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16 July 2021

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Friday, July 16, 2021

We provide packaging, design, and branding services to companies in the food sector. We hired SpurIT to create a Shopify App using a given API and design brief.
The purpose of the app was for the end user to personalize their packaging of chocolate gifts with text, images, and personal messages. SpurIT was recommended to us by another vendor. We chose them after conducting research, speaking to the vendor, and discussing the design brief. Their project management was impressive and effective. We had a lot of back and forth initially, which helped everyone understand what we were trying to achieve. I appreciated their depth of knowledge, patience, and drive. SpurIT they were exceptional in every aspect of the project.

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Friday, June 25, 2021

"They have integrity and provided quality work."
I am a co-owner of www.YogiSecret.com - a monthly subscription box business. We offer monthly boxes with items that are yoga-inspired but also include products that promote sustainability, support local businesses, and reduce single-use plastic usage in our daily lives.
We have hired SpurIT to completely redo and rebrand our website. We have added new payment plans, a color scheme and imagery, and drastically improved user-experience.
Although we are still working on some things on our end, but after launching the new site, we see an increase in new leads as well as customers being very happy with the new interface. Additionally, after adding more plans, we see that about 2-3 clients a month choose those over the ones we previously had.
They have integrity and provided quality work. The website looks spectacular and we cannot be happier!
Check out full review at https://clutch.co/profile/spurit#review-1722963

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Friday, June 25, 2021

"They’re quite knowledgeable and have good expertise."
We needed to establish a trustworthy presence online and needed to be better optimized for keywords. We wanted to be better ranked in a Google search and to have a better-looking website for customers.
SpurIT designed our website to make it look better and be easier to navigate. They did some coding but not a lot. We worked on a Shopify platform and we chose a certain theme. Their goal was to join those themes together and code a little bit to adjust some features and make them better and more suitable for my product.
Project management was highly professional and on time. I didn’t have to ask twice ever. They replied promptly and their responses were fully comprehensive.
The speed of work and flexibility they had was the most impressive. They listened to me and also brought some ideas. They were able to discuss and brought up really valid points.
Read the full review: https://clutch.co/profile/spurit#review-1688034

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

I’m a marketing manager at Forest River, Inc. I oversee 10 divisions of the company. We’re a large, worldwide RV manufacturer. We build RV travel trailers and motorhomes, amongst other products.
What did you find most impressive about them?

It had to be their communication. When we first started the project, the other people that we got quotes from were very limited in the way they communicated with us. They gave us short, one-sentence replies, while SpurIT was not only quick to respond but also very detailed in their responses. They answered my questions and didn’t deflect them with other questions.

From that, we could tell that they were actually trying to figure out our unique offer. To sum it up, what really thrilled us to work with SpurIT was their communication speed and the way they were able to articulate their answers.
https://clutch.co/profile/spurit#review-1757511 (full review to check)

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

"We really appreciated their willingness to understand our situation and provide the best and the most adequate answer."
I'm running an ecommerce company that manufactures and sells cosmetic products.
The direction acted to a migration, from one ecommerce platform supplier to another one to support our growth strategy. This migration has been made possible thanks to SPUR IT, who ran a complete audit before and assisted us along the way on all the issues we faced.

They also handled all the requested development in order to ensure a seamless transition. This was a complete success. All the deadlines were respected and the migration worked as expected. None of our customers experienced any issues.
since our migration, the overall speedness of our website has doubled, and traffic retention has been increased by 23%.Our users also spend more time on our website, 17% more in average.
Read full review: https://clutch.co/profile/spurit#review-1636631

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

"Fast to answer and extremely polite and professional, it is amazing to count on companies like this."
We hired Spur-It to migrate our website from Magento to Shopify and to create an unique user experience by developing a custom VIP membership with recurring and monthly billing. Since then, Spur-IT because our exclusive IT agency and is assisting us for all our daily needs. We did select SpurIT because they were listed as preferred "Shopify Pro" partners. We had a few companies in competition and we decided to go with the most professional and competent one.
SpurIT has been and is still amazing. They moved from being a consultant, agency to being our IT trusted partner. We have been working with them for years now and are extremely satisfied with their professionalism, dedication. Their aptitude to help scale a business and their empathy to answer all your needs, even the most complicated / complex ones, was the most impressive.

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

"They were always very friendly and prompt with their responses."
I hired SpurIT to redesign our homepage and layout because it wasn't looking as professional as we wanted it to. They did an excellent job of executing the project. The homepage now looks very professional, artistic, and eye-catching.
Team communication was very good. I had two people from the team communicate with me via WhatsApp to get the project done how I wanted. They shared with me the steps and the gradual process. They were very friendly and prompt with their responses.
What I found most impressive was how skilled they are in coding and illustrating when it comes to making a website look top notch. It's definitely a skill they have that I don't think I could find as easily with another company. They have those skills coupled with their professionalism and timeliness in getting the project done.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

We are ourselves a development agency hired Spur to work on some overflow theme development work. We have worked with Spur in the past to do some custom work on their in stock reminders Shopify app. We hired them to build a few custom pages on an existing theme based on a design we provided theme. They coded the site in Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JS. Spur is very professional, responsive, and easy to work with. They delivered on time and to specifications. They explained everything in great detail and offered to make changes on items if there was any discrepancy. The team is very eager to deliver great work, wanted to hear our feedback, and overall seemed to be very strong and growing in this space.

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Friday, November 13, 2020

ProNorth Medical Corporation is a healthcare provider in the scope of Veterinary, Dental, and Medical products and devices. Our website was created in 2011 and it was outdated. Understanding how much work, strategy, and ongoing support is needed to run a successful e-commerce business, we knew we needed a team of experts to achieve our goals. SpurIT worked diligently to listen carefully to our goals and helped us achieve a brand new website, with marketing and SEO taken care of. We had a few Shopify Experts reach out to us. We interviewed all of them, and SpurIT was the clear choice in professionalism, experience, and communication. We had a kick-off meeting, and they asked all of the right questions and asked who we are catering to, and really dug into what was needed from us to become a successful player in our healthcare field. Everything from market research, testing phases, and ongoing support, they build our company back from the ground up. Very impressed with them.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

I’m the director of project management for a digital lab. We have a lot of enterprise partners and we have our own startups and our partner startups. We needed help building a Shopify website. SpurIT built the revamp of our e-commerce and Shopify website; only handling the development. It was a really design heavy website and wasn’t a typical Shopify site. They took the site to extreme levels and went around the rules of Shopify to extend it as much as possible, building a template from scratch for a lot of extra functionalities. Looking at SpurIT, they have a lot of apps built-in Shopify that they sell themselves and most of them had really good reviews and ratings. The quality and speed of work is good. They have a lot of creative solutions in order to reach the deadlines we had. Accessibility was a requirement for us, and SpurIT had their own accessibility practice and became experts in it. Project management was good; they were excellent in meeting deadlines.

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