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What is SmartMatchApp?

The #1 Matchmaking Software CRM. Smart Match App is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management software CRM servicing more than 100,000 users worldwide. Match your clients, arrange introductions and dates, receive valuable date feedback with professional matchmaking tools.

Smart CRM software with professional matchmaking tools and functionality addresses important tasks from one system to bring your business to a higher level by working Smart. Smart matchmaking CRM software is being used by a variety of industries, from personal relationship management and business professional matching to nonprofit administration.

  1. Match clients individually or allow our Smart algorithms to suggest matches for you.

  2. Make personalized introductions with optional photos and videos with just a few clicks.

  3. Send personal and group emails, SMS text messages, notifications, and reminders.

  4. Build custom forms, integrate your database with your marketing campaigns.

  5. Upload your company logo, customize colors and have a professional look.

  6. Engage your clients with a personal member login or fully interactive member portal.

  7. Generate custom reports on a wide range of filters and criteria.

  8. Keep an eye on project management, manage tasks, priorities, events or activities, client status.

  9. Use Zapier or our own custom API to connect with 2,000+ apps.

  10. Create a custom database using any criteria to organize your clients.

  11. Search your database by any desired criteria within seconds.

  12. Send personal or automated surveys and get valuable feedback from your clients.

  13. View history of profile updates, emails, SMS messages, notes, matches and calls.

  14. Schedule matches, introductions, meetings, tasks, events and feedback.

  15. Book and complete meetings and events and follow up with participants.

  16. Run your financials and invoice your clients straight from SmartMatchApp.

  17. Explore our established network of more than 1,000 matchmakers.

  18. Store files, photos, videos and documents within the app.

  19. Send beautiful HD photos and videos with your introductions.

  20. Create client contracts, expiry dates.

  21. Set up your own URL and make the system a true part of your business.

Match people for personal relationships and make individual connections. Servicing matchmaking companies, dating agencies, and relationship coaches worldwide.

Make business introductions in any industry. Match buyers with sellers, investors with startups, partnerships and more. Increase business deals and opportunities.

Discover new productive ways to match people in the educational sector. Match teachers and tutors with students, mentors and mentees. The learning possibilities are limitless.

Apply smart matching algorithms in a social environment. Match people for friendship, traveling, housing, volunteering, and many other social causes.

Bring skills matching to the highest level. Easily find matches in your database for employment, mentorship, or training. Help people advance in their careers.

Add a matchmaking component to your events. Match your business and social events attendees for a more productive experience.

Match your association members based on their interests. Create more referrals, boost member value proposition, increase loyalty and engagement. Build new revenue channels.

Create fruitful environments and opportunities in large organizations for finding work, education, volunteer, and community service projects.

For causes that require the foremost attention, especially in times of crisis, nonprofit organizations can match intellectual and physical resources worldwide.

Build stronger professional or social networks. Connect people and businesses from all walks of life based on their interests.

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SmartMatchApp Reviews



17 Reviews

Last reviewed on
26 March 2021

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Smartmatch makes life so easy! As a small niche business it really has transformed reporting and, to be honest, there's so much I haven't used yet. All in good time. Whenever I've had an issue, the backup team have been really helpful and personable - they're like friends and really know their business. Well done. Highly recommended!!

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Friday, March 26, 2021

I joined SmartMatchApp 6 months ago and I have been very impressed with the excellent customer service they provide. The app itself is very adaptable to suit a variety of business models. My business is matching housemates to form friendly house shares, in the UK, and without SmartMatchApp, I wouldn't have a business! There is a guide of very helpful information on the app itself to assist any user in setting up the system, so it's quick and easy. I love the SmartMatchApp because it's so versatile and also the customer service is second to none, very professional, friendly and always there when you need them. Highly recommend.

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Friday, March 26, 2021

The SmartMatchApp is an amazing tool to customize our own matchmaking process. We use the app every day and we get a lot of help. What we really love is the excellent, fast and friendly service. Thank you! Keep going

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Fantastic software, easy to use the and support is amazing! I got my business up and running very quickly with the training offered and I'm very happy and how much easier it has made my life. I highly recommend SMA to other Matchmakers!

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Friday, March 26, 2021

SmartMatchApp is AMAZING! I've been a professional matchmaker in DC since 2009. I've tried other software, and SmartMatchApp is the by far the best. SmartMatchApp was designed specifically for matchmakers. They understand how our businesses run exactly what we need on the backend to do an excellent job for our clients. Their customer service is incredible! If you have a question, they won't keep you waiting. If you have an idea, they'll do their very best to implement it. I cannot say enough positive things about this app and about this company. If I could give them ten stars, I definitely would!

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Friday, March 26, 2021

SmartMatch App has been a godsend for us. Years ago a friend of mine who worked at Apple, always said to me "you should create a dating engine to connect investment with investors". Finally, I started to look for such a dating engine that could deliver that functionality, and I found it with SmartMatch App.
SmartMatch App team have been spectacular in helping us navigate this new direction, Fantastic software that works. Most important the support provided is super first class.
We made a suggestion to improve the functionality and within a couple weeks they decided to do it and in less than 5 days it was operational. This functionality saved us weeks of client editing. We are nearly done with moving our investor network to the platform to start offering Capital Connect or investment matchmaking to our clients. Can't wait. SmartMatch App- A game changer for us. Thank you Tim, Nikolai, Randy, Arthur and all the rest. You clearly show what customer service can be .

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Friday, March 26, 2021

After much research for the perfect matchmaking software for my business Crista Beck - Dating Expert & Coach, I chose SmartMatchApp. As a matchmaker in Austin it helps me attract and keep track of potential matches for my high-end single clients. The software is super easy to use. The team at SmartMatchApp is very dependable and the set up time did not take long at all. I highly recommend SmartMatchApp.

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Friday, March 26, 2021

SmartMatchApp is an essential tool for my matchmaking and dating services business! It is an all in one CRM designed with matchmakers in mind. The team has also gone above and beyond to assist me with starting my business and explaining how this powerful tool can assist me. I highly recommended using SmartMatchApp if you are in the dating services business!

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Smart Match App is a modern matchmaker's most essential tool! The
platform is user friendly and makes keeping track of everything
client-related easy, in a professional and well-organized format. I love
how simple it is to request clients to update their information and to
send introductions! Smart match app has an extremely efficient support
team, always available to answer my questions, provide help in a timely
fashion and friendly manner! Highly recommended for all matchmakers!!!

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Friday, March 26, 2021

We have been using SmartMatchApp as a service to bring biotech professionals together with classroom teachers in hopes of giving students information about biotech careers. This is a use of the platform that, to perfect, will need quite a bit of custom development over time, and the SmartMatchApp staff have been working hard to create exactly what we need. The customer service is superb. SMA has numerous video tutorials, but staff are also very quick to respond to email concerns and will set up video consultations at a moment's notice. I highly recommend giving them a try if you are looking for a platform to bring people together, whether it be socially or professionally. Thumbs up!

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