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What is Visitor Analytics?

Simple & Straightforward metrics about a site’s performance (traffic, conversions, referrals) regardless of one's technical skills

Visitor Analytics is a great tool for entrepreneurs and teams looking for their site statistics and visitors' behavior, but lacking a technical or analytics background. It’s an accessible way of understanding website analytics. Visitor Analytics keeps records of website visitors location and history, bounce rates, pages performance, conversion rates, URL campaigns, referrers and other valuable data. This means that company executives and marketers can identify paths and different website issues and act upon them in order to improve traffic and offer quality content on their websites. The software offers a straightforward user experience through statistical dashboards, simple visuals and performance-based comparisons.

Access to each Visitor’s Path and History on the website

With Visitor Analytics users can map out visitors’ journey and see how the visitors interacted with their web pages, so that they can improve their content and engagement. Unlike other analytics products , Visitor Analytics has its own tracking system which enables it to have features that are not possible for other tools. One example of this is that Visitor Analytics can show the journey of each individual visitor, showing the referrer for each user or the pages visited from each referrer.

100% GDPR-compliant & ISO27001 certified

Compared to the other tools available on the market, Visitor Analytics has its own tracking system and is more focused on privacy and GDPR: it does not cross track, does not work with advertisers and all the data belongs to the user (hence, the simple and straightforward data). Everyone can sign a DPA with us at any moment, anonymize IPs, ignore visits (via browser or IP), whitelist domains, reset data or set email stats reports notification in no time. All these are always available for customer to opt-in or opt-out whenever they want with no effort at all.

KPIs to track and measure with Visitor Analytics

Overview A dashboard with all the important stats where users can check key stats and at a glance

Visitors' path and history Users can view visitors’ behavior & actions and learn more about them over a period of time

Visitors’ location Virtual map with data of visitors approximate location and live visitors

Pages’ Performance Keeping track of the most popular pages and track conversions

URL and UTM Campaigns stats Tracks all shared URLs no matter the distribution channel for a better understanding of the campaign results

Referrals, Landing Pages and Conversions Users can check their most effective referrals and where visitors landing first

All the metrics are color-coded, so users can see if the values have increased or decreased compared to the previous day, week or month.

Data Export Visitors and Visits can be exported as CSV or XLSX and soon to launch a PDF report that can be easily customizable with your own logo

Available in 20 languages

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Visitor Analytics Key Features

Website Analytics

Conversion Tracking

Referral Tracking

Real Time Data Visualization

Multi-user Platform

Multiple Sites Tracking

What is Visitor Analytics?

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Visitor Analytics Support & Customer Service

The Visitor Analytics support team is truly focused on helping out customers depending on each of their needs. Visitor Analytics support is available via live chat on the website and in the app, but also on dedicated social media groups.

Visitor Analytics Product Details

Visitor Analytics helps you understand your website analytics in depth while being GDPR-compliant and offering friendly user experience through stunning stats dashboards, simple visuals and performance-based comparisons. View your key metrics & features through beautiful charts: visitor path & history, bounce rate, pages performance, URL Campaigns, referrers and much more. The app gives you real-time data from the moment you add the tracking code, and it can be used both as a standalone application and a plugin/extension on the following website builder platforms: Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, October CMS & Typo3.

Visitor Analytics Free Trial Information

30 free trial. No credit card required. No strings attached.

Visitor Analytics Pricing

Visitor Analytics offers the following basic and enterprise pricing packages:

Startup -$4.70/month or $3.99/month (Annual Billing)

Max of 10,000 Visits per month Growing Business -$9.52/month or $7.99/month (Annual Billing)

Max of 25,000 Visits per month Professional -$16.86/month or $13.99/month (Annual Billing)

Max of 50,000 Visits per month Executive -$29.26/month or $23.99/month (Annual Billing)

Max of 100,000 Visits per month Custom Plan – Custom Enterprise Pricing

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