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03 October 2015

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Monday, October 5, 2015

I've been using strong vpn for years. When I have a problem, they take over the my pc and fix it. That's what I pay for. I tried this service cause it claims "to be the best and fastest" - I haven't see it. Cause i'm In China, none of the usual rules apply with VPN and internet service cause you're literally battling against the IT infrastructure of the entire government!

Well, GF doesn't seem to provide much for help. When I have a question about set up with GF, I get directed to a FAQ page and left to read someone's book report in hopes I figure out what I need there. it feels like the customer service reps are staring at the timer trying to get me out the door in under 30 seconds regardless of whether I've gotten my problem fixed. In 24 hours, I don't know if I ever "configured" the service correctly, but I tried chameleon on several different servers- what GF suggested for China - and was slammed with d/c after barely 10 minutes of connectivity. I tried it on several different servers and it's just one big disappointment after another.

Right now I cant even watch Netflix on my other VPN provider, but at least I can Google - that's more than I've gotten from GF. So no, this service is sure as hell not for me - and perhaps not for anyone in China for that matter.

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