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About LeadMaster

Founded in 1998, LeadMaster is a browser-based solution providing an all-in-one package for capturing, tracking and following up with leads. It's easy to integrate with your website so form fills flow directly into the system. In addition to lead management you get features for sales force automation, customer relationship management, marketing automation, business analytics, robust reporting, customer service and more. Because LeadMaster is highly customizable you get a solution that is exactly what you want and only what you want.

Don't sign a long-term contract. LeadMaster earns your business everyday with a simple month-by-month subscription. You can increase / decrease the number of licenses at any time.

The solution is used across a wide range and sizes of industries including advertising, banking, call center, distribution, healthcare, higher education, finance, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, mortgage, services and many more.

The monthly subscription includes upgrades, maintenance, and software licensing.

LeadMaster Product Details

LeadMaster's features are integrated into one complete package providing: Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Email marketing, lead nurturing, integrated landing pages, marketing analytics (cost per lead, cost per sale...), click-to-call, workflow automation and much more.

Most customers don't use all the features so we simply turn them off until you are ready to use them. You don't need to see what you aren't going to use.

The intuitive LeadMaster system offers real-time lead capture, lead distribution, nurturing, tracking and customer reporting. Leads can be qualified and converted from any source - webinar, call center, landing page, sales lead suppliers and more.

LeadMaster reporting is extensive. There are dozens of built-in reports as well as LeadMaster's Xtreme-Reports which provide a wide range of capability including calculated fields, lookups, pivot tables and much more.

Some people don't need a complete CRM. For those users we've developed Lead-Xpress. A slim version of LeadMaster specially designed for users on the go. The IOS and Android apps are available free of charge to LeadMaster customers.

LeadMaster also integrates with a variety of useful tools, like Outlook, Google Calendar, Zapier and PieSync. Field names, dashboard charts, forms and various other functions will be tailored according to your unique needs.

LeadMaster Support & Customer Service

One of the things that sets LeadMaster apart is their consultant business model. The LeadMaster consultants offer you personal guidance to implement the system. Once the setup is complete they are also the person that will provide your support, for as long as you are on the platform. The advantage is that you'll never have to suffer through an 800# explaining who you are and how your system is setup. You'll have a direct line to your LeadMaster consultant who will know your business and your system because you worked together to create the perfect solution for your business.

Countries LeadMaster Services Available In

LeadMaster is available 24/7/365 around the world. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer and an internet connection.

LeadMaster Pricing

You can try the system for free for 30 days. Lead-Xpress is $10/user/month LeadMaster is $50/user/month Prices are in US dollars. Discounts are available for annual agreements.

LeadMaster Free Trial Information

A 30-day free trial is encouraged. https://www.leadmaster.com/30-day-trial/

LeadMaster Key Features

  • Lead Management (capture, score...)
  • CRM (notes, quotes...)
  • Quoting Software
  • Sales Pipeline Software
  • Reporting (pivot tables, charts...)
  • Email Marketing (reporting, bounces...)
  • Sales Automation
  • Lead Distribution Software
  • Marketing (campaign management, ROI...)
  • Call Center Software

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

We have implemented Leadmaster in several of our smaller stores. The ease of use, the support, the ability to start salespeople and managers on a path to better sales and customer communications is equivalent to another system we spent far to much money on years ago. The ability to create templates easily, integrate drip campaigns, have task lists for each salesperson, all on a system that managers are able to comprehend and have confidence using, is fantastic. Our stores do not need DMS integration with our CRM tools, but we did need a way to better follow-up with internet leads for a longer period of time, Leadmaster gave us the system we needed for long term follow up. As well as informational emails that look professional and inform them of new arrivals or updated pricing. Our closing ratio has jumped, and we are thrilled with the product and the team at Leadmaster. Our rep Dianna Firth is exceptional and has gone above and beyond to assure the success of the system in our stores.

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from Management Consulting

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Pros: I appreciate the attention to the individual needs of the client and patience throughout set up. I am also pleased with the level of customization the product offers and its ability to connect tasks and appointments with calendars.

Cons: Its not really a complaint, but it is a huge challenge to determine what your needs as a business are and how to set that up within the system. Without that focus and end goal for how the product will work for you, it's easy to wind up making aimless adjustments to the system.

In regards to LeadMaster specifically, sometimes the help function doesn't work or the help pages accessed through the system are too general. While there are tutorials on the website and library microsite, some of them seem a tad outdated or do not function.

This hasn't been a huge problem if you have a rep available to assist you with finding the answer to your questions.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

With LeadMaster CRM, there is very little to complain about. I chose this solution because of its complete featured system with a lead centric design that optimizes acquistion, distribution and tracking.

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

We leverage LeadMaster CRM for a wide spectrum of clients. We have found that LeadMaster is very powerful and able to address requirements for many different clients at reasonable prices. The system is also very straight forward to develop and maintain new client applications.

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from Advanced Pain Care

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Their customer service is the best I've ever had. I have only ever dealt with one person, she has been beyond wonderful with me and my team.

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from Big Sky Franchise Team

Monday, December 18, 2017

I have been using LeadMaster for nearly 7 years and I can say it is the best CRM system I have ever used. Prior to using LeadMaster I worked as the head of sales and marketing for multiple companies and used some of the most recognized CRM's in the world. I can assure you that LeadMaster is easier to use, provides just as many features, offers great support, and does it all at a much better price!

I have never worked with a CRM system where my sales team actually uses it and adopts to it very quickly. It is intuitive and allows us to track activity and opportunities. I cannot say enough good things about the CRM.

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from Crenshaw Consulting Group, LLC

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We do not use all of the features LeadMaster provides, using the program to maintain our extensive contact list. The search features have proven very useful. When needed, Customer Service has proven very helpful and easy to work with.

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from National License Compliance Group (NLC Group)

Friday, October 27, 2017

I have used Leadmaster software as a systems integrator across many different types of clients. I have found Leadmaster to be powerful and flexible. I have also found the software easy to develop and implement. Our clients have found Leadmaster to be very user friendly while meeting their requirements. The price peformance of Leadmaster is very strong providing extremely powerful and cost effective solutions.

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from Faxon Sales, Inc.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

We have been using LeadMaster for 2 years and we couldn't be happier. It has all the tools we were looking for at a very affordable price. The customer service is very helpful and respond to inquiries very quickly. I would recommend you talk to the LeadMaster team before making your next CRM change.

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from American Office Solutions, Inc.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

After a year and a half LeadMaster has proven to be one of our best decisions in automating and improving our customer relations and organizing all of of corporate information. We left a much bigger CRM and could never get it off the ground properly. They actually care about how you use their service and will take the time to show you better ways to improve your work flow. These are real people that you can call and email for support. You can't loose by checking them out.

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from iSee Store Innovations, LLC

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Leadmaster is easy to use and allows easy follow up on your contacts and comes at a reasonalble cost for small company... Our sales rep and customer service made setup seamless.... JT

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from Swan

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Leadmaster is great! After vetting a number of CRM programs we settled on Leadmaster and have NOT been disappointed. We would highly recommend LM to anyone wanting to drive new sales to their bottom line!

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from Wood's Powr-Grip., Inc

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our company has utilized Leadmaster for several years now. We always receive great customer service and the program works well for us. Keep up the great work!

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from BIO-key International

Thursday, October 5, 2017

When peers within the industry ask me why I selected LeadMaster instead of Salesforce, I explain that the answer is easy. Having tried both solutions I had the benefit of truly doing a side by side comparison. Let’s face it today’s CRMs share many similar features and capabilities, but when it comes to workflow – ease of use and providing crisp deliverables that keep your sales team moving forward and not submerged in the admin jungle of some CRMs, LeadMaster stands out.
Here’s why.
As a sales and marketing executive I need fluidity. For me that means I need it to be easy to enter and extract data, I need it to be easy to develop custom reports and access them in a flash. My sales team needs a CRM that is easy to use without cumbersome methods that only slow them down. They want features and functionality to be intuitive rather than take a master IT class just to manage their prospects and territories. My reps want short-cuts and cool tools that “Make their job easier” and allow them to focus on selling. We all want state of the art communication tools that allow us to function as one and wouldn’t it be neat if the CRM gave us some competitive advantages?
I’ll sum it up this way. When you provide LeadMaster to a sales rep it’s the equivalent of hiring a sales assistant for them. When you add LeadMaster to your executive team, you’ve added an administrative assistant and assistant sales manager. When you add LeadMaster to your company, you just took one step ahead of the competition.
I’ve been a LeadMaster customer for several years and one of the many reasons I remain a loyal customer is their service and support, it’s always timely and professional. When I tried other CRMs the service was inconsistent and the communication erratic, thus instead of forwarding my business, it became inhibiting. The best way for you to get your sales / marketing performance to reach its full potential is by adding innovative tools like LeadMaster.
Scott Mahnken
VP Marketing
BIO-key International

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