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What is a Game Server?

A Game Server allows gamers to host their game sessions on a dedicated server, specifically designed to cater for gamers. Features usually included in a Game Server package are a clan pay-and-play service, low ping, servers in many geographical locations and fast support. If you’re looking for an online service similar to a Game Server, consider our Dedicated Server or Cheap Dedicated Server categories.

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Host Havoc

Reviewed by Mohammed Al-Zeyara Al-Zeyara

We had a problem with our server showing up on the server browser, however after we contacted the support team they imme... Read More

Reviewed on 16 April 2019


Reviewed by Rob

Was really impressed with the service and support, replied with help really fast.

Reviewed on 01 April 2019


Reviewed by Ronald from Buan Co

Bought a server with there promotional code and had issues with latency and connectivity from day one. After days of tic... Read More

Reviewed on 25 March 2019


Reviewed by Rob Hens from

They will not cancel my service and have been billing me for 6 months. I had to call the bank and put a stop to it. I ... Read More

Reviewed on 30 January 2019

End of Reality

Reviewed by Crashhawk

I ordered a dedicated cpu, AAPG server on the 30th of October 2017 and here it is the 11th of November and its still no... Read More

Reviewed on 07 November 2017

Reviewed by Terror from Beatz

Absolute horrible company, server hosting is a joke, horrific customer service. They are ruining games with the unrelia... Read More

Reviewed on 08 September 2017

LargeServer Networks

Reviewed by Sashi

Uptime and support is what I choose them to be my host...thank you

Reviewed on 23 June 2017


Reviewed by MIian Pitroda

We are been working with colocrossing team from last 4 year . We have seen that they have adopted new technology for the... Read More

Reviewed on 11 October 2016

NDC Host

Reviewed by Mike Shirley

For over ten years we at have been very pleased and happy with the courteous and prompt service that we hav... Read More

Reviewed on 16 October 2015


Reviewed by Rasmus Heide

I have had a great experience with their support! 5/5! My server is running lag-free.

Reviewed on 26 January 2015


Reviewed by Lewis Lector

Server supply was great as I was looking for a private server and was awaiting support for a while in there Teamspeak b... Read More

Reviewed on 14 January 2015

Wolfcraft Hosting

Reviewed by Chris Davis from Fierce-pvp

Failed Start UP, Could not import plugins or worlds into the server. Requested a Refund, Never got a refund (server refu... Read More

Reviewed on 13 October 2014

Nuclear Fallout Ser..

Reviewed by Andrew Sheen

Well I would write a great review. They have excellent customer service. I have had no problem doing what I want. I star... Read More

Reviewed on 24 December 2013

Dragon Game Servers

Reviewed by Loren Crull

Quality servers and very friendly customer service.

Reviewed on 12 November 2013

CHK Hosting

Reviewed by Todd from tascon

We have been with CHK Hosting from the beginning. There service is great and there customer service is top notch.

Reviewed on 25 July 2013

Gaglani Enterprises

Reviewed by Rajesh

Our company has been a Gaglani Enterprises customer for nearly five years. If you’re looking for a web hosting service... Read More

Reviewed on 07 June 2012

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