is at your fingertips.

eWay-CRM is full of such small surprises that save your time. Explore our Outlook CRM by yourself.

With Professional Email Campaigns, you have mass email feature embedded right in your CRM software.

How about one tool where you can keep all your customer database? You can easily filter recipient by any criteria, use them to build a marketing campaign and send a professional bulk email. Besides, eWay-CRM can:

Collect feedback and track responses Send attachments Send emails even if your Outlook is closed Link your cam

eWay-CRM Free Trial Information

Choose a free version of free trial of premium version for one month.

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eWay-CRM Reviews



245 Reviews

Last reviewed on
29 October 2021

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Friday, October 29, 2021

“eWay is cool”

Overall: excellent support, understanding customer needs
Pros: Impactfull - plugin Outlook, Quick synchronization, Easy user setting

Cons: nothing, we have to pay for it?............

Reasons for Switching to eWay-CRM: anabix is simple but not powerful. they promised to add functions for several years, but never supplemented them

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

“Tied at the Hip with Outlook”

Overall: I've deployed eWay with 2 of our 3 salesmen. Still trying to get a feel for full extent to which we will utilize it. Eventually, will deploy it to the newer, third salesman -- but not sure that he will utilize. I was disappointed with custom report capability (without SQL programming), but when I learned to use the filters, my needs were met (for now). eWay offered to do the custom programming for a fee, but the bennefit didn't justify the cost. Overall, I appreciate the close integration with Outlook and, at the end of the day, that is what prompted me to select eWay over other alternatives.

Pros: We absolutely wanted (and found) an add-in to Outlook that would prompt for Sales Lead association upon sending an email. We can go about our normal business and it will prompt us for association -- as long as the contact is in the database.

Cons: Cost is higher than expected....but partly because I have to pay for extra storage.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

“The best BCM replacement available”

Overall: I was hesitant to use eWay since I had never heard of them, but I made the move with the free version to test it and then to the premium version almost immediately because it really fills the needs for my business. The before and after sales support are beyond excellent. I know this sounds like a paid review, but it isn't, the service is just excellent and I have recommended it to other small business owners I know.

Pros: I especially appreciate the direct integration in Outlook. I replaced the discontinued Microsoft BCM software with eWay CRM and had I known about it earlier I would have changed earlier. eWay CRM is far better in many ways.

Cons: I have not really encountered any real cons, but I really wish they would implement a timer in the call history journal to make things a bit easier when tracking calls. The current method is fine, but a timer would make eWay CRM just about perfect for me.

Reasons for Switching to eWay-CRM: BCM

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Friday, October 22, 2021

“The tool we needed at a reasonable investment”

Overall: I am completely happy with eWay. I used Business Contact Manager for years, as I have fairly simple requirements. When it was no longer available for Outlook, I looked at many CRM offerings. I am happy that I selected eWay and am also happy with the support I've received when I had a question or unusual need.

Pros: Easy to integrate and use. Fulfills our requirements at a reasonable cost.

Cons: I have no complaints about eWay CRM or their support.

Reasons for Choosing eWay-CRM: It provided the functionality I needed, worked within Outlook, and was priced right.

Reasons for Switching to eWay-CRM: Business Contact Manager was no longer available.

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

“The Best CRM for Outlook”

Overall: Thanks to the eWay-CRM system, we managed to increase our sales, we have an overview of orders and employees.

Pros: This product is very easy to use. I like the ability to connect to other systems.

Cons: Currently eway-crm contains all our requirements.

Alternatives Considered: RAYNET CRM
Reasons for Choosing eWay-CRM: Better integration with other systems.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pros: I like the integration with Office Outlook and user friendliness. There are many features which are very useful for us.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pros: the compatibility with outlook, variability
Cons: yes it took some time, but finaly we manage

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Monday, October 18, 2021

“Invest Your Time Right - eWay”

Overall: in a word - an overview With eWay, I have an overview of all orders and opportunities

Pros: The support of the eWay team is intensive outlook user interface

Cons: editing documents before customization according to our requirements
Alternatives Considered: Dynamics 365

Reasons for Choosing eWay-CRM: Customer support is 100% and transparent Effectively wasted time in my business

Reasons for Switching to eWay-CRM: I wanted one working environment, including email I wanted to get information quickly from CRM I wanted a system that would effectively return the time I spent sharing information

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Pros: It is compact anfd works under the Outlook.
Cons: I would expect better modul for sending direct mails

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

“Fantastic Customer Service”

Overall: Love it

Pros: They offer fantastic customer service and address any questions you may have quickly and efficiently through live chat.

Cons: Nothing, I can't think of anything, it is very good.

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