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What is PurelyHR?

PurelyHR is the ultimate leave management software for small to medium-sized businesses looking to change the world. Not only do our core modules allow you to track your staff’s leave requests and approvals, they also streamline your companies diverse time off policies and hierarchies. In the past year, we’ve introduced additional modules like our Performance, Time-Clock and Time-Sheet software and most recently our e-signature platform for warnings and other important HR-related documents. PurelyHR prides itself on the countless hours we’ve been able to return to HR managers all over the world.

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What is PurelyHR?

PurelyHR Product Details

PurelyHR is a product of Ironflow Technologies Inc. The bread and butter of our product suite is our Staff and Time-Off modules. Combined, these two operate as the ultimate leave management software allowing HR managers across the globe to streamline their HR processes, implement their unique time off policies and better manage their staff’s time off requests, absenteeism, culture, and important HR related documents like salary changes, offer letters, etc

Within PurelyHR, our clients also have access to add-ons such as our Time-Clock and Time-Sheet modules to allow them to manage their employees time in the most efficient ways possible; like using time clock to get a real-time overview of who’s in and who’s out of the office, or using timesheet to track employees hours worked in general or on a specific project or task.

We also have our e-signature platform, currently labelled as “Warnings”. The ability to submit documents digitally and have them signed off on in one platform without the hassle of paperwork is crucial in the HR industry and just another feature we’re proud to offer our clients.

Our most recent addition to PurelyHR is our Performance module, an easy way to build, schedule, submit, and store reviews for all of your employees.

PurelyHR Support & Customer Service

Our customer service is what we take pride in! We have the best customer service staff, always ready to help! We offer email support Mon - Fri, from 7am - 7pm EST, and phone support from 7am - 5pm.

We currently offer support both in English and French.

PurelyHR Pricing

Our pricing is based on your company size, and the modules you need to use. Our pricing starts at $30/month. Please visit our pricing page for more information, at https://www.purelyhr.com/pricing/?r=SaD

We offer both monthly and yearly subscription plans. Yearly gives you a 10% discount.

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7 Reviews

Last reviewed on
04 December 2019

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

PurelyHR: Time-Off is a signficant time saver

Pros: Ease of handling time off requests and a company wide calendar that everyone has access to

Cons: Setup would be my least favorite. There was a learning curve due to the complexities of time off scenarios but the staff at PurelyHR walked me through each step so that my least favorite part of the software was easily navigated.

Comments (Benefits): After handling time off requests by email and spreadsheet I was happy to find Purely HR:Time Off. Time off requests are now handled quickly and efficiently and everyone has access to the calendar to see who will be off when. I'm looking forward to the last quarter of the year not being bombarded with questions about how much time employees still have available. Purely HR: Time Off has been a great addition for our company.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

PurelyHR is a Time Saver!

Pros: What I enjoy most is the time I save using this program as opposed to the method we used previously. This system makes recording time and leave so simple!

Cons: I do not really have any complaints at this time. There were a few glitches in the beginning but I was able to call support and get them worked out. Great customer service at the time.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Great Timeclock Software

Pros: It is very helpful that you can set up different business rules in the software to help keep track of things like holidays, shifts an department.

Cons: Our shift hours vary and it was more difficult to set up those special shifts in the Time-Off module. We found a work around though.

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pros: The ease of use and the ability to only use the time-off portion of the software. also the ability to access it from everywhere and any device.

Cons: Changes to Policies do not apply to users that already have the policy without re-applying the policies.

Comments (Benefits): Before implementing Purely HR we were using paper sheets and a log book to keep track of PTO. Now with Purely HR we have greatly reduced the amount of hours in logging time off and the users are now able to see there balance without having to calculate it or ask HR.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

from Rapid Quality Manufacturing

Time Off Manager has been ideal for our growing company. It offers many features that allow for flexibility while still providing clarity and ease-of-use. I really enjoy the many different options available for access, reporting, and customization. I highly recommend Time Off Manager! I researched at least 12 other options, but Time Off Manager clearly separated from the pack with its functionality, appearance, and simplicity.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

from Mohave Community College

The most affordable product we found, while maintaining complete functionality. Customer support and responsiveness to customer requests is excellent. Intuitive steps and controls. Audit trails allow for easy and complete research of employee leave behaviors. Wide variety of reports are ready-made.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

from Poncho LTD

I am very satisfied with time-off and so are my employees. My employees love being able to schedule their days off online. It makes the whole scheduling process a lot easier. I will be recommending this to my other friends with businesses.

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