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What is Togglebox?

Togglebox was founded in 2008 by VPS provider, as their main Cloud brand. For over ten years they have provided high quality, reliable SSD Cloud Servers.

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Togglebox Key Features

Cloud Servers

Hourly Billing


High Availability



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What is Togglebox?

Togglebox Product Details

Togglebox provides completely custom SSD Cloud servers at affordable prices. You have full control over your servers' resources. All Clouds are Highly Available with a 99.9% SLA, and feature blazingly-fast SSD storage, benchmarked at 100K IOPS.

Togglebox Support & Customer Service

Support teams are standing by 24x7x365 via Live Chat and Support Tickets. Average wait time for a live chat representative is less than one minute.

Countries Togglebox Services Available In

Cloud Servers are available in Dallas, Texas, USA and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. We proudly serve customers in over 75 countries.

Togglebox Pricing

Togglebox clouds use an Hourly Billing model and can be started for only $1. Your monthly costs are calculated by your hourly resource costs. You can customize your servers' resources completely, so you never pay for resources you don't need.

Togglebox Free Trial Information

We offer an unconditional 7-Day Money Back Guarantee for all new customers.

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5 Reviews

Last reviewed on
25 September 2018

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Verified Review

from Elken Sdn Bhd

Great customer support and awesome service. I build my own 200 VM cluster here, yes 200 Virtual Machine and all of them hardly had any issue and running smooth as it should be. Really a great place for a cloud nested machine. Good job guys and keep it up!

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

from High Five Swan Dive

Amazing, quality service! Thank you Togglebox. Will definitely reccomend.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

from Villanus

“ Review.

Please note. I rarely take the time to write reviews, and when I do its usually to complain.
This is one of my few positive reviews. It is well deserved.
Cannot recommend these guys enough.

We have been using Tektonic's cloud servers and cannot tell you how amazed I am. We have been using virtual servers for years now. Have servers all over the net, from linode, to slicehost, to rackspace, to Amazon EC2 and Azure.
In short, we have tried them all.

The network is fast. The pricing has gone down even since we signed up a few months ago. They dont Nickle and dime, its just good pricing. The bandwidth is fast. All our IP's were fresh and clean.

Right now we run our VMs (both windows / linux on ToggleBox). We dont touch our Amazon / Azure / Rackspace vms. They are all on the todo list to be migrated over to togglebox.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Love ToggleBox!
The support is awesome and you cant beat their pricing! Very impressed!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amazing services and customer service
After searching around for months and months I have finally found the perfect host for me and probably almost everyone out there. A key factor to me is for a hosting company to always have someone available on live chat, so far with Togglebox, there has not been 1 time I wasn't able to get the support I needed. (unlike other companies that say th
ey offer 24/7 support) These guys legitimately don't ever sleep! Everyone here is highly trained and know exactly what they are doing and know exactly what they are talking about. Togglebox's prices are fare and very competitive! If you're looking for a excellent hosting company.. look no future, check out these guys plans and speak with 1 of their reps and I am sure they will make you feel as comfortable as they made me!”

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