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About Promys

Promys is one of the best reviewed CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software solutions for IT, MSP, Audio Visual & Physical Security solution providers. Founded in 2003, Promys is easy to use & implement and scales from five to five hundred users.

Re-written from scratch in the latest cloud technology, Promys helps companies grow by linking data between sales, quoting, help desk, time & billing, job costing, support contracts, managed services and project management. Ease of use and business analytics are in a completely different class.

“Completely re-writing our CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software in the latest cloud technologies over the last three years was no easy task, but continuing to “put lipstick on the pig” wasn’t going to allow us to take our customers sales, service delivery, order fulfillment, help desk and managed services/support contract capabilities to the next level”. John Breakey, President of Promys

The Promys CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA philosophy is based on three core principles :

Principle #1): Be respectful of our customers & prospects Promys strives for respectful and candid conversations with our prospective customers to try and genuinely determine if there’s real value in partnering or not. No hard sell, no b.s.. Just a software vendor and a potential customer trying to mutually arrive at an honest “fit/no fit” answer.

Principle #2): Customers want solutions, not just CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software Promys takes the time to learn our customers business problems and objectives, make best practice suggestions and then focuses our demonstrations and implementations on how to address those key business issues, NOT on doing generic software demo’s or training and leaving it up to the customer to figure out how that applies to their business.

Principle #3): Deliver outstanding value Like many of our technology solution provider customers, Promys is not the biggest company in our industry. So we focus on providing the maximum value to our customers. No nickel and diming, no long term contracts, no high pressure sales tactics, fixed fee implementations so you never run out of hours/help. Promys isn’t satisfied until our customers have achieved the business outcomes that caused them to go looking for new CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA business software to begin with.

John Breakey’s favorite saying and the Promys motto is “You’re never going to be perfect, but you can try.”

Promys Product Details

Best reviewed CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA business software solutions for IT, MSP, Audio Visual & Physical Security solution providers. Strong CRM & Quoting (publish & approve quotes via the portal), Help Desk includes color coding, escalations, SLA's & support contract profitability tracking, Time & Billing makes it easy for users to enter time and accelerate billing, Job Costing captures accurate project profitability and cycle lessons learned back to quoting, Project Management provides color coding (on-time on-budget) , ganting and milestone billing

Promys Support & Customer Service

No matter how great your CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software is, no one benefits if no one users it. Promys focuses on driving user adoption by documenting your existing business processes, configuring the system for you, and then training your users on the “best practice” approaches that leverage all of the Promys functionality. This ensures that your team gets the most out of your CRM, Help Desk, Project Management PSA software investment, immediately.

Countries Promys Services Available In

United States Canada UK

Promys Pricing

We keep it simple. 90 day renewals. No nickel & diming. No high pressure sales tactics. Starting at $39 per user per month.

Standard License $79/month ** Per user subject to quantity discounts CRM Built in Quoting Help Desk Managed Services/Support contract profitability tracking Recurring billing/subscriptions Project Management Job Costing Time & Expense tracking Customer Asset Tracking Procurement e-mail & calendar integration Customer self service portal Mobile

Tech/Engineer License $39/month ** Per user subject to quantity discounts Project & Service call assignments Time Sheets & Expenses e-mail & calendar integration Mobile

Promys Free Trial Information

Promys Key Features

  • CRM & Quoting
  • Help Desk, Support Contract, SLA
  • PSA
  • Time & Billing
  • Job Costing
  • Recurring, progress & milestone billing
  • Project Management, Ganting
  • Mobile time entry & time sheets
  • Scheduling & Labor Utilization
  • Procurement, Inventory, Customer Assets

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Write a review

from LOEM Inc.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pros: Real-time visibility into:
- Project profitability (mid-project cost against budget)
- Resource utilization
- Resource forecasting

Powerful reporting analytics for:
- Margin (by Manufacturer, Line of Business, by Customer, etc.)
- Labor Analysis
- Revenue, Margin & Labor forecasting

Responsive Customer Service:
- Very good response and resolve times
- Very knowledgeable implementation and support staff

Cons: Multi-language support could be better (2014 version is supposed to address this).

Overall: Having real-time visibility into project profitability, resource utilization and resource forecasting has allowed us to stay on top of current projects, both from a customer satisfaction and project profitability perspective, as well as better plan for future projects.

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from High Point Solutions

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pros: Fantastic margin reporting and analytics across projects, customers and products
Very strong Project Management and Labor Analysis capabilities
Good Help Desk and Service Contract management functionality
Proactive customer support
Very structured implementation approach that drove industry best practices and user adoption

Cons: Integration with Sage X3 is very strong, but took slightly longer than expected
Initially it was hard to get our executive team to look at PROMYS because it's less well known than the big two PSA's.

Overall: In another life I was a power user of one of the more heavily marketed PSA's, so I'm very familiar with that tool¿s capabilities. We did a very deep dive evaluating PROMYS compared to several other solutions. It was clear very early in the evaluation, that for a Cisco Gold partner our size, PROMYS was a far better fit than traditional PSA's. PROMYS is significantly stronger from a forecasting & planning perspective and provides far better visibility into mid-project profitability. Margin and profitability reporting are in a completely different class. PROMYS didn't just "win" our PSA evaluation, for a business our size, the traditional PSA's weren't even options any more.

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from Vodigo

Friday, May 16, 2014

We've been on the PROMYS PSA software for a year now and the customer support has been fantastic. the support team is responsive, knowledgeable and very proactive in ensuring we're getting most out of the software functionality.

PROMYS has seamless integration between their CRM, Opportunity, Quotation and Sales Order, PM and Help Desk modules. This not only virtualy elminates re-keying info, it provides management with excellent real-time visibility into all aspects of the business.

I was very impressed by the PROMYS implementation methodology. The business consultants we worked with were knowledgeable and experienced. They engaged with the key players in my organization to understand our company and tailored the PROMYS configuration to our specific needs.

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