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Kapture CRM

2 Reviews · Last reviewed on 17 August 2018

What is Kapture CRM?

Kapture CRM is a Business automation platform for sales & service. Kapture works with customers who are looking for a product that is 80% out-of-the-box and is then customizable as per their ever-evolving needs. We have our presence over 12 countries and serves more than 500 companies. Kapture CRM for sales and service can be customized to suit any business or any industry.

With omnichannel support, knowledge base & easy to use clean user interface, boost agent productivity & reduce response time. It also includes features like Auto Assign tickets, Interaction history, Call recording, custom roles & permissions, churn 500+ reports. It is fully configurable with your workflow. Kapture has a self-service portal & AI-powered chat to help building sustainable relationships with customers.

Some of the features of Kapture CRM are:-

  1. Mobile CRM App - Your business can be managed in smartphones and can be controlled in a single dashboard.
  2. Generates Bills and Quotes - Kapture CRM generates bills and quotes for your clients with the help of invoice management software or payment management system.
  3. Lead Management - Kapture helps in segregating leads based on their priorities, in which users can easily maintaining the follow-ups of each lead.
  4. Track Your Sales employee by using inbuilt GPS tracking system from Kapture.
  5. Generates business performance reports via operations and analytics management software.
  6. We provide 30 days free trial version CRM Software.

Kapture CRM Software can be integrated from small to large scale business industries, some of them are:-

  1. Real Estate - CRM Software for Real estate business industry helps in managing leads of your real estate and many other things in a single dashboard.
  2. Hospitality - CRM for hotel industry helps in storing information of customers in a cloud-based technology which is easy-to-access.
  3. FMCG - CRM Software for FMCG companies helps in managing inventories and distributions in a unified dashboard.
  4. Banking - CRM Software for banking sector helps in maintaining customer and employee profiles in a cloud.
  5. Education - CRM Software for education industry helps in maintaining all your students and employee records in a cloud technology. Automatically sends students attendance to their parents and it has many other features.
  6. Media - CRM for media agencies helps in maintaining all your advertisement campaigns, the performance of the advertisement and much more can be managed by integrating Kapture.
  7. Healthcare - CRM for healthcare industry helps in maintaining all your patient's and doctor details in an online cloud-based CRM.
  8. Retail - CRM Software for retail industry activities.
  9. Pharmaceutical - CRM for pharma industry keep tracks on all your pharmacy products.

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Kapture CRM Reviews



2 Reviews

Last reviewed on
17 August 2018

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Friday, August 17, 2018

from Moshiks

Was easily able to convert acquired leads into customers through planned prospect engagement strategy by using CRM software.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

from Google

The team provides Annual Maintenance Routine which is very helpful for streamlining business process.

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