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What is Online Customer Management Software?

Online Customer Management Software consists of many different applications that are hosted ‘on-demand’ under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, meaning that the software is web based, hosted on the Cloud and accessed when it’s needed. Customer Management Software includes services such as CRM, Feedback Management and Help Desk Software, which users can access primarily through interfaces such as web browsers. If you’re looking for similar online software, consider our Marketing or Sales categories.

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CRM Software

Wakeupsales is a Free Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that helps businesses handle and analyze customer interactions and data to drive their sales and grow their business. Built on modern CRM best practices, Wakeupsales CRM enables businesses to get.. Learn more about Wakeupsales.

3 Employees
1 Review
2,486 Tweets

Customer Engagement Software

Womply’s mission is to help small businesses thrive in a digital world. Our AI-powered data platform enhances our comprehensive small business management software, which includes the world’s only pre-populated CRM plus small business intelligence, reputation.. Learn more about Womply.

221 Employees
96 Reviews
1,224 Tweets

CRM Software

SalezShark is the next-generation platform that gives businesses the power to build long-lasting relationships with their clients. Its unique Relationship Cloud enables users to successfully turn their leads into customers in no time. It is a cutting-edge Customer.. Learn more about Salezshark.

15 Employees
6 Reviews
855 Tweets
Cloud Extend

CRM Software

We are currently waiting for our team of software specialists to complete their research on Cloud Extend. A more detailed breakdown of their services and company reviews are currently available on their profile page. Learn more about Cloud Extend.

N/A Employees
1 Review
1,242 Tweets

CRM Software

BuyerGenomics was founded in 2005, in response to the dozens of e-commerce and retail clients our team worked with who needed to get more revenue and profitability from their customer base. They lacked the visibility and resolution to solve the problems they knew, and.. Learn more about BuyerGenomics.

8 Employees
1 Review
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Salesforce Essentials

Help desk for small business, $25/month.

Salesforce Essentials is the online cloud-based customer service solution for small businesses. Route inquiries from email, chat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone and more - all through one easy-to-use console. Get started for just $25/month. Learn more about Salesforce Essentials.

1,000 Employees
6 Reviews
15K Tweets
vCita Inc

vCita Business Management

vCita makes running your business a breeze: > Keep track of your interactions with customers (CRM) > Send branded estimates, invoices & receipts. > Send automated reminders for payments and appointments. > Empower clients to schedule via a client portal. Learn more about vCita Inc.

50 Employees
1 Review
966 Tweets
Global Shop Solutions

We simplify your manufacturing.

Manage your customers, leads and vendors from any device with Global Shop Solutions CRM software. Empower your salesforce to sell while integrating your data with your shop floor, inventory, scheduling, shipping and more. Learn more about Global Shop Solutions.

206 Employees
1 Review
1,609 Tweets

Remote Support Software

We are currently waiting for our team of software specialists to complete their research on AssistNinja. A more detailed breakdown of their services and company reviews are currently available on their profile page. Learn more about AssistNinja.

1 Employee
9 Reviews
419 Tweets

Customer Experience

Keatext is an AI-powered text analytics platform that synthesizes in seconds large volumes of feedback from multiple channels (such as open-survey questions, online reviews and social media posts) to produce actionable insights delivered on one comprehensive dashboard... Learn more about Keatext.

23 Employees
4 Reviews
2,456 Tweets

CRM Software

Data2CRM is a service specializing in CRM migration, integration, and data enrichment. The service proposes an automated tool for the customer's time-saving and effortless data transfer. Our primary mission is to bring a unique CRM data migration service alongside with.. Learn more about Data2CRM.

99 Employees
3 Reviews
8,036 Tweets

Chat Bot Software

An intuitive, codeless platform that helps you build frictionless conversational interfaces for better CX and more effective lead gen. Chatbot Platform for your Lead Generation Strategies. Create lead generation strategies that engage and convert. Build personalized.. Learn more about Landbot.

29 Employees
7 Reviews
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Feedback Management

Mopinion is an all-in-one user feedback platform that helps digital enterprises listen, understand, and act across all digital touchpoints (web, mobile, and email). Join some of the most forward-thinking digital teams from companies such as Arcadia, TSB Bank,.. Learn more about Mopinion.

N/A Employees
2 Reviews
19K Tweets
Shape Software

CRM Software

**Shape CRM** helps you manage your business on one easy to use platform. Shape's cloud-based software offers dozens of tools designed to manage and automate your online marketing and promotions via email and SMS, capture and service leads from online sources, organize.. Learn more about Shape Software .

18 Employees
13 Reviews
56 Tweets
Info Novitas

CRM Software

Info Novitas is a company founded in 2010 by professionals with significant national and international experience gained leading and working on projects in Croatia and globally. This experience led to the establishment of of the new company. The company consists of.. Learn more about Info Novitas.

12 Employees
1 Review
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Customer Engagement Software

Ameyo: An All-in-one Communication Solution for Impeccable Customer Experience Ameyo is an all-in-one software based communication solution that manages end-to-end customer journeys and consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences. It is a powerful and.. Learn more about Ameyo.

345 Employees
3 Reviews
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Feedback Management

UseResponse is a provider of Customer Support and Feedback Software. Trusted by 1000+ customers including Cpanel, P&G, IBM, CISCO, Avast, Huawei, Century21. Learn more about UseResponse.

4 Employees
6 Reviews
260 Tweets

The Most Trusted Name in CRM

The # 1 competitor to industry giants Microsoft CRM and Robust feature set that’s easier to use and half the cost. Offers best practices and an array of value added customer services for sales and marketing. Used by several thousand small to mid-size businesses. A MUST HAVE ON YOUR SHORT LIST. Learn more about Commence.

12 Employees
28 Reviews
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Feedback Management

Get reviews, engage customers, capture leads and get paid from one solution! We understand the unique needs of local businesses and recognize that relationships are key to success. Our platform meets those expectations and makes it easy for local businesses to build.. Learn more about Broadly.

104 Employees
3 Reviews
1,340 Tweets
Funnel CRM

CRM Software

When was your company founded? 2018 What does your company do? Funnel CRM is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based sales CRM solution that helps growing businesses, agencies, and freelancers sell smarter and faster without having to work too much. What.. Learn more about Funnel CRM.

1 Employee
5 Reviews
276 Tweets

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