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5 Reviews

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24 February 2021

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Monday, April 20, 2020

“LMS review”

Overall: We use the software primarily for accounting. We have specialized software for docketing and we a paperless and do not have a need for document management features outside of accounting documents such as AP

Pros: I love LMS and especially the dashboard and financial statement sections.

Cons: It can be difficult to use and train others on in the Green Screen and LMS V modules. I think the software would be better served with a single web based interface.

Reasons for Choosing Legal Management System: I don't remember it was too long ago

Reasons for Switching to Legal Management System: Legal billing software became available

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

“Review by Ted”

Pros: East of time entry. Ability for all users to see client status quickly and to find information on their teams productivity with a couple of simple clicks. Included all modules. Willingness to customize any process. Integration with or replacement of other products was done seamlessly making operating thru one portal a pleasure

Cons: The training process they use is show one, teach one. It takes a couple of months to get thru all the processes and would be helpful (which means a bit more costly) to have more training for the 2 or 3 weeks following going live. The first few days were just catching up. After that, maybe some more relaxed training would help

Alternatives Considered: Aderant Expert Sierra

Reasons for Choosing Legal Management System: It was the one which was truly cloud based. The onboard expense was a fraction of the other products that required both conversion costs and software purchase costs.

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Monday, April 13, 2020

“Integrity and Flexibility - All in One”

Overall: Immediately after installation in 2010, LMS began paying for itself giving our firm the ability to capture and report on time the very first month and every month since that day.

Pros: LMS software is a fully integrated, trustworthy, accounting solution for law firms. Accounting and timekeeper accesses are secure, dynamic and under the control of the administrator. Users in the front office and the back office are able to move from one task to the other seamlessly. Reporting is built to accommodate the needs of each firm.

Cons: On-line training for new Client users would be helpful in the fast pace law office.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

“MUS Review”

Overall: Coming from outside the legal industry at the same time our firm implemented LMS, I liked the platform and was very pleased with its functionality.
Pros: I like the Dashboards. As the CFO I need to have daily statistics on how the firm is doing. The Dashboards provide an easy way to have a quick snapshot. Also, the reporting module is a great tool to run reports.

Cons: I feel some of the features in LMS 5 (the back office) could be improved. For example, journal entries, it would be nice to have a drop down menu for journal entries, AP and Cash Receipts versus going into the "Group" Function to perform these tasks.

Alternatives Considered: Aderant

Reasons for Choosing Legal Management System: Cost and some functionality.

Switched From: Rainmaker Platform

Reasons for Switching to Legal Management System: The Rainmaker Platform was no longer going to be supported.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

“Very pleased with product”

Overall: Overall, it has been a nice addition of tools that we have implemented at Donahue Fitzgerald. From looking at client-matter information, to running conflicts and processing intakes, I am very pleased with the overall use of the the LMS system. In my 18 years of being in legal, Rippe / Surepoint got it right.

Pros: I oversee conflicts / intakes for the firm, so for me it was mostly about creating a seamless workflow environment that captured all the information, but that also allowed for all stakeholders during a conflict/intake to be looped into the process, our contacts at Surepoint/Rippe were able to do that and more.

Cons: I have yet to experience anything that is challenging or complicated.
Reasons for Choosing Legal Management System: I suspect that our Finance Director felt this was the best overall product. Thank you.

Reasons for Switching to Legal Management System: Tabs / practicemaster was useless, dated and the worst product ever.

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