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What is LayerStack?

LayerStack is made up of cloud developers and engineers. Backed by 18 years of solid experience, we continue to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure. We are committed to maintain a simple, scalable and stable cloud environment with the aim of providing multiple solutions for cloud deployment.

Our Coverage

LayerStack launched four data centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Customers can enjoy a seamless cloud experience across the world to achieve high availability

Redundant Network Design

46G bandwidth provided by Tier 1 upstream providers for high-speed and low latency connections in the globe, including HKIX, GTT Communications, TeliaSonera, PCCW Global, NTT, Telstra, Tata Communication, Cogent, China Telecom CN2, China Unicom and China Mobile.

High-quality Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure is essentially based on Juniper routers and switches. Multiple routers are connected under Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), which enables us to reduce the possibility of a single point of failure in a network.

Equinix Data Centers with > 99.999% uptime SLA

LayerStack cloud servers are co-located in Equinix Data Centers around the globe, which are world-class data center facilities, with a > 99.999% uptime SLA and a minimum N+1 power backup. LayerStack also designed to provide a redundant backbone network for virtually eliminating the risk of a single point of failure for virtually eliminating the risk of a single point of failure.

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LayerStack Key Features

Multi-data Center (HK, SG, JP, LA)

China Direct CN2 Route

Global Private Networking

Powerful API

User Permission Management


Automatic Backups

Custom ISO & Template & Upload VM Images

DDoS Attack Protection

What is LayerStack?

LayerStack Product Details

Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers and control panel have been developed to simplify your entire experience. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources. Select the right resource types and sizes for your workload and grow the business with us today.

Rapid Provisioning

Click-to-Launch Operating System

LayerStack takes away the complexities of setting up your cloud servers. A number of pre-configured operating systems is ready to go live in minutes, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Windows Server and more.

Spend More Time on the Real Business and Less Time Managing Your Infrastructure and Accounts

  • Designed for Developers - Powerful API

LayerStack RESTful API gives you maximum control over your cloud management and provides an easy way to build, scale and sustain your cloud servers on the platform.

  • Designed for Resellers - Account Management

Link multiple accounts to a single login to streamline your account management and provide you a clear, hassle-free process to switch between accounts.

  • Designed for Teams - User Permission Management

LayerStack user permission management gives you granular control over your cloud environments by assigning users to different permission sets.

Powerful Add-ons

  • Global Private Networking A dedicated VLAN that users can enjoy true private Layer 2 networks in an isolated environment. The connection between different LayerStack instances will be under the private and high capacity private data link layer networks.

  • Template

A template is a master copy image of a cloud server that includes the operating system, and application configuration. It is useful for provisioning multiple similar cloud servers.

  • Automatic Backups

Easy-to-use automated backups at regular intervals, allowing you to protect and recover your important business data. Pricing for backups is 25% of the cost of the cloud server.

LayerStack Pricing

General Purpose Cloud Servers

With a balance of computing, memory, and storage power. Day-to-day computing at a low cost for web apps, blogs, microservices, virtual desktops, small-medium databases, and back-office operations. Cost-effective for non-resource intensive applications with periodic demand bursts. High connection speed per server amid superior SSD performance.

  • R001 (2GB/ 1 vCPU/ 60GB SSD) US$10.04/mo
  • R108 (4GB/ 2 vCPU/ 150GB SSD) US$17.76/mo
  • R208 (12GB/ 4 vCPU/ 250GB SSD) US$34.49/mo
  • R308 (16GB/ 6 vCPU/ 300GB SSD) US$42.22/mo
  • R408 (18GB/ 8 vCPU/ 350GB SSD) US$57.66/mo
  • R508 (24GB/ 12 vCPU/ 450GB SSD) US$83.40/mo
  • R608 (32GB/ 16 vCPU/ 700GB SSD) US$115.58/mo
  • R708 (64GB/ 18 vCPU/ 1280GB SSD) US$235/mo

Memory Optimized Cloud Servers

Optimized for memory-intensive workloads that demand high performance. Offers high-memory options along with a sufficient number of virtual CPUs and storage resources. Cost-effective plan for SQL or NoSQL databases, large in-memory databases, real-time big data processing, caching solutions, and image rendering needs.

  • HM24-HK (24GB/ 2 vCPU/ 200GB NVMe SSD) US$53.00/mo
  • HM48-HK (48GB/ 4 vCPU / 300GB NVMe SSD) US$87.00/mo
  • HM64-HK(64GB/ 8 vCPU/ 400GB NVMe SSD) US$230.00/mo
  • HM128-HK(128GB/ 16 vCPU/ 600GB NVMe SSD) US$463.00/mo
  • HM256-HK(256GB/ 32 vCPU/ 1024GB NVMe SSD) US$923.00/mo

Compute-Optimized Cloud Servers

Harness the full power of the CPU for applications and workloads. Fast loading and responsive applications in the absence of other clients competing for computing power. Servers with dedicated cores are intended for heavy workloads that rely on CPU power, such as AI, machine learning, CI/CD, batch processing, and video encoding.

  • DC108-HK (6GB/ 2 vCPU/ 200GB NVMe SSD) US$26/mo
  • DC208-HK (8GB/ 4 vCPU/ 300GB NVMe SSD) US$48/mo
  • DC308-HK (16GB/ 8 vCPU/ 400GB NVMe SSD) US$96/mo
  • DC408-HK (32GB/ 16 vCPU/ 700GB NVMe SSD) US$192/mo
  • DC508-HK (64GB/ 32 vCPU/ 1280GB NVMe SSD) US$368/mo

Countries LayerStack Services Available In

Multiple Data Centers Architecture: Delivers predictable performance and high availability across geographic regions.

Hong Kong: Standard Cloud Servers/ Memory-Optimized Cloud Servers/ High Frequency CPU Cloud Servers/ Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

Singapore: Standard Cloud Servers

Japan: Standard Cloud Servers

Los Angeles: Standard Cloud Servers

LayerStack Free Trial Information

Experience LayerStack’s high performance cloud servers for 7 days!

Submit your application through the below link:

LayerStack Support & Customer Service

Smart assistance from our world-class Technical Support. Focus on your business development, our experts will keep your server running. Ideal for web developers and business owners that don’t have the time or skills to manage their servers.

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Last reviewed on
18 December 2019

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Cloud Servers has really helped our business. I am so pleased with this product. We were treated like royalty.

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Ease of Use


Value for Money

Customer Support

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

It's a pain for me to write reviews but Im starting to feel that there are to many VPS providers around that are just quite bad and should exist whatsoever.
I was quite happy to find them at the beginning but then regretted.

I will resume it as:
1- Unstable speeds worldwide (from the HK vps) varying from 2MB to 50MB
2- Slow speeds from China, it's always a MAX of 3MB no matter what they say on the website and the support might say. It's completely limited to 3 MB.
3- Support with template/copy paste questions.
4- Asking root password for something not relevant

If you go for them Good Luck

Starting from
Order Now
1 vCPU
60GB SSD Storage

Public & Private IP
(1000M Port)

2TB Data Transfer
per month*

*Adjusted to minimum network speed
when limit reached
200-300M(HK) | 50-100M(Int'l) | 10-20M(Standard CN) | 3-10M(Premium CN)

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I have been cooperated with LayerStack since last year. It is from PacHosting, and the service is quite good with 24x7 technical support. All my clients are satisfied with LayerStack Cloud Servers. I will keep on partnering with LayerStack and I highly recommend LayerStack to my friends.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The overall performance is positive. I migrated to LayerStack from other VPS provider this year. The price is very reasonable and the performance is beyond my expectation. Just one thing, LayerStack does not support Paypal which I think is not very convenient.

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