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About Jonar

We are a passionate team of designers, developers, and innovators dedicated to finding solutions to help businesses work better. We are guided by the belief that just because something has been done a certain way in the past is never a reason to keep doing it the same way in the future. We’re constantly challenging the status quo to find better and more powerful ways to drive business forward.

Jonar Product Details

ERP sucks. And while it touches the lives of millions, ERP isn't getting better. So, after almost 30 years in the business, we knew it was time for change. We went back to the drawing board to build a system from the ground up. We made a list of all the things that people hate about bad ERP and designed a solution to address them. By focusing on an awesome user experience, simpler customizations, painless implementations and lower upfront costs, ParagonERP was born.

Jonar Pricing

$150/user/month. Contact us for volume pricing for more than 25 users.

OR try our Starter Pack for only $300/month for 5 users, for 3 months. Cannot be combined with other ParagonERP user purchases.

Integration add-ons are available for purchase.

Our pricing model is pretty simple. With our subscription-based monthly fee you get the whole Paragon package, including all modules and updates. That’s it. There are no hidden upfront costs, conditions or surprises. Just an ERP with all the features you need to run your business.

Don’t let the price fool you. We designed Paragon to be what an ERP should be – a full-feature and powerful system. And, we wanted to offer it at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional ERP’s, making it a reasonable solution for a small businesses.

Jonar Key Features

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Warehousing & Inventory
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Purchasing
  • Product Management
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pros: User friendly can easily look up account details like previous orders,invoices, financial history and contact lists.

Cons: It can be a little slow going from page to page as it runs from the cloud that can be an inconvenience.

Overall: On a day to day basis the system helps me search account information in a timely manner to best assist my accounts. It's pretty user friendly and easy to understand how to navigate and that helps make my job easier.

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from Retail

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Great UX, brings ERP at the door step of the enterpreneur and start up :-)

Efficient and effective process, transparency, cost savings.

Pros: Simplicity, uniformity, ability to add attributes to shape your own business taxonomy in the package. The fact that it is cloud based helps to be an enterprise without complex pieces of iron and an minimal need for internal IT

Cons: The fact that it runs in the cloud, could have the risk of making it a bit slower compared to something that runs on your machine, however, noticed a little effect

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from Bizcuit

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Revolutionary cloud ERP! Impressive how flexibility and UX have been built into the core.

Paragon adapts to your business, instead of the other way around. That is unprecedented in ERP land. It means it can meet business requirements in terms of terminology used, product attributes, associations, rules, etc. Also the implementation time is very short and the software is very intuitive. This means that you're up and running in a very short time. Also you can continue to tweak and further optimize processes aftwards. So your ERP evolves with your organization and delivers increasing efficiencies over time.

Pros: - It looks amazing
- Very intuitive
- It is very flexible (configuration allows to meet nearly every requirement, no custom coding needed)
- Outstanding data import possibilities

Cons: Some nice to have features are still missing, but I understand nearly all of these features are being worked on or are planned for the near future. I have been following Paragon for 2 years now and given the speed of delivery shown over that period of time, Jonar has shown to deliver on promise.

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from The Appleseed

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pleasantly surprised by an ERP system that works for small businesses

We were looking for a system that was simple enough to get our business started. Something that was a step up from Excel spreadsheets for managing our purchasing and supply chain. But we also wanted something that could grow with us and could handle increasing complexity over time. Having read about some failed ERP implementations and learning about the hefty price tag that comes with it all, our expectations were pretty low.

Paragon was our first experience with any sort of ERP system and we were pleasantly surprised. For a small company just starting out, Paragon made everything pretty easy. We got the system up and running in few days and were able to start using it soon after. Paragon can handle all of our needs now and seems to have the capacity to be customized as our business changes. As novice users, we were able to figure out our way around the system with little to no help or training at all. And the system was available at a more reasonable price then we expected.

The system is a pretty new so it's a little buggy. But the team at Jonar has been great at addressing the issues in a reasonable timeframe.

For a first pass at ERP, we'd say Paragon's pretty good.

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